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A flowable composite with optimal handling properties that matches every tooth color from A1 to D4 with a single shade of composite


Omnichroma Flow Are you stocking multiple shades of composites that are taking up valuable storage space and possibly going to waste? If so, it may be time for a little spring cleaning. Tokuyama Dental can help you consolidate your multiple composite shades into just one shade with OMNICHROMA FLOW, a flowable composite with the same Smart Chromatic technology as the previously launched universal oneshade composite, OMNICHROMA.


With “a drawer full of different shades of composite,” an Oklahoma dentist was excited to try OMNICHROMA FLOW to see if Tokuyama’s claims were true—that one single shade really matches every tooth color from A1 to D4. After using the flowable for a few weeks, he decided, “It’s amazing. One composite matches different shades. I love it!” Praising its “perfect” handling properties and consistency that is “not too runny and definitely not too stiff,” he said OMNICHROMA FLOW “could not be easier” to use.


This clinician, who said OMNICHROMA FLOW has been “my only choice since I received it,” joins an enthusiastic group of his peers who are thrilled to reap the rewards of one-shade dentistry with a versatile restorative solution that saves time and money, simplifies inventory, and reduces wasted material.



OMNICHROMA FLOW’s unique shade matching effect allows the composite to blend invisibly with surrounding tooth structure, and high polishability and stain resistance further enhance esthetics. When necessary, OMNICHROMA BLOCKER FLOW can be used prior to OMNICHROMA FLOW to prevent shade-matching interference.


“Shade matching is OMNICHROMA’s ‘trademark,’ said Dr. Lawrence Leibowitz, and OMNICHROMA FLOW “provides all the benefits of a flowable with the benefits of great shade matching. On some shallow occlusal fillings, it becomes almost chameleon-like.” Reporting that “color matching is the best I’ve seen with any one-shade composite,” Marvin Stern, DDS, said, “Not having to shade match sped up procedure time.” Dr. Jerald Boseman said it polished very nicely and did not leave a visible finish line on featured edges, and Dr. Scott Chanin said it “has great color match, is easy to use, and is easily polishable.” The Oklahoma dentist added, “I’m still amazed that it blends into different colors! I’m having fun placing this composite.”


Nageen Rak, DDS

"I no longer need
to spend time
with shade guides
and don't need
mulitple shades."

Lawrence Leibowitz, DDS

"The syringe pack-
aging made it
easy to dispense
the material."

Ana Niehoff, DDS

"Its properties
allowed me to be
precise and to
have excellent

Nageen Rak,
Gulf Breeze, FL
Lawrence Leibowitz,
Virginia Beach, VA
Ana Niehoff,
Manhattan Beach, CA


Handling & Placement

“The syringe packaging made it easy to dispense the material,” noted Dr. Leibowitz, and Dr. Niehoff said OMNICHROMA FLOW stays in place when applied in layers. “Its properties allowed me to be precise and to have excellent control,” she explained. “The handling of OMNICHROMA FLOW is ideal; excellent handling and shade matching with marginal closure will allow endurance of restorations,” stated Dr. James Kouzoukian. While Dr. Chanin said the formula could be “slightly more viscous,” Kevin Anderson, DMD said the material “adapted to preparation surfaces intimately and could also be dragged and formed to give some semblance of anatomy prior to finishing.”


Versatility & Time Savings

OMNICHROMA FLOW is suitable for all direct anterior and posterior restorations, as a cavity base or liner, and for porcelain or composite repair. “I love OMNICHROMA packable and the flowable is a great complement to it that gives the system more versatility. I use this regularly now on Class Vs; it’s great for pediatric cases, too,” said Dr. Chanin. Dr. Steven Berwitz said, “The ability to use this material in a wide variety of cases demonstrated one thing— consistent results with shade matching.” Dr. Anderson said OMNICHROMA BLOCKER FLOW was very useful “for opaquing dark underlying tooth structure before normal composite layering, as a liner, or for the injection molding/snow plow techniques when coupled with OMNICHROMA paste.”


Pleased to find a natural-looking shade that matches primary dentition, Dr. Tiffany Brady said OMNICHROMA FLOW sped up the process of “selecting shades for wiggly kids undergoing treatment.” Dr. Nageen Rak stated, “It increased productivity because I no longer need to spend time with shade guides and don’t need multiple shades of resin for color matching.” Because she no longer experiences “voids in packable composite and color discrepancies due to stained teeth,” Dr. Padmaja Mutyala said OMNICHROMA FLOW makes her work easier and faster.


Scott Chanin, DMD
"OMNICHROMA FLOW has great color match, is easy to use, and is easily polishable."
-Scott Chanin, DMD
Flemington, NJ



Overall Satisfaction

“OMNICHROMA FLOW is definitely a goto composite that is faster, more esthetic, easier to use, easy to apply, and has a great result,” summed up Dr. Chanin. Noting that composites are evolving to cover a wider variety of shades, Dr. Berwitz said, “OMNICHROMA and the new flowable are leading the way with a product that works. Its shade matching and thixotropic feature make this composite one of the best I have ever tried.”



• A one-shade flowable composite that matches tooth color from A1 to D4
• Composite blends invisibly with surrounding tooth structure
• High polishability and high stain resistance
• Increases efficiency, simplifies inventory management, less composite waste
• Versatile for a wide range of indications

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Section A
  • 4.5
    Wide shade-matching ability

  • 4.6
    Ease of handling and placement

  • 4.8
    Simplicity of procedure

  • 4.5
    Polishability and glossiness

  • 4.4
    Versatility (can be used for many indications)

  • 4.6
    Adaptation to cavity wall

  • 4.4
    Time Savings

Section A AVERAGE : 4.5
Section B
  • 4.5
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 4.5

Final Score :
Average of
Section A and B
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