Sultan Upgrade Disposable Prophy Angle

Sultan Upgrade Disposable Prophy Angle Evaluation

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This new disposable prophy angle is designed to run longer, with less chatter, and to provide better comfort and less hand fatigue than traditional angles.

Sultan Healthcare’s Upgrade Disposable Prophy Angle features a beveled gear design created specifically for angle applications. According to Sultan, because the gears share a common pitch there is no speed fluctuation when the gears are engaged. This results in less noise, vibration and heat, and a longer life. The smoother-running performance reduces hand fatigue. “The angle did very well and it gave a smooth polishing effect,” agreed a hygienist who tested the product. An article in a 2003 issue of The Journal of Practical Hygiene compared leading prophy angles.1 At the end of the study, the authors concluded that with regard to ease of use, the Upgrade Disposable Prophy Angle’s beveled gear design outperformed other prophy angles that were tested.

Ease of Use
Most evaluators gave high marks to the Upgrade Disposable Prophy Angle for ease of use; however, one said that the angles did not seem to fit well on her MidWest RDH handpiece: “It grabbed the tooth and seemed hard to control.” However, this same evaluator said that another hygienist in her office “loved it and ordered more.” Another hygienist said that the angle fit her handpiece well and that it was easy to assemble.

Splatter Control and Flare
All the hygienist evaluators said the webbed and ribbed prophy cup provided very good splatter control, and all rated the cup’s flare as excellent for interproximal cleaning and polishing. One noted, “It did seem to get interproximal better than the other brand we buy.” The same hygienist commented that she “did not notice that it splattered at all…you felt like you had a lot of control with this brand.”

Visibility over and around the head and neck of the angle on posterior teeth was rated very good to excellent. One hygienist commented that she thought the visibility was similar to other prophy angles she’s used.

Product packaging was rated as excellent by 3 of the evaluators and good by the fourth. “It was easy to open up, which is nice,” one hygienist commented.

New Features The Upgrade Disposable Prophy Angle is latex-free and odor-free to help eliminate allergies and sensitivities. One hygienist evaluator commented, “I liked the latex-free cup on this. That is a plus!”
The product also features a nonslip grip to enhance tactility and a compact, ergonomic design to provide easy access and visibility.

Overall Satisfaction
On overall satisfaction, 2 hygienist evaluators rated the Upgrade Disposable Prophy Angle as very good and 2 rated it as fair. All of the evaluators agreed that the product was somewhat better or about the same as similar prophy angles offered by other manufacturers.

1. Holt, Williams, Keselyak. A comparison of disposable prophylaxis angles. J Pract Hygiene. 2003;12:23-26.

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Sultan Upgrade Disposable Prophy Angle
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