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Pentron, Mojo Veneer Cement is a light cure, esthetic cementation system that is designed for use with porcelain, ceramic, and composite veneer restorations.

"I have cemented several veneers with this product and so far there has been no negative feedback from patients,” said an evaluator has practiced in California for more than 10 years. This same dentist rated all tested features of Pentron’s Mojo Veneer Cement as very good to excellent.

Mojo Veneer Cement features 2 unique qualities—no detectable shade shift and try-in gels that consistently match the polymerized cement. The eleven dentists who participated in the Mojo Veneer Cement evaluation for Dental Product Shopper tested these abilities and more, including ease of use, handling, shade selection, and initial bond strength. 

Pentron Mojo Veneer Cement

Ease of Use and Handling

Manufacturer Description: With a universal viscosity, Mojo has just the right consistency, eliminating the need for several viscosities. No hand mixing is required, and the material is easily light cured with compatible LED and halogen curing lights. 

Evaluator Feedback: “It is very easy to use and the delivery system also prevents wasted material with its efficient syringes,” said a dentist from California. Another evaluator liked that there were “not too many steps/bottles.” This same dentist mentioned that the material was “difficult to clean up, but they all are.” Four of the evaluators specifically noted “ease of use” as what they liked best, while 3 others named “handling.” All 11 evaluators rated the handling properties as excellent or very good.

Esthetics, Shade Selection, Color Stability

Manufacturer Description: The simple, highly versatile shade selections allow the Mojo Veneer Cement to be used with a wide range of veneer cases, while offering no detectable shade shift. Cement shades include Light, Dark, Clear, and Movie Star White; the shades can be mixed for customization to further “warm” or “brighten” the shade. Each shade is complemented by a water soluble try-in gel that matches perfectly to the cured cement.

Evaluator Feedback: Regarding esthetics, one dentist commented, “The esthetics and shade matching are...so good it makes cleaning a little more challenging, but it’s [an acceptable trade-off].” Three evaluators liked the variety of shades best, while a New York dentist would like to see more shade selection. “I had a difficult case, in terms of color shade adjusting,” noted a dentist with 30 years of experience, “and using Mojo I was able to get perfect shade match.”

Initial Bond Strength and Postoperative Sensitivity

Pentron Mojo Veneer Cement

Manufacturer Description: The Mojo kit includes Bond-1 Primer/Adhesive and a silane primer for an easy-to-use, comprehensive veneer bonding system. 

Evaluator Feedback: A general dentist from West Virginia liked “bond strength” the best and noted that “longevity is important in veneer cementation.” Regarding postoperative sensitivity, one of the 11 evaluators had a patient with “sensitivity [for] 3-4 days but [it] subsided after that.” 

Overall Satisfaction

When asked what could be improved about the product, one dentist commented, “Everything looks good,” and another remarked that he “can’t think of any” improvements. All 11 evaluators said they would definitely or probably recommend Mojo Veneer Cement to their colleagues. Regarding the possibility of purchasing the product in the future, 10 of the 11 evaluators said they would probably or definitely purchase Mojo. A Texas dentist summarized his overall satisfaction with this simple statement, “Great product.”

Evaluation Snapshot


Key Opinion Leaders

Key Opinion Leaders

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