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evaluatorsWith cutting-edge features, the NLZ electric micromotor system maximizes the efficacy, comfort, and safety for restorative and endodontic procedures

Dr. Jeffrey Briney wanted to replace all airdriven high- and low-speed handpieces in his operatories. But like many other dentists, he knew that the air to electric transition could be a daunting one. Well aware of this dilemma, NSK has introduced the NLZ electric micromotor system, which enables practitioners to more easily convert to electric and expand treatment possibilities.

The ultimate space saver, the NLZ delivers all the specs of a premium electric motor in the smallest package possible, and it can be mounted and installed in dental units of all shapes, styles, and sizes. Its cuttingedge features ensure superior motor performance with unique safety functions for comfortable and accurate restorative and endodontic procedures

For this DPS evaluation, most of the dentists tested the NLZ electric micromotor with the Z95L electric handpiece, and one, Dr. Briney, tested the NLZ-E endo motor with an endo handpiece and the Z95L handpiece. “The NSK electric handpiece and NLZ unit not only fulfilled my expectations but also surpassed them,” proclaimed Dr. Briney. “I wish I could put this system in everyone’s hands just for one procedure to show how this alone could significantly change the way dentists prepare a tooth.”


Motor/Handpiece Speed and Torque

quoteWith 4.2 Ncm of torque in general mode, the NLZ can be used for a variety of high- and low-speed treatments. The endo mode (torque range 0.3 to 6 Ncm) offers innovative features, including a new reciprocating electric attachment, that enhance the comfort and safety of endodontic treatments. “I like its ability to cut quickly and efficiently through tough dental restorative materials such as zirconia and metals,” shared Karyn Halpern, DMD, and Dr. Joshua Haremza said, “It cut smoothly with little vibration.” Dr. Alan Howard told DPS, “I have new handpieces and the NSK out performed them all. The torque of the small head seemed as much if not more than the others and it was easy to cut through metal and e.max.”

After using the NLZ-E with the endo handpiece and the Z95L handpiece exclusively for every restorative and endo procedure throughout the 30-day evaluation, Dr. Briney determined that the system is “powerful with tons of torque!!!” In one patient, Dr. Briney said the power and torque gave him the ability to cut off 16 very dense porcelain veneers as if they were made of chalk. “I never felt a decrease in the torque no matter how much pressure I placed on the veneer,” he noted. Dr. Briney also pointed out that he used the endo handpiece for 10 procedures and “never felt a drag or skipping feel.”

For such a powerful system, the NLZ operates surprisingly quietly, according to the team of evaluators. “It is significantly quieter and much more powerful than older models,” remarked Dr. Carol Aiken, and Dr. Haremza said it functioned with less noise than his current system.


Pre-Programmed Settings

The NLZ’s intuitive pre-programmed settings maximize ease of use and flexibility, while the fiberoptic LED light provides exceptional visibility. Describing it as “a well-designed unit that was easy to install and easy to operate with plenty of intuitive settings,” Stephen Gordon, DDS, determined, “The multiple speed presets make going from a preparation 1:5 gear handpiece to a polishing latch angle handpiece a breeze.” Dr. Briney appreciated the pre-programmed settings, saying, “I loved the ease of pushing a button with my refinement memory that I programmed in order to fine tune my preps.”


Size, Weight, Ergonomics

NLZ’s smaller micromotor facilitates handling and provides excellent balance with less fatigue, while the smaller head size improves access and visibility. “This unit is small, lightweight, well-balanced, and powerful,” described Dr. Gordon. Having dealt with handpiece motors that were “heavy and unbalanced,” Dr. Craig Ratner said, “The NLZ’s smaller size and lighter weight provided a more balanced chairside experience that leads to less hand fatigue.” Dr. Haremza agreed and said, “The ergonomics lent itself well to reduction of hand fatigue throughout the day.” He added, “The small size of the handpiece came in handy several times when treating patients with limited openings—a great system for pediatric treatment.”



Overall Satisfaction

“I don’t think you could go wrong purchasing this unit,” said Dr. Haremza, who, along with several other evaluators, ended up purchasing the system after the DPS evaluation period was finished. “This marvelous handpiece that I used multiple times daily made my job better and easier,” Dr. Gordon concluded. “I’ve been using electric handpieces since the mid-90s and this is by far the best,” shared Dr. Howard. “Everything exceeded my expectations. I’m replacing 2 of my motors and within a few years will equip all operatories with these.” After using the system on more than 100 patients for 200 preparations, Dr. Briney determined, “The NLZ didn’t miss a beat nor feel any loss in power, torque, brightness or water spray. [It is] very durable, reliable, and trustworthy.”


  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Section A
  • 4.6
    Ability to cut through hard materials

  • 4.7
    Speed and torque of motor/handpiece

  • 4.3
    Noise level

  • 4.8
    Convenience of pre-programmed settings for slow and fast speeds

  • 4.7
    Ergonomics of handpiece-weight/balance/rotation/etc

  • 4.6
    Ease of connecting handpiece

  • 4.3
    Compact size and flexibility of mounting

  • 4.2
    Power of fiberoptic LED light

  • 4.5

Section A AVERAGE : 4.5
Section B
  • 4.6
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 4.6

Final Score :
Average of
Section A and B




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