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OAP-Cleaner-Eval-Info-ColumnAnti-bacterial cleaning solution eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and is also anti-fungal and anti-viral.

Oral appliances are notorious for harboring bacteria, viruses, and fungi, which can cause health problems. Over time, appliances often form a plaque buildup, become discolored, and produce an odor.

OAP Cleaner is a proprietary anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal cleaning solution that will instantly clean and disinfect any dental appliance in 1 minute while killing odor-producing microbes.

It cleans and brightens the retainers beautifully, and its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties are very pleasing,” shared Dr. J. Brian Hamby, a South Carolina orthodontist who said OAP Cleaner was much better than similar products. “It made a 20-year-old retainer see-through again, and a less-than-2-year-old retainer look brand new,” noted hygienist Lynn Ramer, who also said the cleaner is easy to use and works great.

For this Dental Product Shopper evaluation, a group of orthodontists, hygienists, and dental assistants cleaned their patients’ appliances during office visits, and some evaluators sent samples home with their patients.

Ease of Use

According to OAP Cleaner, the sanitizing solution kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi within 1 minute of application and eliminates the need for lengthy soaks and ultrasonic cleaning. The cleaner requires just 3 easy steps—pump the solution on the device, scrub the appliance for 1 minute, and rinse with water.

“OAP works great! It saves time; all you do is wet and spray,” said hygienist Sandra DiSanto, who added that she normally soaks appliances in another product and places them in the ultrasonic machine. “I like the fact that it can be used at home or chair-side in the dental office,” noted Ramer. “All it takes is a brush; no overnight soaking required. In the dental office, bagging and placing in the ultrasonic cleaner is not required."

Donna Grzegorek, an Illinois hygienist, lauded the product. “Everything from packaging to ease of use was great,” she said. When asked what she would like to see improved, Susan Jones suggested the foam be a little thicker.

Patient Satisfaction

OAP Cleaner cleans and sanitizes, killing odor-producing microbes and leaving appliances smelling fresh and clean. The solution is packaged in an easy-to-carry dispenser for optimal portability and patient-friendly ease of use.


“My patients love the speed at which this product worked,” noted Grzegorek. “They reported that other products would take up to 20 minutes. They preferred this product.” She continued, “The orthodontic patients requested more samples. They loved it—kids and adults, alike!”

Wendy Nato, EFDA, shared, “Most of the people that tried using it in my practice stated that they loved the fresh scent the OAP Cleaner had. I concur. It has a very good fresh scent. The patients like it.” Several evaluators commented that they were pleased with the scent of the product, and while one "loved the fragrance," another expressed unhappiness with the smell.


OAP Cleaner uses a carefully formulated solution (BPA-, persulfate-, and chlorine-free) to rid virtually all dental/orthodontic appliances of harmful agents, according to the manufacturer. It is safe for use on all plastic, metal, porcelain, and rubber materials (retainers, mouthguards, dentures, clear plastic aligners, etc.), and the mild pH and gentle cleaning agents ensure against discoloration and abrasion.

“I like the product,” said Nato, who added, “It cleans dentures, partials, and retainers well and gives the appliance a fresh scent to it.” Dr. Paul Duryea, a Florida orthodontist, shared, “It really works well—cleans retainers and aligners very efficiently.” Hygienist Susie Pogliano described it as easy to use and effective, and Dr. Todd Sarubin noted its ease of use, speed, and effectiveness as the features he liked best.

Overall Satisfaction

Almost all of the evaluators said they would recommend and purchase OAP Cleaner after the evaluation. When asked what he’d like to see improved, Dr. Duryea responded, “I think it’s great the way it is. It does what it says it does.” DPS checked in with a few of the evaluators several months after they tested the product. Dr. Hamby, who rated his overall satisfaction as excellent, said, “We are still using the cleaner and recommend it often.”


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OAP Cleaner
OAP Cleaner
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