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Safe+Mask Premier Earloop Masks Evaluation

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SafeMask Premier Earloop Masks feature ample length earloops and an adjustable nosepiece.

What makes a good mask? In addition to meeting infection control standards, it’s primarily about comfort, breathability, and adaptability to fit the face, according to the dental professionals who evaluated Medicom’s SafeMask Premier Earloop Masks for Dental Product Shopper. These masks hit that mark for one hygienist with 24 years of experience. She declared, “They are extremely comfortable, breathe well, and adapt well to your face.”
For this evaluation, a mix of 13 dentists and hygienists wore the SafeMask Premier Earloop Masks for approximately 4 weeks during exams and procedures. Each evaluator chose a color and a barrier level: ASTM F2100 Level 1 protection (low barrier) - Premier; ASTM F2100 Level 2 protection (moderate barrier) - Premier Plus; and ASTM F2100 Level 3 protection (high barrier) - Premier Elite.


Manufacturer Description:SafeMask Premier Earloop Masks are soft and strong, have ample-length earloops so there is less pulling, and have an adjustable nosepiece for a comfortable fit.

Evaluator Feedback:The SafeMask Premier Earloop Masks delivered on comfort, with 10 evaluators rating the masks’ comfort as excellent and 2 as very good. One dentist with 25 years of experience said the blue Premier Elite was “more comfortable than the brand I’m using.” A Texas dentist selected the Premier Plus and reported, “The mask was not too thick and not too thin. It was easy to mold to fit my nose, and the earloops did not pull on my ears too much.” He thought the earloops could have been softer, however. A hygienist in practice for 35 years chose the low barrier Premier in lavender and said, “The ear straps were very comfortable and did not dig into the back of my ears.” She noted that the mask did not cause irritation to her skin, and it felt “very soft and comfortable.”


Breathability and Adaptability to Face

Manufacturer Description:SafeMask Premier Earloop Masks offer lower differential pressure for excellent breathability and an adjustable nosepiece for a comfortable fit.

Evaluator Feedback:Nine of the evaluators ranked SafeMask Premier’s breathability as excellent, and 4 said it was very good. “I felt like I was able to breathe easier,” said a dentist who tried the high barrier mask. A New York hygienist who selected the low barrier mask agreed and remarked, “I liked the breathability in this mask. [It was] very easy to wear, and I did not feel hot or confined.” A Colorado dentist tried the high barrier mask and added, “The fabric of the mask is thick enough to provide good filtration, yet not so thick that the mask is overly hot.” Another evaluator said, “Breathability and shape are very good, and the mask stays comfortable during the entire appointment. [It] is better than other masks at not fogging my glasses.”




Manufacturer Description:With a shingle pleat design, the SafeMask Premier Earloop Masks will not lint, tear, or shred. They prevent the pooling of fluids and cross contamination, while the dyefree, non-woven inner layer provides additional protection. The masks ensure bacterial and particle filtration efficiency of 98% and more for greater protection against potential infection.

Evaluator Feedback:When asked to rate this product on various attributes, 11 of the 13 said the mask had excellent durability, while 2 said it was very good. A hygienist who was using another brand of masks for more than 6 months before trying this mask would have liked to see the masks be a little bit thicker. “As long as the mask is filtering out all pathogens, and is protecting myself and my staff, I will continue to use it,” shared a dentist from New Jersey who evaluated the moderate barrier mask.


Overall Satisfaction

Ten of the evaluators said they would definitely recommend this product to colleagues, and all of them would definitely or probably purchase the masks in the future. A Texas dentist who rated his overall satisfaction as very good shared, “If these cost the same or equal to what I am already using, I would definitely buy them.” A dentist in practice for 11 years concluded, “All things considered, I feel the mask is well thought-out and engineered. It is my new go-to mask.”

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Safe+Mask Premier Earloop Masks
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