PowerPay LE Credit Card Processing

PowerPay LE Credit Card Processing Evaluation

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PowerPay LE Patient Payment System


PowerPay LE integrates with DENTRIX G4 to streamline patient payments via credit and debit card.

PowerPay LE, a new program from DENTRIX, allows offices to accept credit and debit card payments directly through their DENTRIX G4 software. Payments are automatically posted to the DENTRIX ledger, eliminating double entry. Typically, payments are deposited within 48 banking hours. A magnetic card stripe reader quickly connects to the computer USB port, which means that payments can be processed without tying up phone lines.

PowerPay LE was evaluated by dental office administrative staff members who have already integrated the system into their practices. The 10 evaluators who participated rated such features as time savings, ease of use, and ease of integration into the office.

Practice Benefits

PowerPay LE facilitates credit and debit transactions while reducing billing costs, collection calls, and the potential for errors. It ensures competitive transaction fees with a free rate comparison and a rate-match guarantee, and it allows payments to be split between providers.

Nine of the 10 evaluators rated time savings with PowerPay LE—3 as excellent, 4 as very good to good, and 2 as fair. Three evaluators commented on processing speed, saying that they would like it to be faster. One evaluator described it as “really no slower than any other machine but it would be nice if it could process a little faster.” Another evaluator suggested “some kind of automatic report or batch…perhaps a way to have the batch sent by e-mail each day.”

Three of the evaluators cited Auto - matic posting to the patient’s account as one of their favorite features of PowerPay LE. “We love the way it posts the payment directly to the account,” said 1 of the evaluators. “You just can’t beat that when you have 3 people waiting to check out and they all want to use a credit card.” Another evaluator noted that, “We don’t have to wait for a phone line to run the card.”

Practice Integration

PowerPay LE, which is included in the G4 customer service plans, integrates with the G4 system without the need for additional software or hardware. In addition, there are no upfront or registration fees. Ease of integration into the dental office was rated as excellent by 2 of the evaluators, as very good by 4, as good by 3, and as fair by 1. An evaluator who cited integration with G4 as her favorite feature said, “We’ve been very happy with the transition.”

Ease of Use

Ease of use of PowerPay LE was rated as excellent by 5 evaluators and as very good to good by 5. An evaluator who has been using PowerPay LE for less than a year has encountered some problems with the system going down. Another evaluator suggested a “a popup box to give you information [about why a card does not go through].

An evaluator who called PowerPay LE much better than similar systems she has used noted that it’s “very small so it takes up little space and also can be mounted on a monitor. Any problems are resolved quickly and techs have remote access.” An evaluator who said she would definitely recommend and buy the system called it “easier to use, much simpler.”

Overall Satisfaction

Overall satisfaction with PowerPay LE was rated as excellent by 4 of the evaluators, as very good by 3, and as fair by 3. “Life is so much easier with Power Pay,” said one evaluator. “We sometimes had to delay payment with our old system due to phone line problems. We never have to turn down credit card payments now. “If you’re using DENTRIX,” said another evaluator, “it’s truly a must for your office.”

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PowerPay LE Credit Card Processing
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