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Physics Forceps Standard Series Evaluation

An atraumatic extraction system that uses leverage to provide a predictable, comfortable experience for the dentist and patient


Physics ForcepsWhen performing tooth extractions, Dr. Rudy Braydich was searching for a less traumatic method that would help preserve a patient’s bone and tissue to prepare for future implant placement. Five years ago he dis­covered the Physics Forceps atraumatic extraction system and was amazed at how this unique set of instruments has made extractions easier for him and more comfortable for his patients.


Unlike traditional forceps that require brute force, the instruments in the Physics Forceps – Standard Series combine leverage with a patented “beak and bumper” technique. After learning the new technique and implementing Physics Forceps into his practice, Dr. Braydich noted, “Removing teeth takes less effort and the bone is preserved nicely in most cases. It gets the job done with less effort for me and less trauma for the patient. That’s a win-win!”


Design and Placement/Positioning

Designed and manufactured in the USA by Directa Dental, Physics Forceps are suitable for extracting all teeth except third molars. Each of the 4 instruments in the Physics Forceps – Standard Series is designed for a specific quadrant of the mouth—Upper Right (UR), Upper Left (UL), Upper Anterior (UA), and Lower Universal (LU). For easy identification, each instru­ment is clearly marked with UR, UL, UA, or LU on the outside of the handle.


For atraumatic extractions, each instrument oper­ates as an elevator using a single first-class lever. One handle is connected to a bumper, which acts as a ful­crum, while the other handle is connected to a beak, which is positioned on the lingual or palatal root. Once the instrument is properly placed, the dentist rotates the handles a few degrees using slow, steady wrist movement with no squeezing.


Dr. Angela Landrowski had been referring out most extractions but decided to learn the Physics Forceps technique in order to keep patients in-house. “I went to 2 courses, and it took me a little while to gain my confidence, but I do about 75% of my own extractions now,” she said. “I have begun doing more and more surgery, including extractions, surgical extractions, and bone grafts.” Although she would like to see a better lingual grip, Dr. Landrowski recommends that other dentists try the instruments. “Take the course! You’ll love these instruments.”


Dr. Sharon Haley said she sometimes struggles to properly place the instrument, and Charley Cheney, III, DMD, suggested that color-coded handles would be beneficial. After overcoming the learning curve, Dr. George Mighion is pleased with the easy, safe extraction technique and noted, “I don’t refer many extractions anymore.”


Sharon Haley, DDS, Product Evaluator

"It's much easier
to remove a tooth
and tooth roots,
with much less
hand fatigue."

Angela Landrowski, DDS, Product Evaluator

"I've gained a lot
of confidence and
have been able to
keep tens of
thousands of
dollars in house."


Charley Cheney, III, DMD, Product Evaluator

"Extractions are
quick, easy, and
comfortable for
the patient."
Sharon Haley,
Franklin, IN
Angela Landrowski,
Elgin, IL
Charley Cheney, III,
Newman, GA


Atraumatic Extraction

An innovative instrument design com­bined with an unconventional extraction technique allows dentists to perform simple and predictable extractions with less patient trauma and improved clini­cian comfort, according to Directa. When properly placed, Physics Forceps place a constant, steady load on the tooth, allowing “creep” to build, which releases hyaluronic acid and quickly breaks down the periodontal ligaments.


“When doing immediate implant place­ment, having atraumatic extraction is es­sential,” said Dr. Mighion, who performs all of his own extractions with Physics Forceps except for impacted third molars. Dr. Mark Knight said he was able to extract root tips quickly and efficiently. “The instruments have reduced the challenges of extracting teeth, especially for lower molars, and extractions are much more predictable,” shared Dr. Robert Murav.


Clinician & Patient Comfort

Because he suffers from arthritis, Dr. John Leitner was unable to perform tooth extractions for 2 years because it was too hard on his joints. He decided to try Physics Forceps, hoping it would help him return to extracting teeth, which it ultimately did. “The instruments lessen the force needed to deliver a tooth, and using less force is better for my hands,” Dr. Leit­ner explained. “It’s much easier to remove a tooth and tooth roots, and I experience much less hand fatigue,” agreed Dr. Haley.


“My patients find extractions more com­fortable with these instruments,” shared Dr. Murav, who said he will not do extractions without Physics Forceps. “Extractions are quick, easy, and comfortable for the patient,” said Dr. Cheney, who has used the system for 5 years. “No one in my office is worried about extractions due to our train­ing and knowledge of Physic Forceps.”

Rudy Braydich, DDS, Product Evaluator
"It gets the job done with less effort for me and less trauma for the patient; that's a win-win!"
-Rudy Braydich, DDS
Hubbard, OH


Overall Satisfaction

“I have recommended Physics Forceps to colleagues and hope that some have made the switch,” shared Dr. Braydich. Dr. Landrowski concluded, “I’ve gained a lot of confidence and have been able to keep tens of thousands of dollars in-house.”



• An atraumatic extraction system with 4 instruments, one for each quadrant of the mouth

• By placing a constant, steady load on the tooth, “creep” builds and releases hyaluronic acid to break down periodontal ligaments

• Unique technique simplifies the extraction process while improving patient experience

• Causes less hand fatigue for clinicians compared to traditional extractions

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  • 3
  • 4
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Section A
  • 4.8
    Ergonomics and comfort for clinician

  • 4.0
    Ease of placing/ positioning instrument in oral cavity

  • 4.1
    Patient comfort during procedure

  • 4.1
    Ability to perform extraction without trauma

  • 4.8
    Overall design of instrument

  • 4.4
    Predictability of an atraumatic extraction

  • 4.1
    Ease of identifying/ selecting which instrument to use (marked with UR/ UL/ UA/ LU)

Section A AVERAGE : 4.3
Section B
  • 4.5
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 4.5

Final Score :
Average of
Section A and B
Physics® Forceps
Directa Dental
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