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RS Barriers fit snugly on virtually all sensor sizes.

When asked to share what he liked most about Steri-Shield's RS Barriers, a Sarasota, FL, dental assistant with 28 years of experience stated, "We have 3 sensor sizes and Steri-Shield RS [Barriers] fit all 3 sizes easily."

These snug-fitting elastic barriers are designed to fit all popular sensors on the market, providing infection control while protecting equipment from the wear and tear of corrosive wipes and sterilizing solutions.

A total of 12 dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants with more than 226 years of combined professional experience participated in this Dental Product Shopper evaluation, testing either the natural rubber latex or the latex-free RS Barriers and rating features such as ease of use, overall fit on sensors, and patient comfort.

Ease of Use

Manufacturer Description: RS Barriers are designed for easy-on, easy-off use. Ease of use is further enhanced by the green color of the latex-free barrier that makes it readily visible intraorally.

Evaluator Feedback: Eight of the 12 evaluators rated ease of use as excellent or very good. One dentist who has been in practice for 25 years identified the "simple sleeve" as the feature he liked most, and gave the barriers an overall rating of very good. A hygienist who tested the latex-free barriers said they were "too stretchy [and] move when the patient is biting on the tab," while a dental assistant, who also tested the latex- free barriers, called them flexible and stretchy enough.
When asked what they'd like to see improved, one evaluator said the barriers take too long to set up,? and another, who called them easy to use, noted, "Our adhesive bitewing tabs wouldn’t stick. One of the 3 evaluators who identified the color as a favorite feature said, I love the idea of a bright color in a dark mouth to see the sensor, and added, The color [of the latex-free barriers] was great. I definitely would recommend bright colors for visibility.

Fit on the Sensor

Manufacturer Description: RS Barriers’ snug-fitting sleeves are designed to easily accommodate virtually all sensor sizes.

Evaluator Feedback: Overall fit on sensors was rated as excellent, very good, or good by 75% of the evaluators, with comments such as, I like that it fits tight to the sensor and isn’t pokey. Comments about the ease of putting the barriers on sensors ranged from needs more powder to slip on the sensor more easily and good fit but difficult putting on too easy to put on.
One dentist and one hygienist identified better fit as a feature they would like to see improved, noting, The sensor would rotate inside the barrier when the patient was biting on the [xray] tabs and, [The barriers] moved around on the sensor so I had to keep adjusting them. A dental assistant with 13 years of experience said, Once you get [the barrier] on the sensor it’s snug around it and does not move when you put it on an x-ray holder. Six of the 7 evaluators who tested the barriers with more than one sensor size rated its use with different sensor sizes as excellent or very good. Our previous vinyl barrier was too tight to fit all sensor sizes, noted a dental assistant with 28 years of experience. Having only one size to stock is an advantage.

Patient Comfort

Manufacturer Description: RS Barriers enhance patient comfort by helping to pad sensor edges.

Evaluator Feedback: When asked about patient comfort, a Holyoke, MA, hygienist with 29 years of experience noted, patients stated they were comfortable and had no taste. Seven of the 12 evaluators rated patient comfort as excellent.

Overall Satisfaction

Overall satisfaction was rated as very good, good, or fair by 9 of the 12 evaluators. Nice product, easy to use, said a Michigan dentist in practice for 28 years, who gave the barriers an overall rating of very good.

Evaluation Snapshot

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