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You remove an old amalgam, clean out the residual decay, and there it is—an underlying tooth so damaged that there’s not much left for a dental matrix band to grab on to. Add bleeding and fluid contamination to the mix, and placing a new restoration becomes a challenge of semi-epic proportions.

Medicom has sought to address this problem with Pro-Matrix Curve, a new, precontoured dental matrix band that grabs and holds on to teeth, even those with limited support. The curved band facilitates the restoration of interproximal anatomic contours and contact areas of the tooth surface while creating a smooth external surface against which restorative material can be packed. The convenience of a disposable matrix and band, which has been set up in advance and requires minimal adjustment, greatly enhances overall ease of use and simplifies the restoration process.

“[The Pro-Matrix Curve] saves time and improves the contour of my restorations,” said Dr. Amir Noori, who performs approximately 140 restorations per month. Dr. Noori and several other general dentists participated in this DPS evaluation, testing both sizes of the Pro-Matrix Curve—the 6 mm for use with molars and the 4.5 mm for use with premolars and children.

Ease of Use
The Pro-Matrix Curve offers a tapered, narrow neck to facilitate placement with improved visibility and access. The band is flexible enough to achieve a good contact point, even for composite restorations, and the seal created at the cervical portion of the tooth helps keep the prep clean and dry for easy placement of any material.

New Jersey dentist Richard Ruden, DMD, described the Pro-Matrix Curve as easier to set up and use, while Scott Dubowsky, DMD, agreed and said it also saved time. Dr. Trupti Nadkarni also noted that the product reduced her chairside time. Citing ease of placement as his favorite feature, Dr. Eliot Ramer, who performs 80 to 100 restorations per month, said, “It took less time to place and wedge.” Similar feedback was provided by Alfred dela Cruz, DDS, who said, “I like the 1-piece design for quick placement,” and added, “The swivel was helpful, especially when placing wedges and contact rings.” Dr. dela Cruz said his assistant appreciated not having to sterilize the matrix, and Dr. Marc Henschel likes that the dental matrix bands are disposable. “I am an automatrix user and thought it was a better product as I did not need to have a tightener,” shared Dr. Edward Kusek. When asked about potential improvements, Dr. Nadkarni suggested, “The band needs to be a little wider for those deep interproximal root decay cases,” and Dr. Mark Mamari would like to see a transparent band for anterior resin restorations.

Adaptation and Interproximal Contact
The Pro-Matrix Curve’s sliding band deflector creates band angulation for a tighter fit around the tooth, and the precontoured curved bands enable tighter interproximal contacts. Smooth edges enhance patient comfort and eliminate the risk of sharp-related injuries. “It provides better curve of the proximal surface of restorations,” noted Dr. Henry Phillips, and Dr. Kusek said it adapts well to the tooth. “I especially liked the improvement on my emergence profile (better, more natural) compared to the traditional matrix,” shared Dr. Noori. Dr. Nadkarni, who was looking for a more effective way of “shaping the interproximal area and adapting the band,” told DPS, “This worked great. It adapts well to the tooth surface and does not have to be readjusted for a different quadrant.” For Dr. Henschel, the bands worked nicely when adjacent tooth-to-tooth contact was weak. He explained that he “was able to use multiple bands when doing quadrant dentistry on a patient with weak existing contacts.”
Use in MOD Restorations
The Pro-Matrix Curve is especially helpful in situations in which sections can’t be used, such as those involving large gaps between teeth, a missing adjacent tooth, a large and wide interproximal box, cusp replacement, amalgam restorations, and large MOD cavities. “MOD restorations were nice and easy to use this matrix,” noted Dr. dela Cruz. Calling it a great product with a better curve, Dr. Phillips said the Pro-Matrix Curve was especially advantageous in a case involving MOD of the second molar.

Trupti Nadkarni,
Chandler, AZ
Overall Satisfaction
Many of the evaluators said they would both purchase and recommend Pro-Matrix Curve, including Dr. Phillips, who described the bands as easy, fast, economical, and a time saver. In addition to saving chairside time, Dr. dela Cruz pointed out that the bands saved his assistants time because they did not need to be sterilized. Dr. Mamari summed up his experience with the Pro-Matrix Curve by simply saying he had “better final restorations.”
Disposable matrix and band are conveniently set up in advance and require minimal adjustment
Tapered, narrow neck facilitates placement with improved visibility and access
Band flexibility produces excellent contact point
Smooth (non-sharp) edges enhance patient comfort

Evaluation Snapshot

Pro-Matrix Curve
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