NoCord VPS Impressioning System

NoCord VPS Impressioning System Evaluation

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NoCord VPS 

A single-step, self-retracting impressioning system without cards and pastes


NoCord VPS Material from Centrix Achieving fast, void-free impressions often requires the use of a retraction cord or paste to retract tissue and control bleeding. But these traditional methods can create a more arduous, technique-sensitive process—and clinicians don’t have all day to make impressions. “I think cord packing is time-consuming and not very comfortable for the patient,” Dr. Kathy Mortazavi recently told DPS.

Fortunately, manufacturers like Centrix are always looking for ways to advance dental tools and equipment and make a clinician’s job easier. Dr. Mortazavi was one of several dentists who evaluated Centrix’s NoCord VPS, a unique and efficient impressioning system that does not require retraction cords and pastes. The introductory kit includes the NoCord Wash Material, which retracts the gingiva and prevents fluid flow, and the NoCord MegaBody Tray Material, which drives the wash into the sulcus and pushes the tissue. The combination of these items, along with SuperMixer Mixing Tips and 3.n.One Impression Trays Samplers, has the potential to create clear and precise final impressions.

The NoCord VPS system eliminated the need for packing cord, said Dr. Mortazavi, who also found there was less waiting time before the final impression. Other evaluators benefited from the system’s effective mixing characteristics, controlled flow, hemostasis, and ability to improve patient acceptance.


Application and Flow Characteristics

After prepping the tooth, clinicians can easily syringe NoCord Wash into the sulcus and around the preps, keeping the SuperMixer Mixing Tip buried in the Wash material to avoid air bubbles. Once the tray is seated in the patient’s mouth, it will further drive the Wash into the sulcus and cause greater separation of the gingiva from the tooth.

Impressed with the material’s good consistency, Dr. Joseph O’Leary applauded the NoCord VPS system, saying, “It flows easily and accurately,” and Eric Van Zytveld, DDS, noted, “The flow characteristics captured the impression of the teeth well.” Dr. Jeremy Lowell suggested more body to the material to help expand tissue. Dr. Jeff Krantz experienced stiff tray material for compression and discovered “excellent flow into the gingival crevice.”

The tips helped create a good impression for Dr. Jason Wetmore, who said, “They worked well on full-arch impression cases with more than 10 preps.” Dr. Mortazavi suggested that Centrix make the wash material compatible with smaller dispensing syringes, and Dr. David Feick appreciated the color differences and said it made reading margins easier. “If I use good tissue management, it makes a really good impression that the lab has no problem reading,” he added.


David Feick, DDS

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tissue soreness."

Eric Van Zytveld, DDS

"The flow
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Mark Henschel, DDS

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David Feick, DDS
Franklin, TN
Eric Van Zytveld, DDS
Denver, CO
Mark Henschel, DDS
Rego Park, NY


Improved Efficiency

Centrix has marketed NoCord VPS as a one-step system. After placing the Wash and MegaBody Tray Materials in the patient’s mouth (1 minute working time), it takes an additional 3 minutes 45 seconds to fully retract the gingiva and control fluids, according to Centrix. Because no cord is needed, the impression-making process is simplified, saving time for both clinicians and their patients.

Due to the disadvantages of impression cord, Frantz Baker, DDS, had avoided using cord for a long time. After trying NoCord VPS, he found that the system helped reinforce the technique he was using. “It eliminates the need to stuff in cords, thereby eliminating bleeding,” he added. Wanting to lessen the time it took to pack cord, Dr. Les Latner discovered there was “less time spent on my work with one patient, which gave me the ability to get to the next patient faster.” Marc Henschel, DDS, said he would recommend this product to colleagues “as an impression alternative that can be used without time-consuming retraction cord placement.”


Bleeding Control and Patient Comfort

NoCord Wash with 15% alum astringent constricts capillaries, controls bleeding, displaces crevicular fluids, and protects fragile and inflamed tissue. Many of the evaluators also noticed that the material did not leave a bad taste in patients’ mouths. “A few patients were surprised that they did not have to go through that ‘awful tasting stuff,’” described Dr. Feick. “[NoCord] eliminates the cord and thus the bad taste and subsequent tissue soreness.” Dr. O’Leary said his patients “seemed not to notice taste or complain of taste as they do with other brands,” and Dr. Karen-Lee Stewart agreed that poor taste was not a problem with this system.


"In 40 years of practice, this is one of the better products to emerge."

-Joseph O'Leary, DDS

North East, PA


Overall Satisfaction

Because of its ability to produce stable final impressions, combined with other convenient features, NoCord VPS received a Recommended Product rating from DPS evaluators. Most clinicians said they would recommend this impressioning system to others, and many pointed out its good mixing characteristics, zero distortion, and extension beyond margins. Dr. Krantz said he would purchase the system in the future because he received “good results with no change of technique.” Rating his overall satisfaction as excellent, Dr. O’Leary said he would recommend and purchase NoCord VPS in the future, concluding, “In 40 years of practice, this is one of the better products to emerge. It truly is as advertised.”



Retracts gingiva, controls bleeding, and delivers accurate final impressions

•One-step process saves time with no need for retraction cords and pastes​

•Includes NoCord Wash, NoCord MegaBody Tray Material, trays, mixing nozzles, and tips

•Working time of 1 minute and total set time of 4 minutes 45 seconds

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Section A
  • 4.5
    Mixing characteristics and waste reduction of mixing tips

  • 4.8
    Ease of expressing tray material with 1-1 automix gun

  • 4.2
    Flow characteristics on teeth and in tray

  • 3.8
    Ability to maintain hemostasis

  • 3.6
    Ability to create sulcular expansion and capture all margins

  • 4.6
    Color and contrast of materials

  • 4.2
    Lack of distortion/ stability of final impression

Section A AVERAGE : 4.2
Section B
  • 3.9
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 3.9

Final Score :
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Section A and B
NoCord VPS Impressioning System
Centrix, Inc.
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