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Optimum Diamond Burs offer clinicians multi-use, friction-grip bur designed to cut cooler and faster with maximum precision and minimum vibration.

A Hawaiian evaluator with 21 years? experience said, ?the quality of the burs was consistent.? He continued, ?They remained sharp throughout the procedures.? This dentist rated all features of Benco Dental?s Optimum Diamond Burs as excellent and said he would definitely recommend and purchase the product.

According to the manufacturer, Optimum Diamond Burs are designed for strength, durability, and performance. Each diamond bur is microscopically tested for quality assurance.

Twelve dentists participated in the Optimum Diamond Burs evaluation for Dental Product Shopper and rated features such as ease of use, cutting consistency and speed, durability, and variety. They also shared their overall satisfaction with the product and said whether they would purchase it in the future and recommend it to their professional colleagues.

Ease of Use

Manufacturer Description: Optimum Diamond Burs are color-coded for easy identification and are available in 5-count packages.

Evaluator Feedback: ?This product is easy to use and consistently delivers excellent results,? said a dentist from New York. A Mississippi-based dentist with 13 years of experience in dentistry liked best that the burs ?cut well and with precision,? and another evaluator noted, ?The quality of these burs is as good as any other that I have used.? An evaluator who has been a dentist for 51 years recommended, ?It should be easier to distinguish between the different burs.?


Cutting Speed and Consistency

Manufacturer Description: The Optimum Diamond Burs are designed to cut cooler and faster with maximum precision and minimum vibration.

Evaluator Feedback: A dentist with 15 years of experience in dentistry liked best that the burs are ?fast, efficient, and consistent.? A Michigan-based evaluator liked the ?cutting efficiency? best while a third evaluator from Wisconsin would like to see the cutting efficiency improved. An Indiana-based dentist with 18 years of experience stated that the diamonds ?seemed to cut smoothly and quickly, more efficient than my current bur.? Another evaluator liked that the burs are ?consistent,? adding, ?The coarse diamonds are very efficient in tooth reduction,? concluded a dentist from the Boston area.


Durability and Variety in Size and Shape

Manufacturer Description: Optimum Diamond Burs are manufactured using a specialized plating technique to enhance the bond and equalize distribution of the grit. The multi-use burs are offered in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and grits.

Evaluator Feedback: Overall, size/shape variety was rated excellent or very good by 11 of the 12 evaluators. A pediatric dentist from California rated both durability and variety as very good and said he liked the product?s ?durability? the best. Regarding variety of bur selection, each evaluator selected several different sizes/shapes of burs to evaluate. One evaluator recommended ?more grit options? and another would like to see more shapes and sizes.

A dentist with 18 years? experience had an important recommendation, ?Some of the shapes were a little different than what I currently use and it was difficult to pick out the shapes from the online catalog.? This same evaluator rated all features as excellent, as well as his overall satisfaction with Optimum Diamond Burs.

Overall Satisfaction

?It is an excellent product,? said a New York-based dentist. An evaluator who said he would probably recommend Optimum Diamond Burs to colleagues noted that they are ?comparable to higher priced diamonds.? Another evaluator, said he would definitely purchase the these burs in the future.

?Good quality burs,? is how a Michigan evaluator summed up his experience with the Optimum Diamond Burs.

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