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One Touch Revolution Topical Anesthetic Evaluation

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Delivery of topical anesthetics can be cumbersome and inefficient, especially when fumbling to remove the cover from a container with only one hand. It’s not always clear how much of the anesthetic is needed for a procedure, often resulting in wasted excess material. In addition, sticking a cotton swab into an open jar is messy and poses a risk of cross contamination. According to Dr. Eric Bellis, the dental profession needs “more efficient and equal delivery of topical anesthetic that maintains current infection control standards.”

To address these concerns, Hager developed a dental topical anesthetic gel with a unique pump jar that dispenses a measured amount of material when a user touches the top of the container.  Aptly named One Touch Revolution, it takes one touch to dispense 0.2 mL of the gel onto a cotton swab and apply to the desired area for fast yet temporary relief of oral pain.

Impressed with One Touch Revolution after testing it for this DPS evaluation, Dr. Bellis said, “The anesthetic container easily allows for more efficient and equal delivery of topical anesthetic for dental procedures by only allowing a certain amount of anesthetic through with each push.” This unique dispensing method allows for precise application with improved efficiency by saving application time and reducing waste, conveyed the DPS evaluators.

Ease of Dispensing and Consistency
When using other topical anesthetics, Dr. David Mastrota found that sometimes too much material is dispensed and it can be time consuming to open the jar’s lid. “One Touch Revolution works well alone and is easy to dispense without contaminating anything,” he said. “When I needed to get it without an assistant, it made it very easy [to dispense] alone.” For Dr. Jeffrey Briney, “The ease and cleanliness of the dispensing jar was a pleasant surprise,” and he and his staffwondered why it took so long for a company to come out with such an innovative dispensing jar for topical.

In addition to easy dispensing, Dr. Bellis said the consistency of the dental topical anesthetic gel is perfect for loading just the right amount onto a cotton pellet. “The consistency and effectiveness of the anesthesia are top-notch,” he added. Two dentists suggested a little thicker consistency, while Dr. Arthur Volker commended the product for its thickness, calling it “fantastic for hygiene appointments.” He explained that the gel was not easily displaced, even with repeated rinsing, which was a great advantage during hygiene appointments because the anesthetic remained in contact with the tissue quite strongly.

Time to Onset and Duration of Anesthesia
The 20% benzocaine formula is indicated for temporary relief of minor toothache and pain associated with canker sores, dentures, and orthodontic devices, according to Hager. After experiencing only marginal effectiveness with previous topicals, Dr. Edward Barragan called One Touch Revolution “fast-acting and very effective,” and Dr. Frank Friedman said the ease of use and rapid onset were his favorite features. Noting that the dental topical anesthetic gel was especially helpful during scaling and root planing, Dr. David Schor revealed that One Touch Revolution was quicker and more profound than a competing product that he’s used for years.
“I loved the speed of onset,” shared Dr. Briney, who said his patients noticed immediate numbness within seconds. Because of the quick onset, he was able to begin a procedure or administer local anesthesia within a minute, instead of his previous 5-minute protocol when using a compounded topical. “In my laser procedures, 95% of frenectomies—maxillary, mandibular, and lingual—were tolerated by patients without any complaints of pain,” Dr. Briney reported, adding that patients undergoing lip enhancement procedures were shocked that they didn’t need a local anesthetic at all. “It outperformed my compounded topical in several categories, [including] speed of onset and profoundness of anesthesia,” concluded Dr. Briney, who said he tested it in his own mouth and was amazed at how fast and profound it performed!

Flavor and Cleanup
Patients seemed to like the 2 flavors, cool mint and strawberry ice, and a few evaluators recommended adding more flavors. Dr. Daniel Berman suggested an improvement to the packaging. He would like to be able to remove the cover to see how much material is left in the container. The one-touch dispensing creates less mess, which saves cleanup time, according to Dr. Bellis, who said the jar system is superior to the cotton pellet and has easier cleanup. Dr. Eugene Kim agreed, saying, “The single use of gel from pumping is easy to use and easy to clean up.”

Eric Bellis,
Detroit, MI
Overall Satisfaction
“The product is excellent, and patient acceptance was high,” shared Dr. Friedman, who called it an effective anesthetic with a clean delivery system. When performing procedures under topical anesthetic during his teaching seminars, Dr. Briney said he will now introduce the material to colleagues as his topical of choice. “One Touch Revolution performed in a manner that far exceeded my expectations,” Dr. Briney concluded.
20% benzocaine formula temporarily relieves minor toothache and oral pain
Unique one touch dispensing system saves time and is less messy
Each pump dispenses measured amount (0.2 mL) of gel, reducing waste
Rapid onset of anesthesia
2 flavors – cool mint and strawberry ice
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    Ease of dispensing with pump jar

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    Time to onset of anesthesia

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    Reduction in wasted/ unused material

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    Ease of application/ consistency

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    Ease of cleanup/ reduced mess

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    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 4.2

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One Touch Revolution Topical Anesthetic
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