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Take 1 Advanced Rigid VPS Impression Material

Take 1 Advanced Rigid provides added stability and support for closed-bite impressions.

"Easy to use, excellent impressions, very clear," is how one dentist responded when asked what he liked most about Kerr's Take 1 Advanced Rigid.

Kerr's new Rigid formulation of Take 1 Advanced is specially formulated to provide added stability and support, preventing distortion when using closed-bite impression trays.

Take 1 Advanced Rigid Score

Material Viscosity and Hardness

Manufacturer Description: Formulated with outstanding tear strength, elongation, and dimensional stability, Take 1 Advanced Rigid is both strong and flexible, stretching around undercuts without tearing or distorting. The hydrophilic dental wash material displaces intraoral fluids to register detail in any environment, without voids or gaps.

Evaluator Feedback: With comments such as, "great flow characteristics," and "the rigid tray material and wash have excellent viscosities," 12 of the 13 dentists who participated in this product review rated both viscosity and hydrophilicity as excellent or very good. "The low viscosity of the wash allowed it to flow into the sulcus extremely well," noted a dentist who said he would definitely purchase the material and recommend it to colleagues. This same evaluator, who has 24 years, added, "The first time I used the wash material I thought it was too thin to stay in the sulcus. I was pleasantly surprised to find it did just that." One dentist noted, "The heavy base is difficult to clean up off the patient compared to heavy VPS."

When asked about material hardness and, in particular, if Take 1 Advanced Rigid set harder than normal heavy impression materials to provide greater stability for triple trays, all 12 evaluators rated this feature as excellent or very good.

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Ease of Use (Working and Setting Time)

Manufacturer Description: Take 1 Advanced Rigid is available in fast (4 minutes) and super-fast (2.5 minutes) set formulations via cartridge and volume delivery, allowing the clinician to customize use according to need and preference. 

Evaluator Feedback: "Ease of use was similar to [that of] other Take 1 products," said an evaluator who gave the material an overall rating of very good. With comments such as, "the fast set time was a real plus," 12 evaluators rated working and setting time as excellent or very good. An evaluator who rated the material as excellent and said "the setting time with the super fast set was fabulous for single or 2-unit impressions," also said, "The super is too fast for taking several unit impressions at the same time." Another dentist who rated material as excellent said "[I would] like to see the super fast set even faster."

Margin Capture 

Manufacturer Description: A high elongation percentage ensures that preparation margins remain intact, even in tough cases below the gumline. Contrasting colors make margins especially easy to read. 

Evaluator Feedback: Identified by 7 evaluators as the feature they liked most, accurate capture of margins was rated as excellent by 9 dentists. Several evaluators noted that the contrasting colors greatly facilitated reading the margins. Comments included, "[It has] accurate, [It] doesn't slump, [and it has] excellent margins," "[It has] good visibility of margins," and "I liked the ease of reading the margins. The color makes margin evaluation easier." A New Jersey dentist who rated the material as excellent. "It captured the margins very cleanly, even in the presence of fluids," A Colorado dentist with 34 years of experience in dentistry, who also gave the material an overall rating of excellent, said, "The syringe material flowed very well and captured the margin excellently."

Overall Satisfaction 

All 13 evaluators rated overall satisfaction with Take 1 Advanced Rigid as excellent or very good. Twelve dentists said they would definitely or probably recommend the material to colleagues and 9 said they definitely or probably purchase it. "I will be switching to this product," said a Pennsylvania dentist who rated all features as excellent.

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Take 1 Advanced Rigid
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