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The SINGLES carbides and diamonds combine pre-sterilized convenience with excellent cutting efficiency and long-lasting durability.

Cuts like it’s through butter,” Dr. Jay Marks from Danbury, CT, said of Meisinger’s SINGLES sterile packed carbides and single-use diamonds. He and 12 other dentists evaluated the burs for Dental ProductShopper and rated them on cutting efficiency, convenience, ease of use, and other features. Each evaluator had the option of choosing diamonds, carbides, or both for the evaluation, and each chose their preferred grits and shapes.


Manufacturer Description:SINGLES sterile packed carbides and single-use diamonds are designed for cutting efficiency. For example, the synthetic diamond grain ensures efficiency and precision for excellent results.

Evaluator Feedback:“Excellent cutting, even when used a second time,” reported Dr. Robert Gurmankin from Philadelphia, PA, who said he would definitely recommend the burs to his colleagues. Dr. Phil Harper rated cutting efficiency as very good and noted,“It seems that it dulls out after 2 crown preps on same patient.” Dr. Derek Draft from Grandville, MI, shared, “Efficient cutting reduces chair time,” and another dentist remarked, “[SINGLES are] great for cutting crowns off.” Other comments included, “Cuts efficiently,” “Excellent cutting ability,” and “The cutting power is excellent.”

Convenience and Ease of Use

Manufacturer Description:SINGLES are pre-sterilized and sterile packed so they can be used immediately as needed, eliminating the need for sterilization before each use. They are available in easy-to-dispense boxes of 25 burs each.

Evaluator Feedback:When asked what he liked best about Meisinger’s SINGLES, Dr. Draft said,“Having a fresh bur every time.” Dr. Charles Kattuah echoed Dr. Draft when he said, “Fresh burs make procedures more efficient.” He went on to say, “Minimizing the number of bur blocks is a plus and guaranteed sterility is nice.” Dr. Mihaela Popa, who practices in Belvidere, IL, commented,“I had a patient with a small mouth opening. The short shank bur performed great.” Dr. Robert Conte said he liked the “packaging and ease of use” best and remarked that the burs are “very convenient.”

Longevity of the Carbide

Manufacturer Description:The economically priced SINGLES are designed for longevity and durability.

Evaluator Feedback:Several evaluators noted that they found the burs to be quite durable. Dr. Richard Lezell from Potterville, MI, declared, “Even though they are disposable, they still cut very well after sterilization.” When asked to name 3 things that would make SINGLES an invaluable addition to her practice, Dr. Popa shared, “[They are a] good value for the money, [they] lastlonger, [and there is a] good selection of bur shapes.” Dr. Anthony Mobasser, who rated longevity of the carbide as good, said he would like to see the burs “last a bit longer” and went on to say, “These burs can do the job as single use.”

Overall Satisfaction

Twelve of the evaluators said they would probably or definitely recommend SINGLES to their colleagues. Dr. Gurmankin, who gave the burs an overall satisfaction rating of excellent, shared,“I took several on a dental/medical mission to Honduras, where they were used several times before being thrown out. They cut well even on 5th or 6th use. ”When asked if he would purchase them in the future, Dr. Gurmankin remarked, “Probably. It depends on pricing; if similar to my current bur, absolutely.”

When asked about the patient experience with the SINGLES burs, Dr. Reena Gupta of San Jose, CA, said, “We were able to do the crown prep in way less chair side time.” Dr. Popa, who rated her overall satisfaction as excellent, commented,“I tried both the carbides and the diamonds, and they are comparable with other top market products.” Dr. Popa also said she would definitely recommend SINGLES to her colleagues “because I had a good experience with them and I think that they give you a good value for the money.” Dr. Richard Creaghe, from San Rafael, CA, said he would definitely recommend and purchase the SINGLES, and claimed,“I already buy them based on this trial.”

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