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One shade of composite matches all teeth from shades A1 to D4 in just one application


Omnichroma resin-based dental restorative material One shade to match all patients? Tokuyama Dental describes its latest breakthrough in restorative dentistry, OMNICHROMA, as a unique direct restorative material that matches every tooth with a single composite shade, also offering exceptional handling and high gloss polishability. A group of DPS evaluators was intrigued, but had to see it to believe it, using the product in their practices for multiple weeks.


“I am very impressed with this composite,” Dr. Scott Chanin shared after performing approximately 150 restorations with OMNICHROMA. “It’s very easy to use and has great color matching. It has given me great esthetics in every restoration I have done, no matter what the color of the tooth,” he noted. “OMNICHROMA is a game changer.”


“Shade matching is a breeze,” said Dr. Alan Pressman, who was thrilled that he no longer needs to stock so many products. “One shade does it all! It’s great to reach in and need only one composite,” he affirmed. All of the evaluators said they would recommend and purchase OMNICHROMA in the future, with several commenting that they have already switched over to this “best product.”


Wide Shade-Matching Ability

By combining spherical fillers with Smart Chromatic Technology, OMNICHROMA uses structural color to match any shade from A1 to D4 in just one application. With only one shade, procedures are simplified, less composite is wasted, and inventory is reduced for a dental practice. “The universal nature of this composite made it easy to save time and not worry about the shade-matching process,” shared Dr. Tawfiq Alkilani, who reported great success with all cases involving anterior teeth (Classes III, IV, V) and Class V posterior teeth. In a few cases, Dr.Robert Antmann added the OMNICHROMA BLOCKER supplementary material, but he said he was able to restore a wide range of teeth with differing shadesusing only one composite. “This frees me up from having to maintain a large stock of differing materials in the office,” he noted.


“The camouflage effect after curing is almost spot on with anteriors, but not with posteriors,” shared Dr. Anissa Singratanakul. She said she is glad to only need 1 type of composite for the majority of her esthetic cases, but recommended more radiopacity. OMNICHROMA matched shades in about 90% of Dr. Steven Edelson’s patients, which simplified his shade matching and reduced his inventory of resin shades. Due to easy shade matching, Dr. Reena Gupta said she was able to save chair time. Reporting a few situations where the shade was a little off, Dr. Steven Berwitz said most of the shade matching was extremely successful. He ultimately concluded that OMNICHROMA “is having—and will be having—a significant impact in the composite industry because having one shade for multiple restorations works well.”


Scott Chanin, DMD

"It has given me
great esthetics in
every restoration
I have done, no
matter what the
color of the tooth."

Alan Pressman, DMD

I do not need to
stock so much
product. One 
shade does it all!"


Robert Antmann, DDS

"Handles well,
polishes well, and
reduces excess
stock- so it saves
Scott Chanin, DMD,
Flemington, NJ
Alan Pressman, DMD
Spring Valley, NY
Robert Antmann, DDS
Woodbridge, NJ


Ease of Use and Versatility

A resin-based dental restorative material, OMNICHROMA is indicated for direct anterior and posterior restorations, direct bonded composite veneer, diastema closure, and repair of porcelain or composite. “It was ideal for Class V composites,” noted Dr. Audu, who said the placement and finish was simple, although the material was a bit sticky. “It expresses well, is easy to handle and matches about 90% of my restorations,” shared Dr. Pressman, who also used it for porcelain repair. In a quadrant posterior direct restoration case, Dr. Robert Beatty discovered it’s “more efficient in its placement, handling, and shaping properties and allowed a shorter appointment time.”


Praising its great handling and sculpting capabilities, Dr. Singratanakul said, “I liked how the product dispenses creamy white so that you know where to push the composite and to seal the margins.” Two dentists felt that the material set very quickly in some cases. One suggested a little more working time. Dr. Antmann noted, “It handles well, polishes well, and reduces excess stock—so it saves money.”


Final Restoration—Esthetics and Strength

OMNICHROMA produces extremely glossy results and maintains its cured color, resisting the effects of staining, according to Tokuyama Dental. Dr. Beatty said, “The polished surface is excellent,” but he felt the material was a bit too translucent in shallow fillings. “The chromatic shade matching fulfills a wide spectrum as a ‘universal’ matching product,” he concluded.


With high compressive and flexural strengths, minimal wear resistance, and lifetime stain resistance, OMNICHROMA is designed for durable, long-lasting restorations. Dr. Singratanakul, who said she’s curious about its long-term durability, said she would follow up with all patients in 6 months before making a final decision on switching to OMNICHROMA.


"It handles great, matches, and polishes well. What else can we ask for?"

-Ana Adler Niehoff, DDS

Manhattan Beach, CA


Overall Satisfaction

Dr. Berwitz was so impressed with this material that he replaced all of his traditional composite with OMNICHROMA. “It handles better than my previous composites and, of course, it saves time as I don’t need to be looking for the right shade to match,” said Dr. Ana Adler Niehoff, DDS. “This was a great idea by Tokuyama Dental and very innovative. Saving time in any dental procedure is a winner for both the patient and the dentist,” she concluded. “It handles great, matches and polishes well. What else can we ask for?”



•A restorative material that matches every tooth with a single composite shade

•Efficient placement, handling, and shaping properties

•Highly polishable, wear resistant, and stain resistant

•High strength for long-term durability

•Indicated for direct anterior and posterior restoration, direct bonded composite veneer, diastema closure, and repair of porcelain or composite 

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Section A
  • 4.6
    Ease of dispensing

  • 4.5
    Nonstick handling

  • 4.4

  • 4.7
    Wide shade-matching ability

  • 4.5
    Polishability and glossiness

  • 4.7
    Overall ease of use and simplicity of procedure

  • 4.5
    Versatility for anterior and posterior use

Section A AVERAGE : 4.6
Section B
  • 4.7
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 4.7

Final Score :
Average of
Section A and B




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