NeoDiamond Evaluation

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DPS checked in with several dentists who depend on Microcopy’s NeoDiamond burs for their efficiency, performance, and safety



NeoDiamond Evaluation

NeoDiamond single-patient-use diamond burs are efficient, reliable, durable, and safe


NeoDiamond single-patient-use bursWe all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but Microcopy’s NeoDiamonds could very well be a dentist’s best friend. After more than 30 years, the NeoDiamond product line has established a notable reputation for its efficiency, reliability, and durability, while Microcopy has been a pioneer in encouraging dentists to use single-patient-use dental burs.


For all of these reasons, NeoDiamond has been Dr. Scott Schaffer’s top choice in diamond burs for over 20 years. He says the single-patient-use diamonds promote infection control, which was an important consideration even before the COVID-19 pandemic, and the burs have a reputation for retaining their sharpness. “I believe NeoDiamond burs are just as strong as multi-patient-use burs. They stay sharp during all my procedures and are offered at a good price,” Dr. Schaffer stated.


With a diamond bur that meets the needs of virtually any clinical situation, NeoDiamond, which earned a DPS Best Product designation in 2018, is a top-notch performer that encourages dentists to practice their best dentistry, while a single-patient-use design prevents cross-contamination.


 A Complete Diamond Lineup

Microcopy’s comprehensive NeoDiamond line of burs includes solutions for almost any restorative or surgical procedure with dozens of diamond shapes, sizes, and grits available for crown and bridge procedures; trimming and finishing burs; short-shank burs for pediatric use; and Z-Class cutters and adjusters, designed specifically for use on zirconia.


Hoping to find a diamond system that finishes zirconia restorations quickly and smoothly, Dr. Robert DeFazio tried the NeoDiamond Z-Class adjusters and cutters and was immediately hooked. “The shapes are great with the football bur a little rounder, leaving softer occlusal angles, and the straight bur is perfect for interproximal reduction and polishing. The wheels/discs [from the accompanying NeoShine Zirconia Polishers] contour perfectly on the occlusal,” he said. In addition, Dr. DeFazio stated, “The Z -Class adjusters save chair time, reduce occlusal high spots, and leave a very smooth finish.”


Antony DeSantis, DDS, who uses NeoDiamonds for crown and bridge procedures and for finishing restorations, said he chose the NeoDiamond brand “because of their efficiency and the available selection of burs, which gives me greater control over finish line geometry and polished contours of direct restorations.” He especially likes the modified flat end taper bur, which he said “may be my favorite crown and bridge diamond ever. It’s the most effective bur for creating a rounded shoulder finish line when preparing all-ceramic restorations.”


Scott Schaffer, DMD

"I believe
burs are just as
strong as multi-

Robert DeFazio, DMD

"Z-Class adjusters
save chair time,
reduce occlusal
high spots and
leave a very
smooth finish."

Antony DeSantis, DDS

"Each bur is
sharp and will
cut predictably
and efficiently
without adding
excess heat."


Scott Schaffer,
Clark, NJ
Robert DeFazio,
Pittsburgh, PA
Antony DeSantis,
East Greenbush, NY



Microcopy has found a way to keep their single[1]patient-use burs affordable and has done so with the utmost concern for patient safety, producing pre-sterilized, individually wrapped burs that are intended to be used on one patient only to reduce risk of cross-contamination. Dr. Shalom Mehler proudly informs patients of the safety measures his practice has in place, and he said patients are impressed that he uses single-use burs. “Patients want to know that their safety is uppermost in our minds,” he said. “Using single-use burs allows for increased trust from patient to doctor, especially during this pandemic.”


In addition to “the convenience of having a pre-sterilized bur ready to go whenever I need it,” Dr. DeSantis said using a bur on only one patient assures him that the diamond will be sharp. “There is a saying, ‘there is nothing more dangerous than a dull scalpel,’ and the same can be said for dental burs. Knowing that each bur is sharp and will cut predictably and efficiently without adding excess heat is comforting and helps me provide faster, safer, and more efficient tooth preparation,” he said.


Performance & Durability

For maximum performance and durability, each NeoDiamond is manufactured from a single piece of stainless-steel, is plated at the operational end with a natural diamond grit, and is further plated with a unique protective coating formula. Because of its high quality, NeoDiamond is Dr. Mehler’s brand of choice, and he says he “finds little difference between the strength and durability of NeoDiamond burs and my multi-use burs.” He added, “They retain their cutting edge throughout any restorative procedure, and I almost never have to replace a diamond mid-treatment.” Dr. DeSantis agreed and said, “It is my opinion that NeoDiamond burs are just as efficient and durable as multi-use burs. I have witnessed multi-unit cases where each bur cuts efficiently across 3 or more preparations.”

Shalom Mehler, DMD
"Using single-use burs allows for increased trust from patient to doctor, especially during this pandemic."
-Shalom Mehler, DMD
Teaneck, NJ


Overall Satisfaction

“Patients always like to see instruments coming straight out of the single-use packet,” stated Dr. Dory Stutman, who has used Microcopy burs almost exclusively for many years. He added, “The single-patient-use burs maintain their cutting ability during multiple tooth preparations. My final tooth preparation is always smooth with sharp margins—just how I want it to be.” Dr. DeFazio agreed, explaining, “Right before I cement a crown, I’ll ask the patient if the bite feels right and to feel the crown with their tongue. The first two patients on whom I used the Z-Class adjusters both said, ‘The crown feels like glass.’ That’s what I want to hear.”



• NeoDiamond line includes diamonds for crown & bridge, trimming & finishing, pediatrics, and cutting & adjusting zirconia
• Single-patient-use eliminates cross-contamination and ensures a sharp bur every time
• Designed for maximum performance and durability
• Available in multiple shapes, sizes, and grits

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Section A
  • 4.9
    Cutting efficiency

  • 4.9
    Cutting speed

  • 4.7
    Lack of chatter/ vibration

  • 4.7
    Durability/ Resistance to breakage

  • 4.7
    Convenience of sterile packaging

Section A AVERAGE : 4.8
Section B
  • 4.8
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 4.8

Final Score :
Average of
Section A and B


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