R900 Wingrove Go-To Set

R900 Wingrove Go-To Set Evaluation

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pdt-wingrove-pe-evaluators.jpgPDT’s solid titanium blades will not scratch implants, and the thin design allows for easy access to implant surfaces.

Crystal Stauffer, a North Carolina dental hygienist, said it has been a challenge to find a hygiene scaler for implants that could effectively remove plaque, calculus, or cement without traumatizing the surrounding gingiva. After using the R900 Wingrove Go-To Set of implant instruments for several weeks, Stauffer, a member of the DPS evaluator team, called the instruments “high-quality, effective implant scalers with narrow blades, shorter tips and shank angulations that allow posterior access.”

Another hygienist, Susan Sander, said she was searching for a durable scaler that allows access to various implant surfaces and contours without causing damage to the implant. She found what she was looking for in Wingrove Titanium Implant Instruments. Sander decided, “I am more confident with cleaning hard-to-access implants, with reduced concern about scratching implants.”

The R900 Wingrove Go-To Set from Paradise Dental Technologies (PDT) provides dental professionals with quality instruments that are ideal for safe implant maintenance. The set includes the Wingrove B5-6 Ti R661 for posterior and wide-based crowns; the Wingrove L3-4 Ti R680 for posterior and narrow-based bulbous crowns; and the Wingrove N128-L5 mini Ti R693 for anterior, Hader bars, locator abutments, and exposed threads. The kit also contains a probe and ceramic sharpening stone—all stored in a specially designed storage cassette.


Ergonomics and Durability

Hygienist Sandra Hersey was looking for “a better blade and handle for implant scalers” and remarked, “I love the ergonomic handles combined with a titanium tip for ease of use and ease in my hands.” With blades made of solid medical-grade titanium, PDT’s Wingrove Instruments are extremely durable and will not scratch implants. The ergonomically designed instruments feature lightweight handles with a good grip and have extra thin tips that can reach difficult areas around implants.

“This product provided a more sturdy and tactile sensitive instrument to provide a more thorough cleaning,” reported Terrie Moncourtois, who said the handles were very comfortable in her grip. “These scalers have improved my ergonomics because of the handle width, [light] weight, sharpness of scaler, and because of the shape of the blade,” Lynn Southerland shared. “ [They have] improved my speed, ergonomics and reduced my stress level,” she added. Two other hygienists commented that the design of the instrument led to improved patient comfort during scaling.


Efficiency and Ease of Access

Maureen Curran and several other hygienists said the thin blades made it easy to access subgingival areas compared to other implant instruments. Curran said the instruments are easy to use, which saves time, and Brenda Buergi agreed, calling them “just plain easy to use!” Buergi liked the “sharp workable edges” and said she can give her patients “the best implant care now that I can easily access the site with a sharp instrument that is comfortable and light to use.”

Because the scalers are so sharp, Southerland concluded, “They are more effective at removing calculus than anything I have used before. It has increased my ability to remove calculus effectively and therefore gave me peace of mind that there won’t be problems in the future. These instruments have decreased the amount of time that I spend cleaning implants, helping me stay on schedule. The 3 different scaler designs allowed me to access areas that I couldn’t before.”


Implant Safety, Sharpening, Storage

PDT’s Wingrove Instruments will not scratch or damage implants, can be easily sharpened, and are convenient to sterilize and store in a custom cassette. A Wisconsin hygienist noted that the scalers provided “great implant cleaning without damage to the titanium post,” and LuCinda Tripp confirmed, “They are safe for implants” and said she was confident that the implant would not be damaged.

Many evaluators commented that they liked the way the instruments were packaged in a kit with a sharpening stone. “I loved the fact they came in a cassette with sharpener included,” remarked Southerland, who opined, “The cassette will help improve the longevity of these instruments.” Curran noted that having the instruments contained in their own cassette made for easy sterilization and saved time. Other comments about sharpening and storage were, “Sharpening is easy and not time consuming,” “Loved [the] sharpening stone designed for instrument,” and “[It’s] nice to have everything in one cassette.”


Overall Satisfaction

All of the hygienists said they would recommend the R900 Wingrove Go-To Set to colleagues, and all but one said they would purchase the instruments in the future. In fact, several of the evaluators said their practices were going to purchase the instruments for all of their hygienists. Other positive comments were: “These are the best implant instruments I have used”; “They are an answer to my prayer”; and “They are my new favorite!”


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R900 Wingrove Go-To Set
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