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evaluatorsNSK’s Surgic Pro and Surgic Pro+ combine an advanced micromotor with a handpiece that offers optimal speed, precision, and torque


Like most practitioners, Georgia dentist Vinh Tran, DDS, wanted a surgical system that offered quality, reliability, and ease of use. He noted that he also looks for great customer service and a reasonable price tag. After using the Surgic Pro from NSK, he told DPS, “Not only did it fulfill every aspect I was looking for, but it exceeded my expectations.” He explained, “The precision is amazing, [and I like] the live rpm view of the handpiece [and the] very bright fiber optic LED.”

Dr. Tran is among a group of dentists and periodontists who agreed to evaluate the NSK Surgic Pro or Surgic Pro+ with data storage facility for Dental Product Shopper. Featuring an advanced surgical motor and handpiece with optimal speed, precision, and torque, both the Surgic Pro and Surgic Pro+ have been designed to deliver reliable, consistent, excellent performance.


Micromotor and Handpiece

quoteDeveloped by analyzing clinician feedback, the system’s 5th-generation surgical micromotor satisfies virtually all professional requirements, according to NSK. The light and compact Surgic Pro SGL70M features an LED light for high visibility, with up to 80 Ncm of torque for diverse surgical procedures.

“[It has] high torque settings, good LED light, and a quiet motor,” said Illinois periodontist Ravichandra Juluri, DDS, adding that the dental micro-motor handpiece is smaller than previous versions and weigh less. Dr. Juluri found that the system works well for slow-speed drilling, and the drill was stable even when used in hard bone. Dr. Jason Solomon, who wanted to use a handpiece that wasn’t air driven for surgical extractions, told DPS, “It is an electrical handpiece [with which] I feel confident for any surgical procedure.”

“When overall bone width is limited and cortical bone is very thin, the tactile feedback is very important,” said Dr. Tran, who explained, “The adjustable torque and the live rpm will help the drill to deflect to prevent perforations.” Periodontist Logesh Swayamprakasam, who wanted to use the product for extraction of impacted teeth, remarked, “It is very effective in sectioning the teeth and the bone.” Dr. Venkatesh Swaminathan described the handpiece as very efficient, and Dr. Benjamin Oppenheimer, who said he purchased the Surgic Pro because of its excellent reputation, concluded, “It functions beautifully as an implant motor.”


Fiber-Optic LED Light

Available in optic or nonoptic versions, the fiberoptic LED illumination helps clinicians focus on the treatment area and perform precise surgical procedures. Noting that his previous motor did not have illumination, Dr. Oppenheimer said he appreciates the lighting with the Surgic Pro, and shared, “The light is key in visualizing hard-to-reach areas with extraoral illumination.” Dr. Swaminathan had found that other systems offered limited torque and no light in the handpiece, and cited the Surgic Pro’s powerful LED lights as one of his favorite features.


Ease of Use

When asked about features such as foot control functions and the convenience of preprogrammed settings, several evaluators weighed in on overall ease of use. “The procedure can be completed very quickly,” Dr. Swayamprakasam noted, and another evaluator commented that it makes procedures faster and more predictable. Dr. Steven Fox said it was easy to set up, the burs run smoothly, and drilling is now routine and more efficient.

When asked about potential improvements, Dr. Tran suggested that the foot control have a foot handle in order to lift it from one place to the other. According to NSK, a foot handle is available as an optional part, sold separately. Another dentist said he was impressed that it has the proper settings and attachments to facilitate quick and easy use.


Overall Satisfaction

After researching and trying different brands of surgical motors, Dr. Tran decided to purchase the Surgic Pro because the dental micro-motor handpiece fulfilled every aspect he was looking for and exceeded his expectations. He explained, “I actually loved the NSK Surgic Pro because of its quiet operation, precision, live rpm, bright LED, quality, reliability, ease of use, great customer service, and the overall feel, plus large display.” Dr. Tran summed up his impression of the system by telling DPS, “More predictability, more precision, more success!”

Each of the evaluators who participated gave the Surgic Pro an overall rating of excellent and said they would recommend the system to colleagues. They collectively deemed it a Dental Product Shopper Best Product.


  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Section A
  • 4.6
    Foot control functions

  • 4.5
    Convenience of preprogrammed settings and user friendliness of display screen

  • 4.5
    Micromotor functionality and weight of motor

  • 4.6
    Handpiece speed and torque

  • 4.6
    Precision of handpiece

  • 4.6
    Power of fiber optic LED light/illumination at surgical site

  • 4.5
    Amount of irrigation

  • 4.6

Section A AVERAGE : 4.6
Section B
  • 5.0
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 5.0

Final Score :
Average of
Section A and B
NSK Surgic Pro
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