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Monarch Lines Cleaner

The powerful formula delivers shock and maintenance treatment in one fast, effective application without the use of harsh chemicals

Monarch Line Cleaner from Air TechniquesAfter installing new equipment in a brand-new office, Jeffrey Briney, DDS, wasn’t concerned about bacteria buildup in the waterlines of his operatories, especially since he used bottled, distilled water. “I never, in a million years, thought I would have to worry about bacteria building up in our lines,” said Dr. Briney. Participating in the evaluation of Air Techniques’ Monarch Lines Cleaner would be an eye-opening experience for Dr. Briney, as well as some other dental practices.


After performing an initial waterline test in each operatory, Dr. Briney was shocked to learn that all 5 operatories failed, with microbial counts higher than recommended levels. “Not only was I embarrassed by the results, but I was motivated to get my lines back to the expected standard of care, and then maintain them at a level that exceeds that standard of care,” he said. After an initial shock treatment and 6 weeks of routine treatment with Monarch Lines Cleaner, a final water test revealed a count of zero CFU/mL in Dr. Briney’s operatory. “I was relieved to know that my waterlines were back to health and there was no concern for patient safety,” he shared. “This product will forever be in my weekly routine for waterline maintenance.”


Designed for weekly cleaning of independent water bottle systems, Monarch Lines Cleaner controls microbial contamination while cleaning the dental unit supply tubing. Before using Monarch Lines Cleaner for this DPS evaluation, each practice tested the water in every operatory and received initial results from an independent water lab. All but one of the practices discovered that their waterlines failed to meet current infection control standards. Focusing on the operatory with the highest CFU count, participants used Monarch Lines Cleaner for at least 5 weeks before performing a final water test. Most practices were pleasantly surprised with the improvement in the quality of their waterlines.


Ease of Cleaning

When first using Monarch Lines Cleaner, lines should be cleaned nightly for 3 weeks to eliminate any buildup. After the initial shock treatment, systems need only be cleaned monthly or weekly, depending on the water supply. The cleaner is ready to use straight from the bottle, with no mixing or diluting. Each treatment requires 2 oz of solution poured directly into the water bottle system.


“Monarch Lines Cleaner is extremely easy to use and implement into our weekly routine,” noted Dr. Briney, and Dr. Ana Niehoff said, “I found the product super easy to use.” Dr. Amir Noori E. said it offers a streamlined solution to cleaning waterlines, and Dr. Edward Lew noted, “It’s very simple to use and the products are not harmful to patients.” Agreeing that it “worked great and was easy to implement,” Jessica Price, EDDA, liked that the water system only needs cleaning weekly, although she said a monthly treatment would be even better.


Jeffrey Briney, DDS, Monarch Line Cleaner evaluator

"Monarch Lines
Cleaner is
extremely easy
to use and
implement into
our weekly routine."

Ana Niehoff, DDS, Monarch Line Cleaner evaluator

"I have peace of
mind knowing that
my patients are
getting safe water
from our

Edward Lew, DMD, Monarch Line Cleaner evaluator

"The bacterial
load decreased
immediately and
within safe
Jeffrey Briney, DDS
Dana Point, CA
Ana Niehoff, DDS
Manhattan Beach, CA
Edward Lew, DMD
Alhambra, CA


Effectiveness of Cleaning

Monarch Lines Cleaner removes microbial buildup in tubing lines without the use of harsh or aggressive chemicals. The pH-neutral solution is gentle on equipment and won’t corrode metals, clog valves, stain, or foam. Hoping for “an easy, safe, and efficient way of line disinfection,” A. Sinesi, DDS, discovered that the cleaner “did all the above!”


Initially concerned about waterlines with high bacterial loads that can lead to health issues, Dr. Lew reported, “When we used Monarch Lines Cleaner, the bacterial load decreased immensely and was within safe guidelines.” Dr. Briney said maintenance was simple and “increased our confidence and comfort level by providing clean water to our patients through every waterline.” Even though Dr. Niehoff’s initial water test showed safe waterlines, she said, “I’ll continue to use this cleaner weekly to keep them clean.”


Practice Benefits

Dr. Lew said Monarch Lines Cleaner “helps maintain safe bacteria levels in the waterlines, which allows us to know we are in compliance when audits come around.” He pointed out an additional benefit, saying, “It doesn’t wear away the lines like sodium hypochlorite.” Dr. Briney called the solution “extremely economical, especially considering the importance of safety for our patients.” Dr. Sinesi said it was easy to use and efficient, and added, “The fact that it is chlorhexidine-based gives you comfort if any is left behind.”


"It made line disinfection easier, safer, and efficient."
-A. Sinesi, DDS
Brooklyn, NY


Overall Satisfaction

All of the evaluators said they would recommend Monarch Lines Cleaner to colleagues, with Dr. Sinesi commenting, “It made line disinfection easier, safer, and efficient.” Dr. Niehoff said, “I have peace of mind knowing that my patients are getting safe water from our equipment, and my patients appreciate knowing the water entering their mouths is safe from harmful bacterial growth.” Acknowledging that the product changed the way he views waterline maintenance, Dr. Briney concluded, “Every office should be using this product to ensure the safety of their patients.”



• Removes microbial buildup in tubing lines without harsh chemicals

• Comes ready to use with no need to mix or dilute

• Will not corrode metals, clog valves, or stain surfaces

• Does not affect dental bonding

• Weekly use inhibits the growth of microbial contamination

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Section A
  • 4.9
    Ease of performing cleansing routine

  • 4.6
    Effectiveness of cleaning lines

  • 3.8
    Flavor/ odor (mint)

  • 4.6
    Ease of measuring and ease of pouring solution into bottle

  • 4.9
    Convenience of once per week use (after initial shock treatment)

  • 4.9
    Easy to follow/ clear instructions

Section A AVERAGE : 4.6
Section B
  • 4.7
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 4.7

Final Score :
Average of
Section A and B


Case Study

Case Study

Air Techniques: Monarch Waterline Cleaner Study Report


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