ReSURGE Instrument Cleaning Solution

ReSURGE Instrument Cleaning Solution Evaluation

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ReSURGE instrument cleaning solution delivers quick and thorough cleaning while protecting dental instruments from rust and wear. With 13 years of experience in dentistry to backup his claims, an evaluator who practices in California said, 'ReSURGE is an easy to use and effective instrument cleaner. It cleaned blood and debris better than my current brand that I use and pre- vented rust on instruments and burs much better.' He then rated his overall satisfaction as excellent and said he would probably purchase ReSURGE in the future. 


ReSURGE's unique formula can help protect instruments' outer coating, reducing the potential for stains, spots, and rust. ReSURGE helps keep instruments cleaner and looking newer for longer, with no rust or residue. Because of its neu tral pH, ReSURGE is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. At 0.5oz per gallon dilution, it is economical, too.

This Dental Product Shopper evaluation was conducted by 13 dentists and 1 assistant, with an average of 15 years of experience in dentistry per evaluator. Nearly all of the evaluators had been using their current instrument cleaning solution more than a year before trying ReSURGE, includ ing 5 evaluators who have been using the same solution for more than 3 years.


Cleaning Power

Manufacturer Description: According to Sultan Healthcare, ReSURGE outperformed all 10 competitive products tested in removing synthetic soils'achieving a 98% soil removal from instruments in all areas of the ultrasonic machine during a cleaning cycle.

Evaluator Feedback: Comments regarding the cleaning power of ReSURGE were almost universally positive. An evaluator with 13 years of experience said, '[ReSURGE] cleaned better and prevented rust much better.' Another evaluator commented, 'Debris removal was noticeably improved over the product we were currently using. Our instruments seemed to come out cleaner and shinier.' An evaluator who rated her overall satisfaction with ReSURGE as very good said, 'It removes hardened ce ment and removed previous rust on instruments!"

Addressing the ability of ReSURGE to make dental in struments shinier, an evaluator who practices in Staten Island, NY, said, 'Compared to other products, it really takes the dullness out of the instruments and gives them a really nice metallic shine that makes them look almost brand new.'


Manufacturer Description: Packaged in premeasured packets, ReSURGE is designed to clean instruments quickly and features a pleasant fragrance.

Evaluator Feedback: Commenting on the timesaving ability of ReSURGE, an evaluator with 21 years of experience said, 'My staff likes that the solution comes individually packaged and premeasured, saving them an extra step in the morning when preparing the sterilization area.' Another evaluator was hoping for better directions, noting, 'I didn't see in the directions if it can be used on plas tics or glass.'

There were mixed feelings regarding the fragrance of ReSURGE. One evaluator said, 'If the smell was better, I would probably use it.' However, another evaluator, who practices in Texas, said, 'It smells nicer than our current product.'

Overall Satisfaction

The evaluators cumulatively rated their overall satisfaction as 4.0. An evalua tor who practices in New Jersey com mented, '[Our] Head Assistant said, 'I have worked as an assistant for over 25 years, I have never seen any cleaning so lution work over night and as good as ReSURGE before.'' He rated all features of ReSURGE, as well as her overall satis faction with the product, as excellent.

An evaluator with 15 years of experi ence said, 'I will consider replacing my current tablets with ReSURGE.' He add ed that he would definitely recommend ReSURGE to his colleagues within the dental profession.

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ReSURGE Instrument Cleaning Solution
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