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Spark-Eval-Info-ColumnThe cordless headlight co-axially mounts to most loupes and reduces shadowing in the operating area..

Here are 2 common facts about dentistry: Teeth shift and so do patients during procedures.

Dr. Cynthia Leung of Hoboken, NJ, found she always had to adjust the overhead light during her procedures. “It is always time-consuming to have to reposition,” she said. “Safety issues come up when we are turned away from the field even for a second.”

During her trial of Spark, a cordless headlight from Orascoptic, Dr. Leung experienced a significant improvement of vision in areas of the oral cavity that are typically hard to see. “I am able to use Spark to increase my field of vision during all procedures. I spend less time adjusting the overhead lights and re-positioning myself and the patients. I am a better dentist for it,” she said.

Better vision and improved mobility were just 2 of the reasons why Dr. Leung and other members of the DPS evaluation team would recommend Spark to their colleagues.

Precision of Spotlight and Brightness

A headlight is only as effective as its ability to provide a focused, precise light that adequately illuminates the oral cavity. With its 32,000 millilumens brightness and a uniformly round focused spot, Spark earned high marks from evaluators. Focus and precision of spotlight was the highest rated feature, with more than 90% of evaluators reporting that it was very good or excellent, while 85% gave the same ranking to brightness. “I really like the curing shield,” said one dentist, who noted it’s a feature his old light didn’t have.

Hygienists and dentists alike reported they could complete more difficult procedures with ease. For Lydia Pope, RDH, Spark’s ability to co-axially mount on loupes was critical to success. “Probing depths in posterior teeth were easily discerned with coaxial lighting on patients with limited openings,” she said, adding that the tight light pattern produced less glare in the patients’ eyes. Dr. Abraham Jaskiel added, “Removing a very small piece of bone after a 3rd molar extraction was much easier...with this light.” Dr. Sam Chui had success finding more cracked fillings and open margins on amalgams. “I was amazed at how much I couldn’t see before I tried Spark.

Ease of Use

The vast majority of the evaluation team rated Spark’s ease of use as very good or excellent. One hygienist had enjoyed using her old corded light, but after using Spark she decided that “cordless is much better.” Dr. Chui echoed those sentiments. “I don’t have to reach in my pocket to turn the light on or off. Therefore, I am not contaminating my pocket,” he explained. Some members of the evaluation team thought Spark’s capacitive touch control was convenient, but preferred a traditional on-off switch.

As for its ability to make procedures easier, evaluators agreed that Spark addressed common problems with challenging cases.

One dentist recalled a young patient who was squirming under the overhead light. The child relaxed when the dentist just used Spark to finish the prophy. Hygienist Sasha LaPrelle agreed that Spark was excellent when treating children as well as elderly or wheelchair-bound patients.



Weighing in at just 1.12 oz., Spark is designed to dispense weight evenly across the bridge of the frame to minimize pressure on the clinician’s nose. Whereas Dr. Chui’s old light would leave an indentation, Spark did not leave a line across his nose. “I was surprised at how small and lightweight the entire headlamp unit was,” said Sandi Roggow, RDH.

One dentist thought Spark was lightweight when holding it in his hand, but found the headlight’s center of gravity to extend past the front of the loupes; he preferred his traditional headband light. Hygienist Kaylee Tassoni countered that point when asked what she liked most about Spark. “The light was not heavy, and I only have to change the battery once a day. Love not having the cord,” she said.

Battery Run-Time

The run-time of Spark’s lightweight lithium ion battery was the most debated feature among the evaluators. The headlight is packaged with 2 batteries that each take up to 2 hours to charge and run for 3 hours. A micro USB charger offers added convenience for charging on the go.

For every evaluator who ranked the battery run-time as good, there was another who said it was excellent. Spark’s constant current technology ensures its brightness will not diminish over time. To this point, the evaluators seemed to be in agreement; however, some still said they wanted the battery to run longer. One dentist added that he would like the low battery indicator to be positioned on top of the battery for better visibility.

The "Cool" Factor

Although the esthetic appeal of the headlight itself wasn’t part of the evaluation criteria, several dentists and hygienists remarked that they liked the way Spark looked, as did patients.

It looks high-tech. Patients liked it,” remarked one dentist. A hygienist added, “Patients think I look more professional when using a headlamp.”


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Spark Cordless Headlight
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