Infection control in the operatory is a necessary hassle. This vital process ensures the safety of the staff and patients alike, but can disrupt a streamlined patient flow throughout the day.

In evaluating Sultan Healthcare?s VoloWipes, Dental Product Shopper evaluators looked favorably on this product for lending them time savings and a convenient experience, awarding Volo a ?Best Product? rating overall. A hygienist with 20 years of experience said, ?I usually like to use 2 wipes at once to clean and disinfect. With the VoloWipe, I get total clean and wetness coverage I can see so I know the area is ready for the next patient.?

Sultan Healthcare?s Volo disinfecting/deodorizing/ cleaning wipes are tuberculocidal, virucidal, and bactericidal in just 2 minutes. The 2-minute kill time helps minimize the time it takes to achieve proper infection control. Volo wipes are 19% larger than the industry standard at 6-in x 8-in. The larger design aids in preventing crosscontamination by helping to ensure the gloved hand does not contact the disinfected surface. The large, sturdy, absorbent, cloth of these wipes holds more liquid, so the clinician uses fewer wipes overall.

Sultan Healthcare distributed Volo wipes to a group of 12 Dental Product Shopper evaluators?4 dentists and 8 hygienists. Seven of the 12 evaluators have been using the same disinfecting wipes in their offices for more than 3 years before trying Volo. All said they would either ?definitely? or ?probably? recommend these wipes to their colleagues in the dental industry.



Manufacturer Description: With a 2-minute kill-time and a large surface area, VoloWipes are designed to help deliver excellent infection control in a minimal amount of time. The wipes stay moist in the container, making it quick and easy to turn over the operatory.

Evaluator Feedback: A hygienist evaluator with 32 years of experience said, ?The texture worked well. You could tell it could pick up debris as well as sanitize and disinfect with each wipe.? Another evaluator called Volo ?easy to use,? adding, ?One wipe almost always was adequate.?

A few evaluators commented on the fragrance of VoloWipes, as well. One evaluator said, ?The smell is the professional clean scent I am wanting. That smell gives the patient reassurance the room is clean.? An evaluator that practices in Arizona said, ?The smell was great. It didn?t have a strong chemical smell like most wipes.?



Manufacturer Description: VoloWipes are packaged in an easy-to-hold tapered canister with a feeder tab on the lid. The feeder tab helps prevent fingers from getting stuck when initially dispensing the first wipe in the canister. VoloWipes are offered in a 150-count canister that is convenient to store in the operatory.

Evaluator Feedback: Regarding ease of use, an evaluator who rated his overall satisfaction as very good said, ?[The wipes were] easy to get out of the container? nice delivery.? Another evaluator said, ?I had a little trouble getting the wipe through the lid, but once I got it [figured out], the wipe came out easy.? This same evaluator said he would probably purchase Volo in the future and would definitely recommend it to colleagues.

A hygienist evaluator said, ?The dispenser was very useful. The center hole had a bit of resistance, so the user could pull out as many as needed at a time.?

Overall Satisfaction

Describing her overall experience with VoloWipes, a dentist evaluator who practices in Florida call them ?easy to use with no odor,? adding, ?Stainless steel was clean and sparkling after use.? This evaluator rated all features and her overall satisfaction with Volo as excellent.

A dentist who has been in practice for more than 30 years said, ?I was surprised that everyone liked it. No negative feed back at all.?

Evaluation Snapshot

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