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Easy auto mix, excellent handling, effortless cleanup, and a reliable strong bond for indirect restorations.


When cementing indirect restorations, dentists need a resin cement that requires minimal steps, is easy to handle and clean up, and, of course, has high bond strength. In addition to making life easier for the clinician, the perfect resin cement will provide continuous calcium and fluoride release to the patient with little or no postoperative sensitivity.

After using BISCO’s TheraCem for a few weeks, Dr. Scott Schaffer decided that the dual-cured, self-adhesive resin cement is very easy to use and clean up, and he was pleased that none of his patients reported post-op sensitivity. In fact, Dr. Schaffer had one patient who was sensitive while the final restoration was temporarily cemented, and that sensitivity went away after the final cementation with TheraCem.

TheraCem is a self-etching resin luting cement formulated for luting crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and posts (prefabricated metal/non-metal/fiber posts). The fluoride- and calcium-releasing luting cement requires no etching, priming, or bonding of the prepared surfaces and is easy to use and clean up, offers high radiopacity, and produces a reliable bond.

Handling and Working/Setting Time

TheraCem is easy to apply with the self-mixing tip, according to Marybeth Shaffer, DMD, who said, “[The] film thickness and handling properties provide good coverage with no inhibition of seating the restoration.” Delivered in an 8 g auto-mix dual-syringe, TheraCem is available in a natural shade and comes with mixing tips and intraoral tips and provides a consistent mix for immediate delivery, according to BISCO.

Describing it as easy to handle, Dr. Les Prasad noted that TheraCem works well below the gingival margin, but he recommended that BISCO offer it in different shades. Dr. Kevin Pursel said the easy delivery system reduces the stress of cementing restorations. The handling was one of Dr. Jon Lundquist’s favorite attributes of this “great product,” which he said is easy to work with.

Acknowledging that he was very satisfied with TheraCem so far, Dr. Marvin Stern said he liked the material’s “creaminess and ease of application” best, but found that sometimes the plunger would keep expressing material after it was supposed to stop. Dr. Robin Henderson said BISCO is a trustworthy and reputable company for resin bonding.

Initial Bond Strength and Ease of Cleanup

In his search for a resin cement that offers fluoride release with a higher bond strength than glass ionomer, Dr. Pursel was excited to read BISCO’s reports that TheraCem offers a continuous calcium and fluoride release and higher physical strength. Emery Cole, DMD, reported that TheraCem provides higher bond strength than what he currently uses, and Dr. Prasad agreed that the material has “so far held its strength.” Calling BISCO a very reliable manufacturer, Dr. William Simon said TheraCem seems to be a great product but he would need a longer period of time to adequately evaluate bond strength. “The product appears to work well,” shared Dr. Stern, who had a case where he cemented a porcelain fused-to-metal-onlay “that is holding very well.”


BISCO specifically formulated TheraCem to allow for quick and easy removal of cement, and several dentists said they liked TheraCem’s ease of cleanup best. Dr. Pursel was one who especially liked the easy cleanup, yet he also discovered another benefit to this material: “Surprisingly, patients did not complain of a bad taste like some other cements.” Dr. Shaffer felt that the easy cleanup expedited chair time, and Dr. Simon said he liked the cleanup and radiopacity best, commenting, “Radiopacity helps to show residual cement on implant crowns or abutments radiographically.”

Post-Op Sensitivity

“I had no reports of post-cementation sensitivity,” shared Dr. Shaffer, and many others echoed her comments, including Alabama’s Dr. Cole, who said TheraCem was beneficial to his endo post-cementation cases. Dr. Pursel had “no sensitivity reports and no complaints of a bad aftertaste.” Dr. Shaffer found that “TheraCem shortens the acidity of self-etch” and also mentioned, “I feel the addition of calcium provides therapeutic advantages.”

Overall Satisfaction

Rating his overall satisfaction as excellent, Dr. Ruden was so impressed with TheraCem, a DPS Best Product, that he is “now using the product for all zirconia crown cementation.” Calling TheraCem a great product with no improvements necessary, Dr. Schaffer summarized, “I like the product a lot and will be using it in the future.



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