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nano Electric Handpiece Evaluation

Small, lightweight electric handpiece system reduces hand fatigue and improves access without sacrificing performance


Hand fatigue and stress are major issues in dentistry,” shared Dr. Sylvia Irwin, who enjoys using electric handpieces in her practice yet acknowledges that their large size and weight can be a problem. “A smaller, lighter handpiece is easier to work with and hold,” she said, adding that a handpiece head and neck need to be small enough to allow visibility of the oral cavity.


To meet these needs, NSK designed its new nano series electric attachment to be 10% smaller and lighter than conventional handpieces, which is especially beneficial for clinicians with small hands who want to enjoy the constant speed, versatility, and quiet operation of electric handpieces without the added weight. Dr. Irwin and several other female dentists tested the nano95LS electric handpiece in their practices for several weeks and shared their thoughts with DPS.


“The handpiece has great torque and was small, well-balanced, and lightweight. What more could I ask for?” shared Dr. Irwin, adding that she likes the nano much better than her previous electric handpiece. “Electric handpieces are really evolving, and the NSK nano is a fi ne example of the newer technology that enables the fabrication of a small, light unit with exceptional torque.”


Size/Weight, Balance, & Reduced Hand Fatigue

Touting the nano as “smart miniaturization that enables perfect balance,” NSK says its reduced size and weight shift the center of gravity to an optimal position, reducing fatigue during procedures and improving fingertip dexterity. “This is the most balanced and comfortable electric handpiece I have ever used in nearly 20 years of electric handpiece use,” declared Dr. Robin Henderson, who said she was immediately impressed with the excellent balance and experienced significantly less hand fatigue. A self-described advocate of using electric handpieces to take preparations to the next level, Dr. Henderson explained, “This handpiece removes the barrier of hand fatigue normally associated with use of electric handpieces.” Endodontist Dr. Grace Chu said, “The lighter weight helps reduce finger grip fatigue,” and Dr. Kristen Joyce noted, “It was lightweight and fit well in my hand.”


Grace Chu, DMD

"It has adequate
torque to drill
through tough
zirconia crowns."

Christina Do, DDS

"Patients are
happy with the
noise reduction."

Robin Henderson, DDS

"This is the most
balanced and
electric handpiece
I have ever used
in 20 years."


Grace Chu, DMD 
Dallas, TX
Christina Do, DDS
Costa Mesa, CA
Robin Henderson, DDS
Clarkston, WA

Access and Visibility

Designed with a small head and slim neck dimensions to maneuver in small spaces, nano allows clinicians easy access to the oral cavity with good visibility. Noting that it’s always a challenge to access posterior zirconia crowns in patients who have limited opening of their mouths, Dr. Chu said the nano handpiece is ideal for this situation. “It was lighter in weight and affords greater visibility because of the smaller head, especially when working in upper posterior teeth,” she explained. Dr. Chu suggested that if the height was reduced another 1 to 1.5 mm, she would be able to use the handpiece with her long shank round burs. “I loved the size. It had a nice small head, which was great in the posterior, and fit in tight places better,” shared Dr. Melissa Zettler. “With this handpiece, patients with limited opening or small mouths did not struggle as much, causing less stress for all,” reported Dr. Irwin. Noting that the small head and neck help to access hard-to-reach places, Dr. Joyce pointed out that the nano is “small enough to easily work on everyone’s least favorite teeth: Nos. 1/2 and 15/16.”


Power/Torque and Noise Level

Compatible with NSK’s NLZ and NLX nano electric motors, as well as several motors from other manufacturers, the nano95LS is equipped with a 1:5 increasing gear ratio with a maximum speed of 200,000 rpm, supplying enough torque for a variety of restorative procedures. “[The nano handpiece] cuts smoothly, quickly, and efficiently,” noted Dr. Karyn Halpern, who said she was able to cut through zirconia and metal restorations easily and quickly. “It has enough torque for me to be able to put pressure on the handpiece while drilling without stalling, and it has adequate torque to drill through tough zirconia crowns,” said Dr. Chu. Dr. Christina Do appreciates that she can change power levels so she can use the handpiece on teeth without anesthetic in conjunction with her laser. “Once it gets to full power, it cuts the tooth very well,” she said.


Dr. Chu praised its quiet operation, saying, “It’s not as noisy as regular pneumatic handpieces,” and Dr. Do said she liked the small size and quiet motor. “It eliminated high pitch drill sounds. Patients are happy with the noise reduction,” she explained.


"The handpiece had great torque and was small, well-balanced, and lightweight. What more could I ask for?"
-Sylvia Irwin, DMD
Nutley, NJ


Overall Satisfaction

When asked what could be improved, Dr. Irwin said, “Not a thing. I’m very happy with the handpiece.” Dr. Henderson agreed, saying, “I honestly cannot think of any improvements. My team can hardly wait to add more to our armamentarium as it improved access in difficult situations.” Dr. Chu concluded, “Overall, it is a good and dependable handpiece. I am impressed and am interested in buying more of these handpieces.”



•10% smaller and lighter than other electric handpieces for improved ergonomics and visibility
•Reduces hand fatigue due to less weight, improved balance, and less vibration
•Adequate torque to drill through zirconia crowns
•Clinicians and patients appreciate quiet operation
•Compatible with NSK's NLZ and NLX nano electric motors along with motors from other manufacturers

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Section A
  • 4.9
    Small size/ weight/ balance

  • 4.8
    Comfort of grip/ reduced hand fatigue

  • 4.8
    Access to and visibility in the oral cavity

  • 4.6

  • 4.5
    Noise level

  • 4.8
    Smoothness of operation/ lack of vibration

  • 4.8
    Brightness of optics

Section A AVERAGE : 4.7
Section B
  • 4.8
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 4.8

Final Score :
Average of
Section A and B
Nano 95LS
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