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Loose or poorly functioning overdentures lead to an inevitable consequence—unhappy patients. And all too often, so-called solutions are complex and difficult to execute. The LOCATOR R-Tx Removable Attachment System offers an array of new design and technology features that provide practitioners with vastly improved ease of use and simplicity, while ensuring patients more retentive and functional overdentures, according to Zest Dental Solutions.

Calling the LOCATOR R-Tx a “predictable, quality system,” Dr. Steven Edidin said he was pleased to finally have a system that works and isn’t difficult to master. Dr. John Horn, another LOCATOR R-Tx user who evaluated the product for DPS, shared, “I can say to patients that I can absolutely improve their quality of life with the Zest LOCATOR R-Tx.”

Ease of Use
Dr. Horn said he appreciates the LOCATOR R-Tx because it’s “simple to use chairside and relatively inexpensive.” Periodontist Dominic Vallone said his favorite feature was its ease of placement and packaging. Calling the attachment an improvement over earlier generations, Dr. David Martin noted that he likes the ease of insertion and ability to attach the female component to the denture. Dr. Sam Latif said he achieved faster insertions, and Guy Nash, DDS, noted there was less chairside time needed. Dr. Melvin Benson Jr. called the system especially helpful when an angle is needed due to poor bone quality or implant placement.

Designed for optimal convenience, the LOCATOR R-Tx uses a standard .050”/1.25 mm hex driver, eliminating the need for a special driver, and is compatible with leading implant systems. All-inone packaging includes the abutment, denture attachment housing with processing insert, retention inserts (zero, low, medium, high), and block-out spacer. Dr. Benson said the standard hex driver was his favorite feature, and Dr. Nash commented, “It’s great to be able to use the hex driver instead of a triangular instrument.” Dr. Horn said he loved the all-in-one packaging, and Dr. Benson said he would recommend the system to colleagues because it’s compatible with most implant systems.

Patient Benefits
LOCATOR R-Tx combines a strong, wear-resistant Duratec coating with Denture Attachment Housing pivoting technology for easy alignment and seating. The system can accommodate up to 60° between implants. Thanks to these features, patients experience exceptional retention and function, and clinicians benefit from less chair time and satisfied patients.

In some cases, Dr. Horn said he swapped out older, less successful attachment systems for the LOCATOR R-Tx, and he found that the Zest system “has made problems go away for multiple patients.” Similar feedback was shared by Steven Hankins, DMD, who said, “In a very high percentage of patients with complaints about loose dentures,” the LOCATOR R-Tx “has helped my patients to function better.” Dr. Nash said the system “provides good retention and ease of maintenance,” and Dr. Martin also reported better retention and stability. “It works great on lower-arch edentulous [patients] and [those who] need additional retention,” explained Dr. Martin.
When asked for an example of a case in which the LOCATOR R-Tx proved critical to a successful outcome, Dr. Horn said he “used the system to upgrade a full overdenture from an older system on existing implant abutments” and found it “solved my patient’s problems with his old denture and gave him the stable denture that he desired and deserved.” He went on to tell DPS, “I recommend this system for any patient looking to improve the retention of their overdenture abutments.”

Steven Hankins,
Winter Haven, FL
Dr. Latif, who wanted to improve retentions and avoid screw-retained prostheses, said the Zest system provided “fewer lab fees, fewer complications, and faster delivery times,” and called the system a “huge difference from the universal attachments.” When asked for potential improvements, Dr. Martin suggested a smaller female attachment for those cases in which space is a real issue.

Overall Satisfaction
All of the evaluators said they would continue to use the LOCATOR R-Tx in their practices and all would recommend it to colleagues. Dr. Edidin described it as a “predictable, quality, well-thoughtout system that works as promised,” and Dr. Martin said he now feels more confi dent recommending overdentures. Dr. Hankins, who has “used Zest abutments since their ZAAG attachments,” shared, “I have tried a variety of attachments and each generation has improved. LOCATORS are the only attachment I like to use.” Dr. Horn, who said he would recommend the system “without hesitation or reservation,” concluded, “I can approach a case and know it will be successful and the patient will feel they got their money’s worth.”
Provides exceptional overdenture retention and function
Features strong, wear-resistant Duratec coating
Denture Attachment Housing pivoting technology facilitates alignment and seating
Standard .050”/1.25 mm hex driver eliminates the need for a special driver
Standard .050”/1.25 mm hex driver eliminates the need for a special driver
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Section A
  • 4.8
    Compatibility with leading implant systems

  • 4.5
    Convenience of all-in-one packaging

  • 4.6
    Ability to angle vertical and between 2 implants

  • 4.5
    Ease of seating overdenture due to the pivoting technology

  • 3.9
    Wear resistance/ natural gingival hue due to Duratec coating

  • 4.9
    Convenience of system using standard .050/1.25mm hex driver

  • 4.5
    Ease of insertion and removal of the retention insert using dual-sided tool

Section A AVERAGE : 4.5
Section B
  • 4.4
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 4.4

Final Score :
Average of
Section A and B


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