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Schick Elite sensors, from Schick by Sirona, enhance diagnostic capability with outstanding image quality and user-friendly design.


Schick Elite intraoral sensors combine outstanding image quality, user-friendly design, and hard-searing construction. The quality of Schick Elite-produced images greatly facilitates diagnosis, with bold bone tribeculation, crisp lamina dura, and a clear dentoenamel junction.

An optimally located sensor-cable interface, coupled with a new color scheme that enhances intraoral visibility, facilitates sensor placement. Schick Elite incorporates Schick’s removable cable technology on all 3 sensor sizes, ensuring the simplicity and convenience of l-step cable replacement.

The sensors are designed to integrate fully with Schick’s CDR DICOM imaging software, as well as with Patterson and Eaglesoft Imaging.


Image Quality

A 2006 end-user survey revealed image sharpness/ contrast resolution as the most desired characteristic for a new sensor.1 All 11 of the dentists who evaluated Schick Elite said image quality was very important when purchasing a digital sensor.

Overall image quality was rated as excellent by 10 evaluators and as very good by 1. One dentist reported “unbelievable clarity,” another reported “vast improvement over [other] sensors,” and a third called the images “at least twice as sharp as [other sensors].” A New York City dentist noted that the “diagnostic image quality allows for clear delineation of enamel, dentin, pulp, and PDL” and a Roy, UT dentist said the images “seem to be more finished and require very little manipulation.”

Image quality for diagnosing decay in permanent teeth was rated as excellent by 9 evaluators and as very good to good by 2. Nine evaluators rated this capability for primary teeth; 6 as excellent, 2 as very good, and 1 as good. Comments about adult diagnostics ranged from “class 2 decay isn’t as easily seen as hoped” to “very easy to determine enamel versus dentinal caries” and “better than film.” One dentist called the sensors “very good” for pediatric diagnostics, adding, “For small children the only issue is the hard sensor size.” A pediatric dentist said, “I’m about to diagnose decay on primary teeth VERY easily.”

Image quality for detecting lamina dura and for viewing bone tribeculation were both rated as excellent by 9 evaluators and as very good by 2.


Ease of Use

Ease of completing procedures with Schick Elite was rated as excellent by 9 evaluators and as very good by 2; all 11 rated procedure speed as excellent. The dentist who said there was “nothing to it once you’re through the short learning curve” also said procedures were “faster than with film…the shots are on the screen instantaneously. If you miss, you just correct it instead of waiting for film to develop.” Another evaluator agreed, noting, “This sensor seems faster than [others]. You can see mistakes before the sensor is moved, making all radiographic procedures faster.” One evaluator said positioning the sensors was “very easy and mouth-friendly in the hands of an experienced operator.”



Ten dentists rated ease of use of the Schick Elite software in capturing images; 8 as excellent and 2 as very good. A dentist who practices in Livermore, CA said, “I’ve had few to no issues switching sensors, having a crash, or needing a reset.” An East Hills, NY dentist called the software with auto-take/auto-advance “great,” adding, “You hardly have to touch the computer while capturing images. You just go from one shot to the next in the sequence you set up.” Another dentist noted, “We use the sensors with Eaglesoft and they’re perfect.”


Overall Satisfaction

When asked if they would recommend Schick Elite, 10 evaluators said definitely and 1 said probably. Similarly, 9 dentists said they would definitely purchase the product and 2 said probably. Overall satisfaction was rated as excellent by 10 evaluators and as very good by 1.



1. Li G, van der Stelt PF, Verheij JG, et al. End-user survey for digital sensor characteristics: a pilot questionnaire study. Dentomaxillofac Radiol. 2006;35:147-151.

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