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According to Nobel Biocare, NobelActive 3.0 dental implants make it possible to place implants in areas that might have previously been untreatable because of limited space. NobelActive 3.0 is specifically designed for the replacement of single-unit maxillary lateral incisor and mandibular and central incisors.

Some of the key features and benefits of NobelActive 3.0, as described by the manufacturer, include new treatment options, maximum softtissue volume, a strong sealed conical connection, high initial stability, maximum bone preservation, and adjustable implant orientation.

Five current customers were invited at random to participate in this Dental Product Shopper evaluation of NobelActive 3.0. One evaluator has been using the implants for less than 6 months, 2 have been using them for more than 6 months but less than 1 year, and 2 have been using them for 1 to 3 years.

The evaluators were asked to rate the implants on several key features, including overall ease of use of the system, ease of use in areas with limited space, initial stability, and manufacturer support.

Ease of Use

Nobel Biocare describes NobelActive 3.0 as a safe clinical solution in areas with limited space.

When asked to rated the overall ease of use of the Nobel Active 3.0 system, 3 rated it excellent and 2 rated it very good. An evaluator who rated this feature as excellent said, ?The implant is easy to place and integrates well.?

The evaluators also were asked to rate the ease of use of the implants in areas with limited space. All 5 evaluators rated this feature as excellent. One evaluator said, ?The small diameter is very useful in unique situations.? This same evaluator said he would definitely recommend NobelActive 3.0 to his colleagues and that he would definitely purchase the implants in the future. Another evaluator said, ?[NobelActive 3.0] has allowed me to complete cases that had minimal space or failed prior attempts with wider fixtures.?

Initial Stability

According to the manufacturer, NobelActive 3.0 dental implants have high initial stability, even in areas with compromised bone. This high initial stability is possible because of the expanding tapered implant body with double-lead thread design that condenses bone gradually.

When asked to rate the initial stability of NobelActive 3.0, 4 evaluators rated it as excellent and 1 rated it as very good. An evaluator who gave the implants an overall satisfaction rating of excellent said, ?The initial stability adds to the predictability [of the implants].? He went on to say that he would definitely recommend NobelActive 3.0 to colleagues. Another evaluator commented on the ?relatively aggressive design, giving initial stability.? A third evaluator named ?good initial stability? as one of the features he likes best about the NobelActive 3.0 implant system.

Implant Design

The design of NobelActive 3.0 retains the major design features of NobelActive 3.5, including the expanding tapered implant body, constantly expanding central core, sharp cutting blades, reverse cutting flutes, horizontal macro grooves on the collar, and grooves on the thread tip to increase bone to implant contact for bone growth.

When asked to rated the design of NobelActive 3.0 implants, 3 rated it as excellent and 2 rated it as very good. One evaluator commented that he has experienced some screw failure and recommended strengthening the prosthetic screws. This same evaluator rated overall ease of use, initial stability, and manufacturer support as excellent. Another evaluator described NobelActive 3.0 as ?well designed to follow the standard of the already excellent NobelActive systems.?

Overall Satisfaction

Four evaluators said they would definitely recommend NobelActive 3.0 dental implants to their colleagues and purchase them in the future. When asked to give their overall satisfaction rating for the NobelActive 3.0 system, 4 rated it as excellent and 1 rated it as good.

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