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The disposable prophy angle combines optimal reach and visibility with the safety and convenience of out-of-the-pack sterility

In a perfect world, dental prophy angles would offer the reach, visibility, and power needed to ensure optimal cleaning and polishing—all while enhancing comfort and safety. Pac-Dent’s version of this perfect world is the Mighty Mini 90 disposable prophy angle (DPA). “[It’s] small enough to reach difficult areas, and the outside of the cup works great at removing stains on the lingual surfaces,” said Laura Inman, RDH, one of the hygienists who used the prophy angles in her practice for this Dental Product Shopper evaluation, awarding it a Best Product rating.

Designed with a smaller head and ultra-slim profile for exceptional access and visibility, the Mighty Mini dental prophy angles are available in nonsterile or presterilized versions. Our evaluators tested the sterile disposable prophy angle.  Praising the small cup size and ease of manipulation, hygienist Amber Cutshall said, “I love that this prophy angle is considered sterile.”


Cleaning and Polishing Efficiency

With a small and powerful head, exceptional handling, performance-proven gear, and drive shaft technology—and what Pac-Dent calls the slimmest profile on the market—the Mighty Mini 90 DPA ensures optimal cleaning and efficient polishing. Citing the slim handle and ribbed cup sides as her favorite features, Amy Howard, RDH, said the Mighty Mini 90 provided great stain removal benefits. Dana Jones said the firm cup had proper detailing to remove plaque and stain quickly. In a patient with heavy interproximal tobacco staining, Virginia Kilduff was impressed that she could angle the cup mesial while the outside ridges were being used on the distal of the adjacent tooth.

Several evaluators commented on ease of use, including hygienist Kathy Sweet, who said the product made polishing easier and more proficient. Jones provided similar feedback, saying, “I didn’t have to work as hard removing stain so polishing was more pleasant,” and explaining that the Mighty Mini 90 removed the stain without any added force or pressure. Maryann Beltz, RDH, suggested more stain-removing ridges inside the cup as a possible improvement. When asked which feature she liked most, Malee Wong said they are currently the only sterile prophy angles available for purchase.


Improved Access and Visibility

The Mighty Mini 90’s 20% shorter head provides superior clearance and reach, and the slimmer neck profile offers an unobstructed view of the work area, according to Pac-Dent. Noting that the Mighty Mini 90s proved critical in patients with limited openings, Linda Bell, RDH, said, “The mini head made access so much easier [and] allowed for better contouring on posterior molars.” Beltz pointed out that the product worked well for children and small mouths, and Susan Afeltra found that the prophy angle flexed well in areas where teeth were misaligned/crowded.

Sweet wanted a “smaller head to work more easily around teeth and a soft head to get closer on teeth and under the gumline,” and concluded that the Mighty Mini 90 did both. She went on to explain that it was especially helpful for an autistic patient with a large, active tongue, and that it was much easier to get along the lingual of mandibular teeth. Jones noted that her patients seemed more comfortable, explaining, “With a larger [prophy angle] head, patients seem to feel the head tickles their gingiva, especially on the palate. I found this happened less with this product.”

Among the evaluators who commented on improved visibility were Howard, who said she experienced increased visibility with a 3-year-old’s first dental visit, and Cutshall, who said, “I enjoyed how small the head of the product was, allowing for the best visibility possible.” Cutshall went on to say, “I feel I was able to see more clearly in hard-to-access areas, so I feel my ergonomics were improved.”


Reduced Splatter and Vibration

The Mighty Mini 90’s reduced splatter and quiet, sustained power prompted comments by a number of the evaluators. “The product held the prophy paste well, thus reducing splatter,” noted Afeltra, who said the Mighty Mini 90 operates smoothly and reduces splatter even when the tooth isn’t completely dry. While Kilduff still noticed some splatter and said this is an issue with all prophy angles, hygienist Tammy Sjurseth told DPS, “I really like how smoothly the polisher worked with little splatter.” Bell said the ribbed cup reduces splatter, commenting, “[I] absolutely love this angle.”


Overall Satisfaction

All of the evaluators said they would recommend the Mighty Mini 90 disposable prophy angle to colleagues, and collectively the group deemed it a Best Product. “I thought I was using the best angle available, but this angle was so much better,” Bell announced. And Inman concluded, “I have used [other] prophy angles religiously for the past 10 years and have never been able to find a prophy angle that would surpass [them] until now. I have already switched to this brand.”

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Mighty Mini 90
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