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Shield-Force-Plus-Eval-InfoThe desensitizer is designed for a 30-second, one-step application that provides greater patient comfort and lasts up to 3 years.


Dentinal hypersensitivity is not just the patient’s problem—it’s the clinician’s problem in treating the patient. That was the case for Dr. James Merrett of San Antonio, TX. “I had a patient come in with root sensitivity, and he could not drink water,” recalled Dr. Merrett, a member of the DPS evaluation team. “We placed Shield Force Plus on his exposed root surface, and we were able to spray air and water on his tooth after the application. He was able to drink water again without the pain.” He added, “Patients think it’s magic.”

Based on his experience, Dr. Merrett gave Shield Force Plus an overall satisfaction rating of “excellent.” For several reasons, he and members of the DPS evaluation team would recommend this glutaraldehyde-free desensitizer to colleagues.


Working Placement Time and Immediate Desensitizing

Shield Force Plus is designed for a one-step, 30-second application that lasts up to 3 years. Working placement was the most highly rated feature among evaluators, with 90% indicating it was “excellent” or “very good.” Comments included “quick application” and “time saving.” Sherry Morrissey, RDH, said, “It’s a quick solution to offer patients, and I didn’t charge for it, which they loved.”

Patients also experienced immediate desensitizing relief, made possible by Shield Force Plus’ “double-block” technology. Several dentists remarked on this attribute with comments such as “effective and immediate desensitization.” One dentist called Shield Force Plus the “most effective sensitivity product.” In Dr. Michael Pavelchek’s case, the “quick results” he experienced allowed him to treat hypersensitivity before scaling on sensitive patients. “This has reduced the need for anesthetic and increased productivity,” he explained.

Hygienists also praised the immediate desensitization. One remarked, “It helped with areas of cervical [dentin] sensitivity,” while another agreed that Shield Force Plus calmed sensitivity as promised.


Ease of Controlling Placement and Technique/Effectiveness of Green Color to Aid in Accurate Placement

Ease of controlling placement and technique was another highly rated feature of Shield Force Plus. That was what initially led Dr. Pavelchek to sample the de-sensitizer. The product lived up to his expectation, and when the team was asked what they liked best about Shield Force Plus, more than half said “ease of use.” Dr. Merrett added that he liked the consistency of the liquid, which is uniformly thin.



Ease of use was closely tied to the effectiveness of Shield Force Plus’ green color in aiding accurate placement. The vast majority rated this feature as “very good” or “excellent.” When asked what she liked best about Shield Force Plus, one hygienist specifically noted its green color in comparison to another desensitizer she had used in the past. Dr. Joel Doyon agreed, noting that the green indicator, which dries clear, was his favorite feature.

When asked about possible improvements to Shield Force Plus, 2 evaluators said they would have liked the desensitizer to be a bit greener, or a darker shade, for easier visibility.


Postoperative Sensitivity

Reduction of postoperative sensitivity for the long term is a key feature of Shield Force Plus, but can be difficult to measure in a 4-week trial of the product. However, Dr. Edward Lew was able to follow up with some of his patients. “Patients are complaining less about sensitivity [after deep caries treatment]. Existing patients feel better that their sensitivity has improved immediately. [Shield Force Plus] provides me a way to treat patients with sensitivity in a positive way.” He added, “Great product and should be carried in all practices.”

Dr. Merrett also elaborated on his results. “I used this after a crown prep and before placing the temp, and we had no sensitivity. I also placed multiple coats for root sensitivity at the Class 5 area and got great results. We also placed Shield Force Plus under Class 2 restorations, and we had no sensitivity,” he reported.


Effect on Bond Strengths

While evaluating Shield Force Plus, Dr. Merrett posed a question for Tokuyama. “I was concerned that you place this product before etching and placing your bonding agent,” he said. “I was wondering what effect this would have on my bond strengths?”

A spokesperson for Tokuyama replied, “Based on the testing we have conducted at our research and development facility in Japan, Shield Force Plus has a positive effect on the strength of a bonding agent.” She provided the manufacturer’s technical report that stated, “The test also showed that bonding materials with low bonding strength to dentin...have higher bonding strength when combined with Tokuyama Shield Force Plus. [This product] is suitable for use as a tooth coating material after cavity preparation in direct restorations.”


Evaluation Snapshot




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