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SpaceFile IPR Files HeadshotSpaceFiles combine versatility with optimal efficacy, ease of use, and safety.

Versatility, control, and safety are paramount to any interproximal reduction procedure (IPR). The SpaceFile IPR fi les from Dentsply Raintree Essix accomplish a broad range of reduction, polishing, and finishing tasks while maximizing ease of use, control, and patient safety.

Dr. Todd Sarubin was seeking a system where he could obtain properly measured interproximal reduction without damaging adjacent teeth. After using SpaceFile fi les, he discovered that each strip is premeasured, easy and quick to use, and very accurate. He concluded, “[The SpaceFile is] quick, easy, versatile, and patient friendly.” Another Dental Product Shopper evaluator, Dr. Rodolfo Olmos, decided that the SpaceFile is a “must have” for any dentist doing restorative dentistry.”

Reduction, Finishing, and Polishing

Swiss-made, diamond-impregnated SpaceFile files are precision tools that can accomplish everything from breaking contact, reduction, and contouring to fine trimming and finishing. The fi les can be used as hand-held, with an included removable grip, or in an optional air-driven, contra-angle handpiece.

Dr. Olmos, who began using SpaceFile files to achieve proper adaptation and polishing of interproximal areas, described them as “excellent when doing any treatment where an interproximal area is involved.” He used SpaceFile fi les for a case involving multiple veneer cementations, and reported great finishes without opening big gaps interproximally.

Dr. Sarubin, who used SpaceFile files for a case in which distal contact of No. 14 was too tight, said it was easy to manipulate the fi le, and to smooth and open the tight contact. Dr. Sarubin also used the files for a clear aligner case of 6 lower anterior teeth. “The patient couldn’t believe that we slenderized her teeth…and they were now straight,” he said.

“We’ve had some cases with 12 to 15 IPR sites with aligner therapy; all 0.2 mm or 0.3 mm,” said Dr. Shawn Miller, an orthodontist. “With manual IPR, this would be impossible. And with discs, it could be done, of course, but not as safely and in such a controlled manner,” he said. “In my opinion, it is the best option that exists to accurately achieve desired IPR results with appropriate contours and embrasures,” said Dr. Ari Krug.

Patient Safety

Patient safety is maximized by the control and precision of the SpaceFile. The flexible removable grip provides added control, and the ability to tailor the manner of use to personal preference and case requirements enhances precision, regardless of the procedure. Eight fi les, available in a range of grits and thicknesses, allow the clinician to select the safest and most effective fi le for each procedure.

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“[SpaceFile fi les have] decreased the stress associated with using the discs and worrying about damaging the soft tissue or enamel,” said Dr. Miller. He began using the files because he needed something quicker than manual hand strips and safer than diamond discs, and that would offer more control. Dr. Miller noted that the SpaceFile was “much faster than manual IPR, and much safer than discs [with] no concern about cutting the tongue, lip, or cheek.”

Dr. Krug, who reported accurate IPR with relatively minimal discomfort, noted that SpaceFile fi les were more comfortable for patients than previous IPR techniques.

Ergonomics and Handling

In addition to maximizing efficacy, versatility, and safety, the ability to use the files as hand-held or with the optional handpiece greatly enhances ease of use and facilitates handling, according to the manufacturer. The fi les feature ventilation holes to allow low-temperature operation and prevent clogging, and the compact design of the 70 g contra-angle handpiece makes reaching posterior regions easy.

When asked about the SpaceFile’s impact on his practice, Dr. Steve Taborda responded, “[They are] easy to handle, reduce chair time, [and are] ergonomic.” He added, “The use of the SpaceFiles with the handpiece makes IPR predictable and easy.”

While Dr. Murray Bruckel recommended greater longevity as a suggested improvement, he said the fi les offer better grip and better control than other fi les. “We greatly reduced IPR appointment times (overall and ‘doctor time’),” noted Dr. Miller. He concluded, “The IPR appointments are much more enjoyable for patient, staff, and doctor.”

Overall Satisfaction

Describing the SpaceFile as a “great product, easy to use, and durable,” Dr. Olmos was one of many evaluators who said they would continue to use SpaceFile fi les and would recommend them to colleagues. “It offers the best combination of ease, control, and accuracy that is currently available,” concluded Dr. Krug. And Dr. Sarubin summarized, “Any time you introduce a timesaving, accurate, painless approach to adding benefits to your patients, it’s a win-win for everyone.”

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