Superior absorbency, parotid coverage, and buccal protection give NeoDrys ReFlective saliva absorbents exceptional versatility for a range of indications.


Microcopy’s NeoDrys ReFlective saliva absorbents have a super-absorbent inner core that helps provide a dry field by trapping moisture and eliminating leaks, even when fully saturated.

NeoDrys provides complete parotid coverage, and the moisture-proof ReFlective backing protects the cheek while bouncing light into the working area.

According to Microcopy, NeoDrys’ absorptive capability and buccal retraction/protection makes it uniquely versatile. It replaces the need for rubber dams in sealant and composite procedures, prevents gel dilution during fluoride application, improves the accuracy of impression materials, and protects occlusal markings. NeoDrys also facilitates laser work, amalgam preparation, orthodontics, and lengthy cementation procedures. They come in colorcoded large and small sizes.

A group of 11 dentists and hygienists participated in this Dental Product Shopper evaluation of NeoDrys ReFlective, rating features including usefulness, parotid coverage, absorption, and reflective ability.


Ease of Use

To insert, the NeoDrys ReFlective is pointed to the back of the mouth with the color side against the cheek. It begins to adhere within seconds, and stays in place until released with ample water spray applied to the buccal side of the absorbent.

Ease of use was rated as excellent by 7 evaluators, as very good by 3, and as good by 1. One evaluator said NeoDrys sometimes “doesn’t stay in the mouth very well,” and another said the “angle flexibility facilitates placement.”



NeoDrys’ usefulness for multiple indications and procedures was rated as excellent by 7 evaluators and as very good by 4. One evaluator who used NeoDrys instead of a saliva ejector said, “It protects the cheek beautifully in patients who’ve lost buccal muscle firmness.” Another evaluator placed them on the tongue “to keep it from touching and contaminating teeth.”


Patient Comfort

Microcopy states that NeoDrys ReFlective’s flexible, tapered design accommodates cheek movements, and the soft “ComfortEdge” maximizes comfort. Patient comfort was rated as excellent by 5 evaluators, as very good by 4, as good by 1, and as fair by 1. Two evaluators reported complaints about “sharp edges;” 1 from “several patients” and the other from “only 1 patient.”


Parotid and Cheek

Parotid coverage was rated as excellent by 7 evaluators, as very good by 3, and as good by 1. Cheek protection was rated as excellent by 6 evaluators and as very good by 5. When asked about retraction, 1 evaluator said, “They don’t bend much, so retraction is a little tight.” Retraction was rated as excellent by 4 evaluators, as very good by 5, and as good by 2.


Absorption (Dry Field and Leaking)

Moisture absorption and dry field were both rated as excellent by 8 evaluators, and as very good or good by 3. Eight evaluators rated leaking when the NeoDrys ReFlectives were full; 3 as excellent, 3 as very good or good, and 2 as fair. One evaluator said it was “a problem when using irrigation,” and another said the absorption particles “leak out onto the tissue but suction up well.” One evaluator “actually tried to squeeze moisture out, and couldn’t.”


Reflective Ability

Ten evaluators rated the NeoDrys ReFlective’s reflective ability (light in working area). Five evaluators rated this feature as excellent, 4 as very good, and 1 as good. One evaluator said, “Wonderful. I sometimes use them in a mirror-like fashion across the arch.” Another evaluator said the foil reflector “enhances cheek protection when using a handpiece,” and another called it “very handy.”


Overall Satisfaction

Overall satisfaction was rated as excellent by 7 evaluators, as very good to good by 3, and as fair by 1. Ten evaluators described NeoDrys ReFlectives as much or somewhat better than other absorbents. All of the evaluators said they would definitely or probably recommend NeoDrys ReFlectives to their colleagues.

Evaluation Snapshot

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