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Luxatemp Ultra Provisional Material

Luxatemp Ultra creates a highly esthetic temporary, with reliable strength and durability.

When asked what they liked best about Luxatemp Ultra, 8 evaluators mentioned they liked the handling properties best. A Utah dentist with 13 years’ of experience said he liked that the material “handled well and was very easy to trim/finish.”

Luxatemp Ultra is a self-curing composite for the fabrication of temporary crowns and bridges, inlays, onlays and veneers. According to DMG Ame

rica, Luxatemp Ultra contains industry-leading flexural strength that leads to provisional stability and long-term durability.

Fourteen dentists participated in this Dental Product Shopper review of Luxatemp Ultra, rating features such as ease of ease of handling, ease of placement, and final esthetics.

Luxatemp Ultra evaluation rating

Ease of Handling and Ease of Placement

Manufacturer Description: Because of its superior handling characteristics, Luxatemp Ultra makes it fast and easy to craft precisely fit temporaries. Convenient Automix and Smartmix systems simplify the mixing and application process.

Evaluator Feedback: Eleven of the 14 evaluators rated ease of handling as a very important factor when deciding what provisional material to purchase, and all but 1 of the evaluators rated Luxatemp Ultra’s ease of handling as very good or excellent. “Cleanup of flash was very easy; [it] handled very well,” said one evaluator, and an Illinois dentist said he liked that the material is “easy to handle” and “easy to polish.”

Regarding ease of placement, a New York dentist noted that it was “easy to shape the margin” and the temporary “fits great without adjustment.” Another evaluator said that his “patient felt well with the temporaries” and it “was very easy to adjust.” A third dentist, who rated ease of placement as excellent, commented that Luxatemp Ultra was “easy to use; easy to finish.”

Strength and Setting Time

Manufacturer Description: Luxatemp Ultra’s flexural strength leads to superior stability and long-term durability, especially with multi-unit temporaries. When compared to the original Luxatemp, Luxatemp Ultra offers a faster setting time, improved initial hardness and superior break resistance.

Evaluator Feedback: When asked what he liked best about Luxatemp Ultra, a Connecticut evaluator liked “its hardness. It didn’t seem to break as easily.” The material is “solid, didn’t break/fracture for long span bridge where other brands failed,” noted one dentist. One evaluator would like to see “improved strength for better intermediate term use,” while another evaluator was “very impressed with its handling and strength, especially while trimming the provisional.”

When asked what they liked best about Luxatemp Ultra, one evaluator said he liked the “speed of set,” and a New Hampshire dentist liked the “handling and set time,” but noted an unpleasant smell while trimming and polishing. A third evaluator commented that the material “sets fast,” while another evaluator would like to see “longer working time when using for full arch provisional and a short working time version for use when making a few units.” Two other evaluators also would like to see quicker setting times, and another evaluator, who has been a dentist for 52 years and rated all attributes of the Luxatemp Ultra provisional material as excellent, said he liked the “good setting time and dimensional stability.”

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Final Esthetics

Manufacturer Description: Available in 6 different shades (A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1 and Bleach Light), Luxatemp Ultra provides color stability and includes fluorescence to create temporaries that provide natural-looking esthetics.

Evaluator Feedback: “[Luxatemp Ultra is] easy to handle and great esthetics results,” cited a Florida dentist who rated the final esthetics as very good. Color stability was rated as very good or excellent by all evaluators; 1 dentist mentioned the “colors are on with VITA shade,” and another said he liked that the material was “translucent.”

Overall Satisfaction

Luxatemp Ultra is “perfect for anterior work or long term temps,” cited one evaluator who rated his overall satisfaction as very good. Twelve of the evaluators ranked their overall satisfaction with Luxatemp Ultra as excellent or very good with comments such as “great product” and “great material.” Of the 14 evaluators, 11 said they would definitely or probably recommend the product to colleagues and 9 would probably or definitely purchase in the future.

A dentist from New York City in practice for 22 years liked the “color, ease of handling, and delivery system.” Another evaluator called the product “my #1 choice for temp crown/bridge solution for esthetics, speed, and fracture resistance.”

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Case Study

Case Study

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