evaluatorsPrescription oral rinse alleviates symptoms of dry mouth and helps restore normal ionic and pH balance in the oral cavity

Dry mouth can be a common complaint among patients, especially those taking prescription medications, or who are battling certain diseases or conditions. Like most clinicians, Dr. Ashish Arya was looking for a different kind of solution that would aid his patients suffering from chronic dry mouth. Some of them had shared that they disliked products designed to moisturize the oral cavity.

That different kind of solution came in the form of OraPharma’s NeutraSal prescription oral rinse. Soon after he began prescribing it to his patients, Dr. Arya shared, “The product works really well for patients with chronic xerostomia associated with medications, medical conditions, chemotherapy, etc.” NeutraSal is unique in that it replaces and mimics the benefits of natural saliva, improving patients’ ability to swallow, drink, eat, taste, and talk. It also helps to restore and normalize the ionic and pH balance of the oral cavity and maintain better hygiene for improved overall oral health in patients with dry mouth. Take a look at how 10 other clinicians feel about prescribing NeutraSal dry mouth rinse to their patients.


Ability to Improve Dry Mouth Symptoms

quoteClinicians found that overall, NeutraSal rinse was highly effective in alleviating dry mouth symptoms. “It works really well to solve dry mouth secondary to radiation therapy and prescription medications,” shared Dr. James Pasternak, adding that almost all of his patients were very satisfied with the results, especially when compared with other products. Dr. Michael Kelly noted that it “helps reduce recurrent caries in dry mouth patients,” while Dr. William Davidson shared that the “results were favorable for reducing oral irritation.”

Dr. Irene Renieris was interested in a solution that would help solve the cause of dry mouth, rather than just alleviate its symptoms. “[NeutraSal] is composed of the contents that your saliva is composed of, so there’s no artificial products,” she noted. One of her most successful cases using NeutraSal rinse was on a 34-year-old female patient who was put on antidepressants after childbirth. “The very first thing I noticed was how dry her mouth was,” she shared, noting that the patient was starting to get decay on teeth that were fine only a year ago. Dr. Brittany Corbett’s patients saw similar success. She shared, “My patients who use this consistently vouch for its efficacy, including myself.”


Ease of Mixing/Ease of Use

When they’re ready to rinse, patients can easily dissolve NeutraSal in water. Dr. Steven Eisen’s patients shared that they liked the solution’s ease of use and comfort, while a clinician in Mason City, IA, who prescribed NeutraSal to about 30 of his patients, appreciated that it was “clean and simple.” The soothing oral rinse takes only 2 minutes to swish and can be used by patients up to 10 times

a day. Dr. James Bennett, who rated ease of mixing and ease of use as excellent, said his office received positive feedback about NeutraSal from patients, and Dr. Rafaelina Rodriguez agreed, saying that her office had not received any complaints from patients while using the rinse, and that there were “many satisfied patients so far.”


Convenience of Packaging

NeutraSal dry mouth rinse comes in single-use packets of dissolving powder. Dr. Eisen said the solution came in “good, easy packaging,” while several other clinicians noted the convenience of its prescription-only nature. “It’s so easy, and since we’re not distributing it, it’s one less thing to stock in the office,” shared Dr. Renieris, adding that she loved not having to “sell” something to patients. Dr. Bennett agreed, saying that a major perk is “that it does not need to be stocked in the office and does not cost the provider anything,” although he did mention it is cost-prohibitive for patients without prescription coverage. Dr. Rodriguez said what she liked best about NeutraSal was “the fact that it is covered by my patients’ medical insurance and delivered to their homes.”


Overall Satisfaction

All evaluating clinicians said they would recommend NeutraSal rinse to their colleagues.  Many clinicians appreciated having another option to offer their patients suffering from symptoms of dry mouth, including Dr. Davidson. “[NeutraSal] gives us another tool to help people with chronic and short-term irritation,” he shared, while Dr. Corbett added, “I would say the product provides me with a solution for patients that is more effective than an artificial saliva substitute.” Dr. Renieris summed up her experience with this dry mouth rinse by saying it’s a simple solution to numerous issues. “I feel that now I have another product I can recommend for more than just dry mouth,” she shared, adding, “If you don’t know what’s causing discomfort for a patient, don’t exclude prescribing NeutraSal because you just might solve the problem.”


Evaluation Snapshot

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