NeoDiamond Z-Class Adjusters

NeoDiamond Z-Class Adjusters Evaluation

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NeoDiamond Z-Class Adjusters Evaluation

Durable, single-patient-use diamond burs easily and efficiently cut and adjust zirconia restorations, reducing overall procedure time


Z Class NeoDiamond diamond bursToddlers and teenagers are notorious for being difficult. But with the right tools and perse­verance, both parents and their offspring can survive those challenging years. Like children, zirconia is a dental material that’s infamous for being difficult. The same qualities that make zirconia an excellent choice for restorations, namely exceptional durability and strength, make the material extremely challeng­ing to cut, adjust, and polish—sometimes resulting in less-than-ideal final esthetic results.


Yet with the right instruments in hand—for ex­ample, Microcopy’s NeoDiamond Z-Class diamond burs—dentists can not only survive the often-dread­ed zirconia adjustment process, but perhaps even enjoy it. Dr. Robert DeFazio recently discovered the Z-Class diamonds, which are designed specifically for cutting and adjusting zirconia, and declared, “These burs were phenomenal!” He said they easily reduced the restorations and, when combined with polishers, left a very smooth and esthetic finish.


For this DPS evaluation, Dr. DeFazio and several other dentists used the single-patient-use Z-Class Adjusters in combination with Microcopy’s NeoShine Zirconia Polishers. “I was placing an implant crown on my best friend’s mother, and the Z-Class Adjusters worked perfectly,” said Dr. DeFazio. “It required less chair time to achieve a superior finish. I would highly recommend them.”


Single-Patient-Use & Variety of Shapes

Like all NeoDiamond burs, Z-Class diamonds are enclosed in sterile packets designed for single-patient-use to avoid cross-contamination and encourage safer dentistry—a timely message given how the recent pandemic has impacted the dental industry. With 10 shapes in total—7 adjusters and 3 cutters—Z-Class provides dentists with the tools they need to tackle zirconia restorations with confidence.


Dr. Marc Hendler said the 7 different shapes in the Z-Class Adjuster portfolio—round end taper, ball, teardrop, needle, egg, flame, and pointed cone— “are more than adequate” for all of his zirconia ad­justment needs. Citing the variety of shapes and ease of use as his favorite features, Dr. Ken Bendik said he was very happy with the performance of the adjust­ers and was pleased with the final results.


“The shape of the egg diamond was perfect for occlusal adjustment, and the unique cone-shaped polisher made getting into the grooves and anatomy of a tooth far easier than I would have expected,” shared Peter Dantini Jr., DDS. “Between the shape of the egg adjuster and the 2-step NeoShine polisher, I found it far easier to achieve a polished crown than when using my [other] wheels/points and diamonds.”


Kenneth Chae, DDS

"Reduced chair
time for adjust-
ment and finish-
ing of zirconia

Diane Casey, DDS

"Zirconia crown
delivery was
easier with burs
and polishers
specifically designed
for this task."


Peter Dantini Jr., DDS

"The shape of
the egg diamond
was perfect for
Kenneth Chae,
Chicago, IL
Diane Casey,
Sunnyvale, CA
Peter Dantini Jr.,
Stamford, CT


Ease of Adjustment & Polishing

Created with unique zirconia-grade diamonds, Z-Class Adjusters are designed to produce a smooth cut at a consistent depth without scarring, according to Microcopy. Without deep striations in the adjusted surface, polishing occurs quickly, improving efficiency and ultimately creating an esthetic, durable final zirconia restoration.


The Z-Class Adjusters “did a great job of adjusting zirconia, which in general is a very difficult material to cut,” noted Leonard Tau, DMD. “This product does exactly what it’s supposed to do—make adjusting zirconia easier,” he added. “In cases where it’s difficult to adjust a solid zirconia prosthesis, it resulted in easier adjustment and superior polishing,” agreed Dr. Kenneth Chae. “Regular diamond burs do not work well on zirconia, but the Z-Class Adjusters reduced high spots on zirconia crowns without burn marks or the need to worry about fracturing the crown,” explained Dr. Gary Dong. He called it a good product that reduces interferences, makes adjustments easier, and, after polishing, offers ideal esthetics.


Time Savings & Final Results

“The Z-Class Adjusters made rapid and clean adjustments of zirconia possible,” reported Dr. Louis Sterling, who said the diamond easily cut through porcelain while removing a fixed bridge. “The polishers provided a high gloss finish after the diamonds were used, resulting in a simple, easy, nice final restoration,” he added. For Diane Casey, DDS, “The adjustments were so smooth that minimal polishing was re­quired,” saving overall procedure time. She said the sterile packaging is simple, making the burs easy to store, dispense, and use.


Dr. Mark Vidor said the diamonds made procedures quicker and more efficient, and Dr. Hendler said he liked the speed, high luster, and excellent results of the Neo­Shine polishers after using the adjusters. Dr. DeFazio noted, “I loved the finish. It was beautiful,” and Dr. Dantini concluded, “The quality, durability, and finish is outstanding for a diamond and 2-step polisher.”

Robert DeFazio, DMD
"They easily reduced the restorations, and the combination of burs and polishers left a very smooth and esthetic finish."
-Robert DeFazio, DMD
Pittsburgh, PA


Overall Satisfaction

Dr. Hendler said he liked the Z-Class Adjusters so much that he would be a spokesperson for the product, and Dr. DeFazio said he has already recommended the adjusters to friends. Noting that it is an “economical, convenient, and overall good product,” Dr. Casey concluded, “Zirconia crown delivery was made easier with burs and polishers specifically de­signed for this task!”



•Z-Class diamonds are designed specifically for cutting and adjusting zirconia restorations

•Sterile, single-patient-use, zirconia-grade diamonds

•Produces a smooth cut at a consistent depth without scarring

•Because of the smooth cutting during adjustment, polishing time is reduced

•Adjusters come in 7 shapes—round end taper, ball, teardrop, needle, egg, flame, pointed cone

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Section A
  • 4.4
    Level of chatter

  • 4.4
    Ability to make accurate & controlled adjustments

  • 4.2
    Polishing time required

  • 4.2
    Final finished surface after using adjuster and polisher

  • 4.7
    Packaging & labeling

  • 4.5
    Range/ variety of shapes

Section A AVERAGE : 4.4
Section B
  • 4.4
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 4.4

Final Score :
Average of
Section A and B
NeoDiamond Z-Class Adjusters
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