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Convergent’s Solea CO2 laser cuts both hard and soft tissue without the need for anesthetic in the vast majority of cases.

Described as “revolutionary technology for both hard and soft tissues” and “hands down the best piece of technology I have ever added to my office,” Convergent Dental’s Solea is the first CO2 laser system to be FDA-cleared for both hardand soft-tissue ablation. In addition to being fast, precise, and virtually noiseless, Solea provides patients with anesthesia-free dentistry for the vast majority of procedures. “Dentistry will never be the same,” said one of the 15 dentists, all current Solea users, who evaluated the laser.

Cutting Efficiency and Clinical Results

Manufacturer Description:Solea is the first computeraided preparation system in dentistry, and works on everything from gingiva, to dentin, to enamel. Unlike native CO2 lasers, which are useful only on soft tissue, and erbium lasers, which vaporize water and slowly chip enamel away, Solea is an isotopic CO2 laser; it actually vaporizes enamel, giving the user the ability to work anywhere in the oral cavity and from any angle.

Evaluator Feedback:Both cutting efficiency and clinical results were rated as excellent by 14 of the 15 evaluators. When asked what they liked most about the laser, one evaluator responded, “excellent, precise procedures with little to no bleeding,” while another said “ease of use and excellent cutting efficiency.” A third remarked, “It actually cuts teeth! And cuts them quickly, precisely, and painlessly.” A dentist who cited “the excellent results with soft tissue” as the feature he liked most went on to say that the Solea “actually cuts enamel, dentin, and bone.”

Reduced Need for Anesthetic

Manufacturer Description:Solea users report doing more than 95% of their hardand soft-tissue procedures without anesthetic, providing an entirely new patient experience.

Evaluator Feedback:“It allows me to use less local anesthetic on pediatric patients and gives me a different option for patients who are afraid of the noise of a handpiece,” said a dentist who rated all features as excellent. An evaluator who said he would definitely recommend it to colleagues noted, “Solea almost completely eliminates [the] need for local anesthetic use; also significantly enhances productivity with multi-quadrant procedures due to [the] lack of need for novocaine.”

Practice Benefits (Patient Reaction)

Manufacturer Description:Because of Solea’s speed and anesthetic-free performance, chair time is reduced, efficiency is increased, and patient satisfaction is enhanced dramatically. Without bleeding, or the need to inject and wait for anesthetic to take effect, Solea users can work in multiple quadrants in a single visit, and report efficiency gains of 25% to 40%. Furthermore, patients reap the benefits of getting more done in fewer visits without the need for painful injections.

Evaluator Feedback:Although not asked specifically to comment on practice benefits or patient reaction, 12 evaluators weighed in on these issues, with comments such as, “The patient experience is priceless,” “Patients are consistently ‘wowed’ by their experience and can’t wait to tell their friends and co-workers,” “Not only do I save time waiting for anesthesia, but [I’m] bringing in 2 to 3 new patients per day from patient referrals,” and, “It has been an incredible marketing hallmark for our practice.”

Company Support

Manufacturer Description:In addition to its commitment to respond quickly and effectively to any issues, Convergent guarantees that users will be satisfied with every aspect of Solea within 90 days or their money back.

Evaluator Feedback:“Convergent has been improving the laser and upgrading our software as new developments come along,” said one of the 14 evaluators who rated company support as excellent. A dentist who said he would definitely purchase the laser and recommend it to his colleagues noted that “the ability to get answers quickly and from the top has been excellent.”

Overall Satisfaction

Solea’s easy-to-navigate touch screen and highly responsive variable-speed foot pedal enable clinicians to master the use of the laser in just one day, while 3 different handpieces provide optimal precision and access. Solea is the only dental laser that allows users to select a spot size specific to the job at-hand.
With comments such as, “A new paradigm shift in dental technique; 90% laser, no drill, and 95% no analgesia,” “In my opinion, blows away erbium in every way,” and, “This all-tissue laser is a game changer,” 14 evaluators rated their overall satisfaction with the Solea as excellent and the remaining evaluator rated it as very good. Fourteen dentists said they would definitely recommend Solea to their colleagues and all 15 said they would definitely purchase it, including 1 dentist, who said, “Solea is going to change how people perceive dentistry. It’s a completely different experience.”

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