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Oravital-System-Eval-InfoOravital periodontal and breath odor diagnosis and treatment system predictably controls gingival bleeding and breath odors.

Oral infections causing periodontal disease and halitosis are notoriously difficult to diagnose and treat, with 75% of the population continuing to have signs of periodontal disease despite their clinicians’ best efforts. Effective diagnosis and treatment is essential not only for quality of life, but also because of the link between oral infections and serious systemic conditions.

A group of dentists and hygienists provided feed-back to Dental Product Shopper about their experiences with Oravital, a unique periodontal and breath odor diagnosis and treatment system. The Oravital System identifies the cause of oral infection through cost-effective microbial analysis and offers customized at-home treatment regimens.

If you understand the importance of disrupting biofilm when it comes to oral health, you’ll see what a critical role Oravital can play in solving this issue,” Dr. Ron Rotem told DPS. “It helps us attack the cause of our patients’ disease versus merely treating the symptoms,” noted hygienist Priyam Shah.

Ease of USe

With the Oravital System, diagnosis is obtained with a papillary bleeding score and oral microbial reports using gram stain or DNA analysis. Treatment includes a pathogen-specific antibiotic rinse and antimicrobial rinses, along with unique gum-cleaning techniques, followed by a daily maintenance protocol. Health is then monitored, at least annually, with Oravital microbial testing and periodontal diagnostic testing.

The protocol was easy to implement and follow,” Dr. Monica Iriarte said. Dr. Vasant Ramlaggan told DPS that treatment was simple with clear identifications. Hygienist Nadia Uliana said the program required time to learn, and suggested patients be able to order their products online. “Proper education beforehand is a must,” said Dr. Robert McBride.

Effectiveness and Results of Biofilm Analysis

Using the papillary bleeding score and oral microbial test results, Oravital formulates highly individualized treatments that target the specific offending pathogens. According to the manufacturer, Oravital is the only system to predictably treat the oral-systemic link. Calling Oravital a “very effective diagnostic tool,” Dr. Dave Turchiaro noted, “Showing patients their results...gets them more involved and enthusiastic about improving their oral health.”

I love that it gives a customized report of the pathogens...and we’re able to prescribe the correct medication,” Shah noted. “Oravital f lls the gap of evaluating the actual bacterial issues orally,” said Dr. Ramlaggan. “It’s a final piece to the diagnostic puzzle and allows doctors and hygienists to better treat their patients.”


Effectiveness and Results of Treatment with Oral Antibiotic Rinses

Oravital reports that biofilm testing and the use of its proprietary antibiotic rinses are highly effective in eliminating mild to moderate periodontal disease as well as breath odor, reducing bleeding by 87% and pocket depths by 76% to 84% within a few weeks.

“Patients with persistent bad breath have had great results in curing and solving the halitosis,” said hygienist Allison Cuevas. Dr. Turchiaro reported, “We have seen reduction of bleeding up to 90% and complete [resolution] of halitosis in our patients. Every time the product was used, improvement in periodontal health occurred.”

“With Oravital and xylitol gum, we can shift the balance away from pathogens/acidity and toward alkalinity and a more healing, friendly environment,” shared Dr. Thomas Pekar, who uses the system before placing implants, extractions, and cell grafting. “Patients were adamant about getting rid of any bleeding and avoiding surgery,” said Dr. Lincoln Parker. “This was an option that allowed that to happen.”

Several evaluators told DPS about specific patient experiences. Dr. Pekar noted, “One patient said his wife doesn’t turn away [any-more] when he tries to kiss her.”

Dr. Ramlaggan described a patient who would not talk at work and stayed away from her boyfriend. “People...told her that her breath was better and her confidence increased almost immediately.” He continued, “We’ve seen people thrilled to have all of their bleeding gone when traditional cleaning alone didn’t do the trick.”

Similarly, Dr. Turchiaro noted, “One patient had a 7 to 8 mm pocket and, following the Oravital treatment and laser, the pocket is now 3 mm and has been maintained for 2 years.”

Overall Satisfaction

Dr. Parker said he would definitely recommend Oravital to colleagues. “It’s comprehensive and deals with the core problem,” he said. Dr. Trevor Morhaliek noted, “Nothing else out there comes close to managing periodontal disease and halitosis like this system. [Oravital] should be a part of the hygiene program in all dental offices and periodontal offices.”

“We’re getting better results with Oravital than we ever did,” said Dr. Rotem, who rated his overall satisfaction as very good.


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