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Spear-Education_Online-Education-Eval-HeadshotProviding top-notch learning at a time and place that’s convenient for the clinician

At its best, continuing education (CE) should be informative, innovative, and even inspiring. Far too often, however, CE is simply a means to meet a requirement—and one that bogs down practices with the time and expense of travel.

Cassady Rider, DDS, is among those who became frustrated by what she described as a lack of quality CE continuums in close proximity to her office in Cherokee, IA. Spear Education has sought to address that issue for dental professionals through its Online Education Platform. According to Spear Education, their innovative and comprehensive program allows dentists and staff to learn and earn CE credits when and where it’s convenient, with the added bonus of easily accessible patient education.

The online platform has given Dr. Rider access to independent study continuums at the time and location of her choice, she told Dental Product Shopper as part of this evaluation. Another dentist, Dr. Keti Deligrudeva, said education from Spear has changed the way she thinks and works. “It has made my professional life more profitable and enjoyable,” Dr. Deligrudeva shared.

Clinician Education and Patient Education

Spear Online’s course library includes over 700 continually updated clinical, practice management, and team training lessons with a variety of master skills and video lessons by some of dentistry’s most accomplished doctors and educators. Dentists, hygienists, assistants, and office staff can access individualized learning as well as patient education materials via email playlists and streamed animations on practice websites.

Matthew Gerald, DDS, said he likes Spear’s “constantly updated, high-quality presentations,” and Dr. Deligrudeva noted, “There is information about virtually any topic in dentistry.” Dr. Brandon Schiffner was impressed by the concise videos that explained in detail how to diagnose and perform larger cases, and Montreal dentist Matthew Vamvakas said his quest for enhanced clinical knowledge for complex treatment was met by “very comprehensive and step-by-step planning.” Looking to quench his thirst for current, clinically relevant CE from a quality source, Dr. David Green told DPS, “I am able to access a plethora of top-quality videos, articles, and colleagues via Spear Online.”

“I use it constantly,” said Dr. Edward Domina, who called Spear Online an excellent resource for ongoing education and staff training. “I can’t say enough about this resource,” he added. Nebraska dentist Michael Bryson said the platform provides easy access and a wide variety of subject matter for staff training and online CE, and he especially likes the great patient education and marketing videos. “This is like magic,” said Mariam Susanne Fallahzadeh, DMD, about the patient education platform. “Patients are ready for treatment after watching these videos.”



Described by Dr. Jeff Casey as readily available, high-quality CE that fi ts his schedule, Spear Online allows dentists and staff to earn CE credits without the time and expense of travel. Dr. Schiffner appreciates that he can learn at his own pace and is able to focus on a particular modality to prepare for an upcoming case. Alaskan dentist Dr. Green said, “I appreciate the ease of online access to fantastic clinical courses [and] like that my staff has access to the educational materials.” Dr. Rider said her favorite features are the easy access, built-in pathways, and the ability to have staff accounts.

Practice and Professional Impact

Spear Online enhances clinical skills while bolstering revenues and improving the patient experience. The “Case Assistant” feature provides searchable, symptom specific advice for challenging cases, giving clinicians the confidence to take on larger, more complex cases. “Spear Talk” offers solutions to the most challenging cases from Spear faculty members, and a dentist-only discussion forum enables open exchanges with peers.

“It has made me a better clinician and gives me information I can use immediately,” said Dr. Russ Jensen. “[I have] improved patient care and increased the success and profitability of my practice,” Dr. Bryson shared. Dr. Fallahzadeh agreed that Spear has greatly increased her productivity and improved her practice. “[Spear Online] helps maintain my excitement for dentistry,” added Dr. Domina.

Spear Online allowed Dr. Grant Glauser to learn new procedures and better triage difficult cases, while Dr. Deligrudeva said she can learn about new trends and technology, and can discuss issues with other dentists. “Attending lectures by top-quality clinicians [with Spear Online] has raised the bar for what I expect from CE,” Dr. Green noted, and Dr. Gerald called it the most complete online resource he has found.

Overall Satisfaction

“[Spear is a] very reputable company that takes pride in their education content,” Dr. Rider shared. Dr. Jensen added, “They seem dedicated to educating clinicians and to doing dentistry the right way, rather than the easiest or cheapest.” All of the evaluators recommended Spear Online to their peers.


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    Overall content of online CE courses

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    Clinical content on wear/occlusion/treatment planning/and restorative dentistry

  • 4.6
    Online staff training and staff training resources

  • 4.5
    Online patient education resources

  • 4.7
    Convenience of learning new clinical skills

  • 4.6
    Convenience of educating staff online

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    Spear Online community/discussion board/comments sections/etc

  • 4.7

Section A AVERAGE : 4.7
Section B
  • 4.9
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 4.9

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Spear Online
Spear Education
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