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Zirc Composite Whizard Organizer Evaluation

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The Composite Whizard Organizers are designed to be portable and convenient.

Zirc manufactures 2 composite organizers—1 for syringe composites and 1 for capsule composites. Both organizerscome with the accessories needed to organize the composite material, along with storage space for other items needed during the procedure.


According to Zirc, the Composite Whizard Organizers are designed to help solve organization needs and assist with inventory control. When the 6 dentist evaluators were asked about the Composite Whizard Organizers’ ability to help organize materials, they rated the organizers as excellent to good. One evaluator commented that it is “very easy for my assistants to see and locate my materials.”

Quality and Space Both the quality of the organizers and the space they provide received very high marks from all the dentist evaluators. Five of the evaluators rated the organizers as excellent for quality and adequate space for all materials; 1 rated them as very good for both of those criteria. One evaluator said that he “like[d] using it” and that it is a “very nice size.”

Clip-On Holder

Zirc includes a Clip-On Holder with both the syringe and capsule composite organizers. The intended purpose of the holder is to allow quick access to composite during procedures. For the capsule composite organizer, this accessory holds 8 capsules, 4 syringe tubes, and a capsule/gun dispenser. The holder that comes with the syringe organizer holds 15 syringe tubes and 3 applicator tips. When the evaluators were asked about the Clip-On Holders for segregating materials during procedures, 2 rated them as very good, 1 rated them as good, and 3 rated them as fair. One of the evaluators said that he does not use the feature and another commented that the holders were “somewhat unstable; we went back to just laying things out.”


When the evaluators were asked about the importance of price when purchasing a composite organizer, they said it was important to very important. For the Composite Whizard Organizers, 2 rated the products as very good, 3 rated them as good, and 1 did not comment. One evaluator said it is “worth the price if you are using all the components and use the tub system so you need only one.”

Overall Satisfaction

The evaluators gave the Composite Whizard Organizers high marks for overall satisfaction, with 2 saying they were excellent, 2 rating them as very good, and 2 giving a good rating. Five of the 6 evaluators said they would definitely or probably recommend the product to colleagues. Finally, when asked about quality, 5 evaluators rated the organizers as excellent and 1 rated them as very good.

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Zirc Composite Whizard Organizer
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