Single-patient-use NeoDiamonds offer 20% more cutting surface to cut zirconia, ceramic, PFM, and gold crowns with ease and precision


A bit of skepticism is a healthy response to a manufacturer’s claims about a product. But if the accolades come straight from the mouths of users, it’s time to take notice. According to Microcopy, the company’s NeoDiamond Single-Patient-Use Diamonds are the highest-rated, best-performing, single-patient-use diamond.

The team of dentists who tested the NeoDiamond 1118.9C for this Dental Product Shopper evaluation sought to find out for themselves by using the product in their practices for several weeks.

One of those evaluators, Dr. Scott Schaffer, said using NeoDiamond proved that disposable diamonds work as well as nondisposable ones. He and the rest of the evaluator team rated NeoDiamond as a DPS Best Product with a nearly perfect score.


Cutting Efficiency

quoteDesigned with advanced Triton bonding technology that fastens diamonds to the shank with superior hardness and maximum longevity, each NeoDiamond exposes 20% more diamond cutting surface, according to Microcopy. They will cut through zirconia, ceramic, PFM, and gold crowns with ease and precision.

“The burs cut as well as multiple-use burs and they maintain their efficiency throughout the procedure,” shared Dr. Shalom Mehler, while Dr. Antony DeSantis determined that NeoDiamond’s cutting efficiency is superior to burs that he previously used. Describing the diamonds as convenient and dependable, Dr. Siti Lowery said the “fresh, coarse cutting bur limited prep time significantly,” which gave her confidence for quicker preps. “The diamonds were great [and] left a beautiful chamber,” said Dr. Sage White, adding that they were very smooth and cut fast. “It cut like a champ,” Dr. White reported.

For Dr. Thuy Nga Vu, the burs were great for cutting through old porcelain crowns. She explained, “I just prep as if it is a tooth itself, and [it] feels like cutting tooth structure rather than cutting through crowns.” Dr. Vu added that her patients were happy that the treatment was completed so quickly.



With some brands of zirconia cutting burs, Dr. Sylvia Irwin said she can literally see the diamonds flying off the bur during prep. With NeoDiamond, she said the quality was good and she was able to complete even a 3-unit bridge with one diamond. Dr. Vu said she “loves the quality of these burs; they glide smoothly with [a] feather touch.” Dr. Mehler agreed that the burs are high quality, and Dr. Sancerie O’Rourke-Allen said the bur was sturdy and didn’t break.

“Microcopy diamonds stay sharp,” concluded Sherwood Tucker, DDS, explaining that he completed a case of several crown preps using the same diamond and had no decrease in cutting efficiency. “They cut just as well as any diamond I have used, and the cost is much lower,” Dr.



Benefits of Single-Patient-Use Diamonds

As a single-patient-use diamond, Neo-Diamond zirconia cutting burs provide a fresh, fast-cutting bur every time while improving infection control, expediting procedures, reducing patient trauma, and decreasing handpiece wear and tear, according to Microcopy. Affordability is an added plus. Each diamond is gamma-sterilized and individually wrapped in a poly packet that identifies the bur by diamond number, shape description, and grit size.

Describing an emergency patient who came in for a front tooth crown, Dr. Lowery explained, “The bur allowed for the fastest prep time I’ve had.” Similar feedback was provided by Dr. Shikha Sood, who said, “It decreased chairside cutting time even in removal of an old crown,” and Dr. Vu noted that it saves time and stress, with less work for the assistant in cleaning up and sterilization. For Dr. O’Rourke-Allen, the NeoDiamonds allowed for quicker crown preps and, therefore, easier scanning.

Noting that patient safety is his priority, Dr. Mehler expressed, “It is comforting to know that each crown prep I do will be with a fresh bur, because it means that the procedure will be faster, safer, and more efficient.” Dr. O’Rourke-Allen remarked, “It was conveniently packaged so the patients could see I was using a new bur for them.”



Overall Satisfaction

All of the evaluators said they would recommend NeoDiamond zirconia cutting burs to their colleagues, and Dr. Tucker said he would purchase the diamonds because he likes the cost per diamond, the cutting efficiency, and the packaging. “I’ve tried many other diamonds in my long career, and I always go back to Microcopy,” Dr. Tucker added. Additional accolades were shared by Dr. Stuart Zaller, who said it “worked great [and was] simple to use—one and done.”

“[NeoDiamond] makes my life easier,” exclaimed Dr. Irwin, who said she will be switching to this brand. “I loved the diamonds,” concluded Dr. White. “I was very impressed, have already recommended them to my colleagues, [and] I will be buying them in the future.”


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