ShortCut Retraction Cord Dispenser

ShortCut Retraction Cord Dispenser Evaluation

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ShortCut Retraction Cord Dispenser

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ShortCut modernizes retraction cord delivery with a click dispenser and built-in cutter.

Recently introduced by DUX Dental, ShortCut is an all-in-one retraction cord delivery system designed to address the problems and concerns that arise with the use of retraction cord in a bottle. The same amount of cord is dispensed with each use, a built-in cutter eliminates the need for scissors, and problems with tangled or lost cord are prevented. With approximately 1 cm of cord dispensed each time, ShortCut makes it easy for users to click to the right size for each application—3 to 4 clicks for anterior and 4 to 5 clicks for posterior procedures. ShortCut also improves infection control because the end of the cord is not exposed until it is ready for use, and the device is easily disinfected. ShortCut is available in all GingiBRAID sizes and medicaments.

Twelve dentists, with years of experience ranging from 9 to 42, participated in this Dental Product Shopper evaluation of ShortCut, rating such features as the built-in cutter, ease of use, consistency of cord dispensed, and convenience of the delivery system.

Click Dispenser and Built-in Cutter

With a simple “click,” ShortCut dispenses the same amount of cord with each use, facilitating communication between the dentist and hygienist/assistant when the need for cord arises unexpectedly during a procedure. With the built-in cutter, there’s never a need to stop and search for sterile scissors.

Both the click dispenser and the built-in cutter were rated as excellent by 10 evaluators and as very good by 2. One evaluator reported “precise lengths cut.” Three dentists identified the built-in cutter as the feature they liked most. One evaluator said it “works very well,” and another said, “I liked that you didn’t need to have multiple things, such as scissors, to use it.” Consistency of the length of cord dispensed was rated as excellent by 9 evaluators, as very good by 2, and as good by 1.

Ease of Use

ShortCut is designed for exceptional ease of use and convenience, putting an end to the problems that arise when cord tangles, falls to the floor, or gets lost in the bottle.

Ease of use was rated as excellent by 7 evaluators, as very good by 3, and as fair by 2. When asked what they would like to see improved, 3 evaluators reported that the cord was too stiff; 1 said it remained stiff “even after soaking in [a hemostatic] solution.” Another said the stiffness made the cord “difficult to place precisely,” and a third noted,“The braiding of the cord created a stiffness that made seating it very difficult. The delivery system is top notch but the cord is not.”

Two dentists cited cord quality as the feature they liked most, and 2 others cited ease of use. “It makes infection control easier than with other systems,” noted a Baltimore practitioner who said he would definitely purchase and recommend it.

Convenience of Delivery System

ShortCut’s unique delivery system allows clinicians to save time by eliminating extra steps in the procedure. Convenience of the delivery system was rated as excellent by 10 evaluators and as very good by 2. When asked about possible improvements, 1 dentist suggested “more cord in the dispenser,” and another would have liked “being able to see the amount of cord left in the dispenser.” This last evaluator, a Pennsylvania dentist who rated all features as excellent, identified the delivery system as the feature he liked most, as did 5 additional evaluators. One dentist called it “easy to use and control the amount dispensed.” Another, citing “the convenience and cleanliness of the delivery system” as his favorite feature, noted, “The cord isn’t exposed until it’s needed.” A Virginia dentist who rated all features as excellent, said: “It’s a very easy delivery system. I can’t think of a thing to improve.”

Overall Satisfaction

Eight evaluators reported that they would definitely or probably purchase ShortCut, and 9 reported that they would definitely or probably recommend it to their colleagues. Overall satisfaction was rated as excellent by 6 evaluators, as very good by 2, as good by 3, and as fair by 1. One evaluator, a Philadelphia general practitioner who called it much better than similar systems, described ShortCut as “a great dispenser for a great product.”

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ShortCut Retraction Cord Dispenser
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