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NeoShine Zirconia Polishing System Evaluation

A single-use, two-step system of cups and points that smooths and polishes zirconia Restorations


NeoShine Polishers from MicrocopyZirconia restorations can be difficult for a dentist to adjust, especially when diamond burs leave striations in the previously glossy surface. “It’s frustrating when a zirconia crown requires adjustment after placement because the final surface texture is never the same,” explained Dr. Michael LaMarche. To ease these frustrations, Microcopy devised a sterile, single-use, two-step zirconia polishing system, NeoShine, a set of mini cups and points designed to remove striations left by the diamond and produce a high-gloss, shiny zirconia surface.


The NeoShine line includes polishers for composite, metal, and zirconia, but this evaluation focused only on the zirconia polishing system. After testing the zirconia cups and points for a few weeks in their practices, dentists applauded the product with words like ‘amazing,’ ‘a game changer,’ and ‘the best I have found.’ Dr. John Horn discovered, “It consistently removes adjustment striating and brings zirconia back to its pre-adjustment shine,” and Dr. LaMarche was amazed that “NeoShine gives the original gloss back!” Explaining that he’s been looking for a product like NeoShine for years, Dr. Joshua Howard shared, “The ability to get a mirror-like polish on a milled zirconia restoration without glaze is an instant game changer.”


Two-Step Process

Polishing with NeoShine is a simple two-step process with no need for precleaning or polishing paste. Attached to a slow speed handpiece, the Step 1 mini cup or point removes striations and scratches left by the diamond during adjustment, and the Step 2 cup or point produces a glossy, shiny zirconia surface. Krista Kappus, DDS called them the “perfect size for accessing all aspects of the crown including deeper grooves and anatomy.” Dr. Dory Stutman determined, “The shape and flexibility of the NeoShine cup made final polishing of restorations a breeze!”


“I really liked how well and fast NeoShine achieved a smooth glossy finish,” shared Karyn Halpern, DMD, and Dr. Eric Van Zytveld said he could achieve an even higher polish than when he first received the zirconia crowns from the lab. “NeoShine was able to provide a mirror-like gloss to the zirconia surface in about two minutes and using only two polishers. Amazing!” Dr. Howard revealed.


Dr. LaMarche called the final shine “excellent – the best I have found,” and Dr. Horn concluded, “The two-step polishers consistently produced a smooth shine free of any striations from the zirconia adjustment.”


Dr. Van Zytveld suggested an abrasive polishing brush for crowns with deep anatomy, and Dr. Sheldon Seidman recommended a very fine diamond to smooth any remaining shiny striations before polishing.


Krista Kappus, DDS, neoshine evaluator

"A perfect size
for accessing all
aspects of the
crown including
deeper grooves
and anatomy."

Adam Beno, DMD, Neoshine Evaluator

"They are single
use so no need
to worry about
cross conta-

John Horn, DMD, Neoshine Evaluator

"The two-step
polishers consis-
tently produced
a smooth shine
free of any
striations from


Krista Kappus,
Portland, MI
Adam Beno,
Ft. Myers, FL
John Horn,
Hegins, PA


Packaging, Color ID System, and Time Savings

“The two-step sterile delivery system is clearly labeled, and the packages are easily opened with a simple tear,” noted Dr. Horn. Dr. Beno said the sterile packaging simplifies setup and inventory while eliminating the need for sterilization. Designed with a simple color system, NeoShine zirconia polishers are magenta, with Step 1 a darker shade than Step 2 of the same color. “The color ID system was clearly labeled and avoided any chairside confusion,” noted Dr. Horn, while Dr. Sarwandeep Bath suggested a more distinctive color for the Step 2 polisher.


According to Dr. Brett Goldsmith, the cups and polishers simplified the process and shortened the time to finish zirconia inserts after adjustments. When minor adjustments were made, Dr. Beno discovered that sometimes the second step was not required. “Even after using the first polisher, a very smooth finish was achieved,” he said. Dr. Howard explained how NeoShine improved the overall efficiency of his dental practice. “By reducing polishing time, we shave precious minutes from each zirconia restorative appointment, which makes our chair time more efficient and saves the practice money in the long run.” He concluded, “The speed of polishing and quality of the resulting surface finish are second to none!”


Single-Use and Durability

“NeoShine polishers are single-use so no need to worry about cross contamination,” shared Dr. Beno. “Being disposable is advantageous for both time savings in sterilization as well as infection control,” said Dr. Halpern.


Calling the polishers very durable, Dr. Beno said he was able to use one cup or point to polish several teeth on the same patient. Dr. Halpern agreed they were more durable than other zirconia polishing points and cups. “The durability for single crown adjustment is great,” said Dr. Bath, but he noticed some wear when the bur was used for a second crown.


"The speed of polishing and quality of the resulting surface finish are second to none!"
-Joshua Howard, DMD
Dover, NH


Overall Satisfaction

“This product gets my highest rating because of its simplicity of use, sterile packaging that clearly identifies the steps, and ability to deliver the promised results,” concluded Dr. Horn. “If you are a dentist that mills zirconia in-office or delivers lab fabricated zirconia, you need these polishers,” shared Dr. Howard. “They are so much better and faster than any other polishing systems. Simply the best zirconia polishers I have ever tried.”



• Mini cups and points used for occlusal adjustments of an already sintered or lab fabricated zirconia restoration
• 2-step zirconia polishing system removes striations and produces a high-gloss, shiny surface
• Quickly polishes crowns to a high shine
• Single-use zirconia polishers prevent cross-contamination
• Each cup or point is sterile, individually packaged, and clearly labeled

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Section A
  • 4.2
    Smoothness of zirconia surface after using step 1

  • 4.6
    Glossiness of zirconia after using step 2

  • 4.6
    Ease of access for all areas of the tooth with the mini cup and point

  • 3.5
    Durability of the polishers when polishing zirconia crown

  • 4.2
    Product color ID system- matching polisher to substrate and polishing step

  • 4.6
    Clarity of the packet label information

Section A AVERAGE : 4.3
Section B
  • 4.3
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 4.3

Final Score :
Average of
Section A and B
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