Medflex Premium G2 Ultrasonic Cleaner

Medflex Premium G2 Ultrasonic Cleaner Evaluation

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evaluatorsThe 2nd generation of the Medflex Premium includes 2 power settings and a cycle that conditions water prior to cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaning is a common and effective method used to remove debris from dental instruments prior to sterilization. In response to customer demand for improved ultrasonic technology, First Medica introduced the 2nd generation of its Medflex Premium G2 Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit, which includes acoustic pulse generators that produce powerful cavitation for thorough cleaning. Constructed of high-quality stainless steel, the G2 ultrasonic dental cleaner is available in 3 sizes (3-liter, 5-liter and 13-liter) to meet the needs of any size dental office.

While looking to improve and update the sterilization techniques in her dental practice, Dr. Dena Constandelis was inspired to try the Medflex Premium G2 5-liter unit and compare it to her older version. After using the ultrasonic cleaning machine for several weeks, Dr. Constandelis determined, “The instruments appeared to be cleaned better, and more sediment appeared to be falling off the instruments before going into the autoclave.” She praised the unit’s different settings, the size of the basket, and the ease of draining the unit and ultimately concluded that the G2 improved their techniques for sterilization. “I believe this ultrasonic machine provided us with a better overall clean,” she added.


Fit of Instruments Into Basket

Noting that she liked the size of the basket, Dr. Constandelis said, “It’s very easy to place instruments into it, and it allows for easier cleaning and removal.” For Dr. Catharine Willis, the basket included with the G2 was large enough to hold all her instruments, while Dr. Gary Johnson would like to see “a little larger basket.” The “ability to clean lots of instruments at the same time” was Dr. Elizabeth Fleming’s favorite feature, and she said, “The size and depth of the basket are good.” However, Dr. Fleming and several other dentists recommended reducing the size of the holes in the basket to keep instruments from poking or falling through the bottom and sides. When asked what he liked best about the G2 dental ultrasonic cleaner, Dr. Daniel Song shared, “[It has a] smaller footprint than my existing ultrasonic with the same load volume.”


Ease of Operation and Ultrasonic Cleaning

quoteThe G2 features innovative functions such as a “degas” cycle that conditions the water prior to the cleaning cycle. It also offers two power settings for cleaning - a high power setting for quick cleaning of dirty instruments and a quieter, lower power setting. “The controls were intuitive to use,” shared Dr. Johnson, who added, “There was basically no learning curve except to utilize the heating and degas features.” Dr. Constandelis and Dr. Abraham Jaskiel appreciated the different settings and multiple options offered by the G2. On the other hand, Dr. Edidin would like to see “less complex controls” but said, “It worked well all day and did the job well.” Dr. Willis said she was able to process instruments more timely, and Dr. Edward Harsini called the unit compact and user friendly.

With an adjustable temperature range for precision cleaning, the Medflex Premium G2 cleans instruments well, according to Dr. Fleming. “It cleans lots of instruments at the same time and does a good job of it,” she added. Dr. Johnson agreed and said, “My assistant was so happy to show me cleaned burs that we usually trashed due to inability to be cleaned. My surgical instruments were another challenge that was successfully completed.” Dr. Edidin concluded, “The unit worked well and completed the tasks required in ultrasonically cleaning dental instruments and misc. other dental related items including implant parts, removable prosthetics, fixed prosthetics and even small parts employed in other applications.”


Ease of Draining Unit and Noise Level

The 5-liter and 13-liter models are equipped with drains, while the smaller 3-liter unit is not. Several dentists commented on how easy it was to drain the unit into the sink, and a couple others recommended that First Medica include a drainage hose with the product.

Evaluators gave mixed reviews of the noise level, with opinions varying depending on what unit they were previously using and where the G2 was located. “It was a great surprise to me that the G2 was so quiet,” noted Dr. Johnson, who said his other ultrasonic cleaners have all been significantly more annoying to him. Dr. Song agreed that the noise level was better than his existing unit, while one dentist called it “quite noisy” and another would like to see the noise muffled a bit better. Some other evaluators said the noise level was average and/or not important.


Overall Satisfaction

“We were in the market for a new ultrasonic, so decided to purchase this one,” shared Dr. Fleming, who also said she would recommend the unit to colleagues. Dr. Johnson summed up his experience with the Medflex Premium G2 by saying, “My assistant is much happier due to its ease of use, quick cleaning, smaller footprint, and ease of draining.”


Evaluation Snapshot

Medflex Premium G2 Ultrasonic Cleaner
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