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septodont-rtr-syringe-pe-evaluators.jpgWhen encountering deficient bone sites following an extraction, dental professionals often rely on a dental bone grafting material to help regenerate bone prior to placing the final restoration. Septodont has sought to fulfill this need with the R.T.R. (Resorbable Tissue Replacement) Syringe dental bone grafting material. Made of ß tricalcium phosphate granules of synthetic origin, R.T.R. is indicated in most clinical cases requiring oral bone replacement, such as post-extraction socket grafting, alveolar augmentation, and periapical periodontal defects.

For this Dental Product Shopper evaluation, a group of periodontists and general dentists each used the R.T.R. Syringe on at least 3 patients, and then evaluated bone regeneration and tissue healing over the course of several months.

Dr. Jeffrey Brook, a periodontist who has been performing augmentation procedures for over 20 years, was among those who tried the R.T.R. Syringe for this evaluation. Not only did Dr. Brook discover that the material was “ideal for augmentation,” but he found that it was easy to deliver with the unique, curved syringe, which he said facilitates a predictable delivery of the material. After using the R.T.R. Syringe primarily for post-extraction socket grafting and ridge preservation, he concluded, “The graft is well contained and easy to deliver with the syringe.”

Here’s what the group as a whole had to say about this DPS Best Product.


septodont-rtr-syringe-pe-quote.jpgSyringe Delivery 

Each individually packed sterile syringe contains 0.8 cc of ß tricalcium phosphate granules with a curved syringe tip that allows the patient’s blood to be drawn into the syringe and ensures proper placement of the material. The granules can be mixed with blood or saline right in the syringe and then packed directly into the bone cavity.

Many dentists noted that the delivery system, ease of placement, and syringe delivery were their favorite features. “The syringe helped to control placement of the bone graft,” shared Hana Rashid, DDS, who said, “It was a little messy at first but I got the hang of it the second time.” Calling it very easy to deliver, Dr. Leo Huck said he had great results after using R.T.R. for post extraction and pocket grafting procedures. The material was “perfect in a disposable easy-to-use syringe,” shared Dr. Christina Do, who said it allowed her to finish procedures more efficiently. Dr. Huck recommended “different quantities in each syringe,” and Dr. Rashid reported a clog in the syringe in one case. “The syringe the material is delivered in makes the material easy to handle,” concluded Dr. Brook.


Ease of Handling

Dr. Ravichandra Juluri praised the R.T.R.’s ease of handling, and several others credited the material for decreased chair time. The hydrophilic material is drawn into the surgical site and provides easy contouring when filling bony voids, according to Septodont. Dr. Derek Draft mentioned that the “ease of use in placement” was his favorite feature, but he suggested a smoother mechanism for the syringe.

“This would absolutely enhance the ability of someone with less experience to place a graft successfully,” shared Dr. Brook. Calling it a good product, Dr. Eric Winterton would like to see the material offered in a cadaver bone rather than a synthetic material, while Dr. Do shared, “It is always important to have synthetic bone options for patients.”


Bone Maturation and New Bone Formation 

R.T.R. releases calcium and phosphate ions that help promote new bone formation, and the osteoconductive micro and macroporous structure fosters dense new bone growth, according to Septodont. This dental bone grafting material maintains ridge volume, prevents bone resorption immediately following a tooth extraction, prevents soft-tissue introversion, ensures good osteointegration, and renews bone integrity within 3 to 6 months, depending on the patient’s physiology.

“I used it for extraction and immediate implant cases and grafting,” resulting in good bone fill and no graft remnants, shared Dr. Juluri. He added, “I grafted the buccal socket space between implant and bone, and the graft was replaced completely by vital bone in 6 months.”

Dr. Griselle Ortiz-Ramsey said she had a better tissue response with this product, and Dr. Huck noted, “I used it with a membrane and also used it with a plug, and every time the results were optimal.” Calling it a “nice option to have in the office for augmentation procedures,” Dr. Brook explained that synthetic material is preferable when implant placement isn’t anticipated. “It made for an easy bone graft procedure—quick and with good results,” concluded Dr. Draft.


Overall Satisfaction 

Dr. Do, describing R.T.R. Syringe as simple to use, said the dental bone grafting material allowed for “quicker chair time at the end of extraction.” After using R.T.R. Syringe for periodontal furcation defects, Dr. Hilary Dalton decided, “It’s a great product and easy to use in practice.” Dr. Huck called it “more than excellent.”


Evaluation Snapshot

R.T.R. Syringe
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