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WhisperSafe HVE Tips

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WhisperSafe HVE tips are designed to smooth turbulent airflow, eliminating more than 50% of the noise from high-volume suction.

WhisperSafe HVE Tips claim to cut noise in half compared to typical HVE tips, significantly decreasing the amount of noise staff and patients are exposed to. The tips? internal structure acts as an integrated screen, so costly tip covers are no longer needed. The structure also prevents restorative items from being lost into the evacuation system. In addition to reducing patient anxiety, the decreased noise helps to keep the dental team safe from chronic noise exposure.

The WhisperSafe tubes are made of natural high-density polyethylene material, making them easy to recycle. They fit all standard HVE valves and handpieces, giving the clinician the option to use either style without replacing any equipment.

This Dental Product Shopper evaluation was conducted by 14 evaluators?a mix of dentists and hygienists?rating and commenting on the product?s noise reduction claims, its integrated screen, and a number of other features.

Patient Experience

The HVE unit is 1 of the louder sources of noise in the dental office, and WhisperSafe?s ability to eliminate up to 50% of this noise is helpful in reducing patient anxiety and staff stress.

Evaluators were asked to rate the primary feature of WhisperSafe, noise reduction, and 6 called it excellent, 4 called it very good, 2 called it good, and 2 called it fair. 12 of the 14 evaluators cited this as their favorite product feature. One evaluator said, ?It is so quiet and patient-friendly.? Another mentioned, ?It is much quieter and does not appear to be less efficient than similar products.?

A third evaluator added, ?I think this product is very kid-friendly. Kids do not like to hear a lot of noise going in their mouth and they seemed to like this product better than most.? An evaluator who practices in California said, ?I can see no significant difference between WhisperSafe and HVE in terms of noise reduction. If concerned about occupational chronic noise exposure, consider the noise coming from high-speed handpieces.?

Patient comfort was rated as excellent by 5 evaluators, very good by 5, and good by 4. One evaluator liked that there was ?less cheek/tongue grab from suction.?

Clinician Experience

With its integrated screen making it easy to retrieve foreign objects from the oral cavity, WhisperSafe HVE tips deliver quiet suction and superior convenience, without the need to purchase tip covers.

Ease of use/control earned a 4.0 rating, and was called excellent by 6 evaluators, very good by 4, good by 3, and poor by 1. One of the evaluators mentioned, ?If it could be flexible, it would be a fantastic product for 2-handed dentistry.? An RDH with 19 years of experience said, ?The only problem was, in my room, the tubing was not long enough for me to hold the WhisperSafe comfortably by myself.? This same evaluator went on to add, ?Less suctioning of the cheek is superb!? Concerning cheek retraction, Whisper- Safe was rated as excellent by 3 evaluators, very good by 7, and good by 4.

One of the features touted by WhisperSafe is that the integrated screen eliminates need for tip covers. Six evaluators called this feature excellent, 6 called it very good, and 2 called it good. Comments ranged from, ?Terrific product from RDH point of view. It seems my DDS would rather have a removable screen for the larger pieces to be removed,? to ?I do appreciate the honeycomb feature preventing accidental evacuation of crowns, onlays, veneers, etc.?

Ease of retrieving foreign objects from oral cavities was rated as excellent by 2 evaluators, as very good by 4, as good by 7, and as poor by 1. This was 1 evaluator?s favorite feature of the WhisperSafe HVE tips.

Overall Satisfaction

When asked to rate their overall satisfaction with WhisperSafe HVE tips, 5 called them excellent, 4 called them very good, 2 called them good, and 3 called them fair. An evaluator based in New Jersey called WhisperSafe an ?overall excellent product compared to others on the market.? Another evaluator added, ?We did find it was very nice for standard low splatter procedures, and would perform nicely in single tooth small area procedures.?

An evaluator with 30 years of experience, who also rated all features as excellent, said, ?My coworkers used them and thought they were great. My periodontist likes to use this during graft surgery, due to less risk in losing the tissue.?

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WhisperSafe HVE Tips
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