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PromiseVision 3D Evaluation

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PromiseVision 3D Evaluation

A versatile 3D dental microscope that improves a clinician’s visibility, diagnostic capabilities, and ergonomics


PromiseVision 3D microscopeHave you ever dreamed of experiencing den­tistry in true 3D? With the new PromiseVision 3D microscope from Seiler Instruments, that dream became a reality for Dr. Adamo Notarantonio and other dentists who invested in this innovative technology. When he acquired the 3D microscope, Dr. Notarantonio was hoping for the best magnification he could find. What he received, however, was far more than expected.


“The PromiseVision 3D is a game changer and the best product I have ever purchased,” Dr. Notaranto­nio told DPS. “My ergonomics and vision are totally improved, and therefore I deliver better and more predictable dentistry.” He explained, “It has so much versatility, many different magnifications, and is ergo­nomically perfect. I use it for everything.”


With up to 28x magnification, a real-time 3D display, magnified video imaging, and countless other state-of-the-art features, the PromiseVision 3D revolutionizes the way surgical microscopes are used in dentistry, while improving ergonomics for the practitioner.


Improved Visibility

To view fine details in 3D, the microscope has 6 steps of magnification ranging from 4.5x to 28x, unprecedented depth of field (up to 51 mm), a wide field of view, and LED illumination. “Using the scope has improved my visibility of microstructures im­mensely, especially the visibility of canals during end­odontic therapy and of caries,” said Prashant Sinha, DDS. Calling it the best product she has ever used, Dr. Rhonda Kalasho agreed that canals were easier to find with the “exceptional magnification and very clear visual display.” Dr. Israel Puterman declared, “I am able to see much more detail and perform surgery with much more precision.”


Dr. Matthew Wimmer was so impressed with the increased magnification that he said, “You can’t see what you can’t see!” Although he loves the 3D microscope and is excited to continue using it, he suggested a higher definition 4K monitor. “I have bet­ter magnification and lighting than ever before, and I no longer question whether or not I’ve accessed all of the canals,” stated Dr. Jim Craig. With the different light settings, he said he can see vessels more clearly and can use composite with the scope. “The Promise­Vision 3D is just so seamless and easy and amazing,” Dr. Craig concluded.


Israel Puterman, DMD, Product Evaluator

"I am able to see
much more detail
and perform
surgery with
much more

Prashant Sinha, DDS, Product Evaluator

"Patients love
that they can see
the exact problems
that I explain to
them, which helps
educate them."

Jim Craig, DDS, Product Evaluator

"PromiseVision 3D
is just so seamless
and easy and
Israel Puterman,
Chevy Chase, MD
Prashant Sinha,
Glastonbury, CT
Jim Craig,
Aurora, CO



Practicing in a field where musculoskeletal disor­ders are common, dentists need equipment that pro­motes optimal working posture. With the lightweight PromiseVision 3D, the dentist remains in an upright working position with freedom of movement while viewing a heads-up 3D display. “It makes me sit with correct posture,” said Dr. Wimmer, and Dr. Kalasho noted, “It helps not to lean down and look through the binoculars, and looking straight at a screen is much easier on your back.”


For Dr. Puterman, who experienced hip pain when in a typical bent-over position, the 3D scope has improved his surgical posture and reduced his hip pain. “Being 3D, it has a screen versus oculars, giving it several advantages, primarily improved ergonomics. It allows the clinician to move around and still see the field.” He added, “It has improved my chairside experience in many ways and is saving my back!” Maintaining proper ergo­nomics was Dr. Brian Baliwas’ main reason for purchasing the PromiseVision 3D. “With the screen independent of the lens, I can sit in any position I want and maintain proper posture,” he said. “Working in 5x or higher is very difficult and fatiguing with loupes,” noted Dr. Steven Schiffenhaus. “Working with the 3D scope is completely stress free on my posture, eyes, and brain. I can’t be­lieve I practiced without it for so long.”


Improved Diagnostics Due to 3D View

To assist in documenting cases and sharing results with patients, PromiseVision 3D will capture still images or record video at 60 frames per second with no latency. The ease of recording video is Dr. Schiffenhaus’s favorite feature. Because he can immediately display a video or 3D image while the patient is still in the chair, Dr. Sinha said his patients are more educated and more accepting of treatment. “Patients love that they can see the exact problems that I explain to them, which helps educate them,” he explained. “I simply love the product so far.”


Compared to a traditional microscope, Dr. Kalasho said the 3D view adds to the patient and doctor experience. Dr. Craig said his patients are “wowed” by the 3D technology, but he would like to alternate between 3D and 2D views, which Seiler is introducing soon. “Along with enhancing my vision and ergonomics, my patients are impressed with the 3D technology,” agreed Dr. Baliwas.

Adamo Notarantonio, Product Evaluator
"It has so much versatility, many different magnifications, and is ergonomically perfect. I use it for everything."
-Adamo Notarantonio, DDS, FICOI, FAACD
Huntington, NY


Overall Satisfaction

Dr Puterman, who praised Seiler’s customer service, likes the PromiseVision 3D so much that he bought a second one. “The people behind the product are extremely helpful and friendly.” Dr. Craig said, “Honestly I believe it’s the best prod­uct on the market as far as scopes go.”



• Features 6 steps of magnification ranging from 4.5x to 28x, unprecedented depth of field, & wide field of view

• Captures still images or records video at 60 frames per second with no latency

• Improves clinician ergonomics with upright working position and freedom of movement

• Exceptional magnification and very clear visual display

• Improves visibility of microstructures and canals during root canal therapy

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Section A
  • 5.0

  • 4.8
    Depth of field

  • 4.9
    Improved diagnostic capabilities due to 3D view

  • 3.9
    Learning curve

  • 4.9
    Field of view

  • 5.0
    Latency rate/ lag time

  • 5.0
    Magnification range

Section A AVERAGE : 4.8
Section B
  • 5.0
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 5.0

Final Score :
Average of
Section A and B
PromiseVision 3D
Seiler Instrument Inc.
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