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MI Varnish Topical Fluoride Varnish

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MI VarnishTM with RECALDENTTM (CCP-ACP) enhances enamel acid resistance and boosts salivary fluoride levels.

MI Varnish is a 5% sodium fluoride varnish that features RECALDENTTM (CPP-ACP), which is a special milkderived protein that delivers bioavailable calcium, phosphate, and fluoride to the tooth surface, releasing high levels of fluoride. MI Varnish contains high levels of fluoride and calcium released in the oral cavity1.

Easy to use with no trays required, MI Varnish is ideal for all patients at risk for caries. MI Varnish with RECALDENTTM (CPP-ACP) helps to make fluoride more bioavailable to gain that extra boost of protection from the calcium and phosphate. MI Varnish is available in a 50 unit-dose box in a fresh strawberry flavor.

Ease of Use and Delivery

When asked to rate the ease of use and application of MI Varnish, 8 evaluators called it excellent, 5 called it very good, and 2 called it good. An evaluator with 34 years of experience in dentistry said, ?Out of all the different brands of fluoride varnish, MI Varnish was definitely the easiest to apply.?

The delivery method was rated as excellent by 5 evaluators, as very good by 6, as good by 3, and as fair by 1. One evaluator said her favorite feature was ?the ease of using the dispenser in its unique size and shape.?

Another evaluator mentioned, ?Other than the delivery system, I find this product to be superior in every other way to what I am currently using.? This evaluator went on to rate her overall satisfaction with MI Varnish as very good.

Taste and Esthetics

Patient reaction to taste was given a 3.9 rating, with 11 evaluators calling it very good to excellent, and the remaining 4 evaluators rating it good to poor. One evaluator said, ?All of the patients liked the strawberry flavor,? and added that she liked the ?great color match? of MI Varnish. Three additional evaluators cited patient reaction to taste as their favorite feature of the product, although 1 evaluator reported a ?burning sensation? on himself, staff, and patients. T

he esthetics of MI Varnish after placement were rated as excellent by 5 evaluators, as very good by 3, and as good by 6; one evaluator declined to rate this feature. Two evaluators called this their favorite feature of MI Varnish. One evaluator said, ?My biggest concern was with the flaking of the varnish after application.? However, she went on to give the product an overall rating of very good.

Handling Characteristics

When asked to rate the film thickness of MI Varnish, 6 called it excellent, 2 called it very good, 3 called it good, 2 called it fair, and 1 called it poor; one evaluator declined to rate this feature. An evaluator with 17 years of experience commented, ?I really like the MI Varnish. It was very good at staying put once placed, and I noticed other varnishes are not as successful at this. After all, that is what we are after.?

A New Jersey-based hygienist mentioned, ?I feel like if this product was thicker, it would be a much better varnish.?

The viscosity of MI Varnish was rated as excellent by 5 evaluators, as very good by 5, and as good-to-poor by 4; 1 evaluator declined to rate this feature. An evaluator from Michigan stated, ?I loved the dispenser. It was easier to use than any other varnish I have tried. I also liked the viscosity once I got used to the thickness.?

Overall Satisfaction

At the end of the evaluation, participants were asked to rate their overall satisfaction with MI Varnish. Seven evaluators rated it excellent, 4 rated it very good, 1 rated it good, 2 rated it fair, and 1 rated it poor. Overall, MI Varnish achieved the second highest rating a varnish has received from Dental Product Shopper.

An evaluator with 10 years of experience in dentistry, who also rated her overall satisfaction with MI Varnish as excellent, said, ?So far it is a very good product. I do not see any improvements necessary at this time.? This same evaluator went on to say, ?I enjoyed using this product and I have [received] good feedback from our patients so far.


  1. Data on file.
  2. RECALDENT and RECALDENT Device are trademarks used under license.

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