The Slim Blast curing light is extremely lightweight and compact, which makes it easy to handle and readily accessible,” said a Staten Island, NY, dentist who evaluated the light for Dental Product Shopper. He continued, “The intensity of the light was a lot stronger than my current light, which makes me confident that whatever I'm curing [will be] 100% set and cured." Thirteen dentists evaluated the Slim Blast LED curing light and rated several important features of the product.

Ergonomics and Ease of Use

Manufacturer Description: Both lightweight and ergo-nomic in its design, the wand-shaped Slim Blast was de-signed to be 41% lighter, 26% thinner, and 7% shorter than First Medica’s Mini Blast curing light. With a remov-able glass tip, no sleeve is required, allowing for an unob-structed work area.
Evaluator Feedback: “Ergonomics were excellent. The weight made it easy to use. The size was perfect for my grip,” noted a Vista, CA, dentist. When asked what they liked best about the Slim Blast, several evaluators men-tioned ergonomics and ease of use. “[I liked] the weight and ease of use,” “[I like that it’s] small, lightweight, with easy maneuverability,” and “The light base is small so it takes very little counter space” were a few of the comments from evaluators.Some recommendations for improvement were, “The orange light filter is a bit awkward and does get in the way depending on the tooth being worked on" and "The light shield was a bit cumbersome."
It is "easy to find the on button and curve of the tip is right for positioning," reported a dentist from Iowa who rated both ergonomics and ease of use as very good. An-other evaluator related, “The size and shape make it very easy to use, even on small children. [The] distal of maxil-lary molars can be accessed easier than many other lights.”

Speed and Depth of Cure

Manufacturer Description: With a long-lasting lithium-ion battery, the Slim Blast can handle 700 x 5-second cures with a power output of >1000 mW/cm². The timer can be set for intervals of 5, 10, and 20 seconds, and the light beeps when it’s turned on, every 5 seconds when it’s in use, and then once when it’s turned off. Evaluator feedback: “The intensity of the light was a lot stronger than my current light,” reported an evaluator with over 20 years of experience. Another dentist said “[It]...cures much faster than I expected,” while another evaluator commented, “The curing area is smaller [than my current light].” An Illinois dentist said, “The curing depth at 10 seconds does as good of a job as a light three times the price.”
Several evaluators commented that the beep was too loud, and one reported, “It needs to be quieter and of a more pleasant frequency.” Regarding battery power, an evaluator reported, “The battery does an excellent job of holding its charge.

Durability and Ease of Disinfection

Manufacturer description:
The high-quality Slim Blast light is durable, yet af-fordable, and comes with a 2-year war-ranty. It includes an autoclavable 8 mm tip, and the metal case is easy to clean.Evaluator feedback: When asked what he liked best about the Slim Blast, a Geor-gia dentist, who rated durability as excel-lent, reported, “It feels solid and durable.” Another evaluator stated, “As much as I love the fact that it’s lightweight it is equally a concern that it may be too deli-cate and fragile.” An Alabama dentist said, “[I] would like it if it was stronger and had more durable buttons.” Regarding ease of disinfection, a Fairlawn, NJ, evaluator liked best that the light is “easy to clean,” and another said, “The entire unit (minus the space between the buttons) is easy to clean and looks good.”

Overall Satisfaction:

“I was impressed by the quality of the light” and would like to see “different tip sizes,” shared a dentist who rated her overall satisfaction as excellent. A dentist in practice for 30 years, who would definitely purchase and definitely recommend this light, concluded, "This light worked just like my [competitor's curing light] at a much better price point."

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