Repel 4-Ply Face Mask

Repel 4-Ply Face Mask Evaluation

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Cranberry’s Repel face mask incorporates new features that are designed to maximize fluid resistance and breathability. 

The mask was very comfortable. The texture is smooth and has a cotton fabric feel. Breathability is excellent for a high-performance face mask. I did not notice any resistance upon exhaling or inhaling. I did not notice air exiting the periphery of the mask as I have with other high-protection masks.”

This quote is emblematic of the response the evaluators had while reviewing the Repel face mask. Twelve of the 14 evaluators that participated in this Dental Product Shopper evaluation said they would definitely or probably recommend Repel to their colleagues in the dental profession.

Repel face mask

Cranberry’s Repel 4-ply face mask features an exclusive Quad-fold design that provides 15% more breathing volume. The CoolSilk inner layer offers a cool and longlasting soft feeling. In terms of user comfort, the mask is 100% latex- and fiberglass-free. The inner layer is dye-, chemical-, and lint-free, so it won’t irritate users with sensitive skin. The mask’s unique outside-in loop wrap design and full-length nose guard help ensure secure and comfortable protection. Repel comes in 3 colors: cold, sapphire, and silver.

This evaluation focused on Repel’s fit, breathability, and comfort. The evaluators commented on these features and more, delivering commentary on their experience backed by an average of 22 years of experience in dentistry. In addition to these features, the evaluators also rated their overall satisfaction with Repel.

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Fit and Comfort

Manufacturer Description: Repel’s Quad-fold design and CoolSilk inner layer combine to deliver a breathable, comfortable, cool mask.

Evaluator Feedback: An evaluator with 20 years of experience said, “I shared this mask with everyone at my office. They all loved it. Only one assistant said it the loop around her ears hurt.” Another evaluator called the Repel mask “comfortable,” adding, “The loops are easy on the ears. The mask feels good on contact with skin and is breathable.” When asked what they would like to see improved, one evaluator mentioned, “Maybe make the strap a little more comfortable, but that’s being picky.”

An evaluator who practices in California said, “It’s very soft on my face without causing irritation around the ear loops on my ears.” A hygienist evaluator suggested, “This mask is a standard size, so it would probably fit  men just fine. It was a little large for me, so a petite version of this mask would be great for women with smaller faces.” She did rate her overall satisfaction with the mask as very good despite this.

Other evaluator comments included, “There is no weird smell to the mask, which other masks often have. That’s a huge plus as well.” Another evaluator commented on the comfort, saying, “Very comfortable and the best textured mask I’ve worn—soft on sensitive skin. I do get the occasional fogging.”


Manufacturer Description: The Repel 4-ply fluid resistance mask series features a HydroGuard layer designed for excellent fluid resistance. This strong protection against fluids exceeds the most stringent ASTMF 1862 standards for synthetic blood penetration at 160 mmHG.

Evaluator Feedback: “I think that it is a great product. Even the texture of the outside shell is much better than any mask I’ve used previously,” said an evaluator with 38 years of experience. An evaluator who practices in Illinois said, “My loupes did not get foggy. I was able to put the mask over my nose.” Another evaluator added, ““I liked that I could not even feel anything hitting against the mask itself.”

A few evaluators commented on the breathability of the Repel face mask. One evaluator said, “Breathability is very good, which is very important to me.”

Another evaluator said, “Overall quality is very good. The strap is strong. Breathability is better than my current mask.” This same evaluator rated his overall satisfaction as very good and said he would definitely recommend Repel to colleagues.

Overall Satisfaction

When discussing their overall satisfaction with the mask and the areas in which Repel could be improved, many evaluators found nothing to dislike. An evaluator with 20 years of experience in dentistry said, “It was the perfect mask.” Another added, “As far as I’m concerned, it’s perfect!”

An evaluator that practices in Ohio and who gave the product an overall satisfaction rating of excellent said, “I liked all aspects of the mask. I’m making the switch!”

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Repel 4-Ply Face Mask
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