Provides predictable hemostasis and retraction while keeping patients comfortable and saving time

Traxodent Retraction paste from Premier Dental Like most dentists, Dr. Bruce Howard needs a reliable system for effective gingival retraction and control of bleeding during crown impressions and fillings. If that retraction system was easy to dispense and kept the patient comfortable, it would be an added bonus. Premier Dental incorporated all of these qualities—effective retraction, reliable hemostasis, easy dispensing, and improved patient comfort—into its latest hemodent paste retraction system, Traxodent, which is designed to provide predictable hemostasis and soft-tissue management in minutes. Dr. Howard and several other dentists recently put Traxodent to the test and reported their findings to Dental Product Shopper.


Dispensing/Delivery and Ease of Use

For easy delivery, Traxodent’s paste is dispensed in unit dose capsules or syringes with bendable tips. The tips can be positioned to reach difficult-to-access areas and to apply Traxodent directly into the sulcus. The paste stays in place and is rinsed off after 2 minutes—leaving an open, retracted sulcus.

The dispenser tip allowed good visibility and could get into the sulcus to help with retraction,” Dr. Michael Sicklick noted. Dr. Howard, who tried the single-unit doses, said the material was very easy to dispense, and Dr. Marc Levin said Traxodent made taking crown impressions easy. When asked to recommend improvements, Dr. Jeff Kosoris suggested a slightly longer tip at a 45-degree angle.

Dr. Marianne Baran liked the 2-minute set time, which was faster than her previous material, and Dr. Jeffrey Krantz said Traxodent is great for anterior crown-and-bridge, where tissue trauma can occur from packing cord. Concluding that the use of individual capsules was easy, with no mess and great retraction, Dr. Mark Cohen added, “The product provided excellent retraction, and is easy to use and gentle to the tissue.”


Bruce Howard, DMD, Traxodent Evaluator

"Very easy to dis-
pense-- I prefer
the single unit dose.
Very good retraction.
Good hemostasis."

Marianne Baran, DDS, Traxodent Evaluator

"I like the
consistency of the
material and it was
very easy to clean
off prep."

James Falk, DDS, Traxodent Evaluator

"Much less
stressful and far
less time consuming
than packing
Bruce Howard, DMD
Lake St. Louis, MO
Marianne Baran, DDS
Dearborn, MI
James Falk, DDS
Phoenix, AZ

Retraction and Hemostasis

According to Premier, Traxodent provides predictable hemostasis and retraction in less time than other systems and with greater comfort. The soft paste produces gentle pressure on the sulcus and absorbs fluids, while the aluminum chloride creates an astringent effect without irritating or discoloring surrounding tissue. The absorbent clay base draws in fluids and easily washes away.

“Traxodent works well as a retraction agent for clean, bloodless impressions,” Dr. Richard Gochman determined, and Dr. Kosoris said, “Traxodent created a dry field within 2 to 3 minutes that lasted as long as necessary to complete the procedure.”

Traxodent can be combined with an optional cord technique, if necessary. In cases when Dr. Howard needed more hemostasis, he said Traxodent worked well in conjunction with retraction cord (with epi) and that his impressions had sharper crown preparation margins than with only retraction cord. Even with heavier bleeding, Dr. Cohen said, “Hemostasis was excellent and did not require pushing cord into sulcus.”

Calling Traxodent “too good not to use,” Dr. James Falk said it provided “very effective retraction and stasis with little or no irritation of the soft tissue” and concluded, “[It is] much less stressful and far less time consuming than packing cord.”


Patient Comfort and Ease of Removal

Traxodent creates less pressure on tissue and results in less tearing of the gingiva, which improves patient comfort, according to the manufacturer. Dr. Howard’s patients reported much less discomfort than with retraction cord and, in cases where he had to use Traxodent with cord, patients were still more comfortable than with other systems. Although sometimes the paste seemed to adhere to the gingiva, Dr. Howard said his patients still barely noticed its use.

occasions that demanded an additional hemostatic agent to get control of bleeding, they minimized the trauma to the patient’s sense of taste,” Dr. Falk stated.

The paste rinses away easily and cleanly, according to Premier, and Dr. Baran acknowledged that it was very easy to clean off prep and said her patients didn’t complain about the taste. Dr. Gochman said it washes away easily but some patients complained of a bitter taste when rinsing off the teeth. Dr. Krantz called it very easy to clean and remove.


"The product provided excellent retraction and is easy to use and gentle to the tissue."
-Mark P. Cohen, DDS
Roselle Park, NJ


Overall Satisfaction

Calling Traxodent a “vast improvement over packing cord,” Dr. Cohen said he would recommend Traxodent to others without reservation. Dr. Kosoris, who said he would “absolutely recommend” this product, found multiple uses for Traxodent on a daily basis and, for him, it became a “can’t work without it” product. “The product worked better than others of this type and will be kept on hand in my office daily,” Dr. Kosoris stated. He added, “The time saved by using Traxodent instead of struggling with ferric sulfate, retraction cord, or the diode laser—which are prone to resumption of bleeding—is a huge positive for patients and the clinical team.”



•Quick, effective retraction will save chair time
•Provides predictable hemostasis
•Paste is dispensed in an ergonomic unit dose capsule or delivered in a syringe with bendable tip
•Easy-to-use with optional cord technique
•Rinses clean without leaving residue


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Section A
  • 4.6
    Ease of use/dispensing and delivery

  • 4.0

  • 4.1

  • 4.7
    Patient Comfort

  • 4.4
    Ease of removal

  • 4.4

Section A AVERAGE : 4.4
Section B
  • 4.5
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 4.5

Final Score :
Average of
Section A and B
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