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ZNano Shade-Adaptive Universal Nanocomposite

This universal nanocomposite simplifies the shade selection process, offers easy handling, and has good polishability


znano universal composite"I love stocking tons of different composite shades,” said no clinician ever. As technology continues to surge ahead, dental professionals reap the benefits of advanced restorative materials that are not only strong and esthetic, but that simplify direct restorations and minimize the amount of product needed on hand to treat each patient.


ZNano is one of those materials. Previously evaluated by Dental Product Shopper in 2015 as a Danville product, it is being relaunched in 2020 by Zest Dental Solutions with several enhancements. ZNano Shade-Adaptive Universal Nanocomposite is now available in 5 adaptive shades instead of 13, which simplifies shade selection and reduces inventory without sacrificing esthetics. Originally available in syringes only, the composite is now dispensed in 0.2-g unit dose tips or 4-g syringes.


When it comes to indications, ZNano has plenty to offer. The highly filled, light-cured, resin-based composite material is indicated for all direct restorations in cavity Classes I to V; composite inlays and onlays; reconstruction of damaged teeth—both anterior and posterior; diastema closure and correction of the tooth’s shape and shade; and repairing veneers and provisional crown-and-bridge materials.


To celebrate the enhanced ZNano, we revisit the clinicians who deemed the composite material a DPS Best Product back in 2015, including Dr. John Horn, who said, “I was impressed with this product and I can’t say it needs any improvements.”


Handling and Packability

Dispensed in a unit dose tip or syringe, ZNano features nonsticky handling for precise and easy sculpting and placement. Dr. Allan Mohr, who has been using the enhanced version of ZNano for the past few months, said, “The nonsticky consistency is easy to handle with no tug back. It’s great for Class II restorations.”


During ZNano’s original evaluation, Dr. Horn said ZNano passed the test as a composite that works well without sticking to instruments. Dr. RJ Sondkar said the composite had “good handling and working consistency,” and loved that it was easy to condense and pack—even in tight spaces and corners. When asked what he liked best about ZNano, Dr. Mark Cohen said, “I especially liked the handling characteristics, which made for consistently excellent restorations.”


Mark P. Cohen, DDS, ZNano Evaluator

"I especially liked
the handling
which made for

Mihaela Popa, DMD, ZNano Evaluator

"It blends well
with the tooth
shade. Patients
were very happy
with the final

John Horn, DMD, ZNano Evaluator

"I was impressed
with this product
and I can't say
it needs any
Mark P. Cohen, DDS
Roselle Park, NJ
Mihaela Popa, DMD
Kenosha, WI
John Horn, DMD
Hegins, PA


Esthetics—Color Matching and Polishability

One of ZNano’s key features is its advanced shade-matching properties, which work by balancing the chroma and value of one hue with another—for example, A1 with B1. This re-creates the complex topography and optical characteristics of natural teeth, while using fewer steps and materials. In addition to blending easily to a patient’s existing tooth color, ZNano offers lifelike fluorescence and high polishability for esthetic results. ZNano is available in 5 shades—A1/B1, A2/B2, A3/A3.5/B3, BL/OP, and C2/C3.


“It blends well with the tooth shade,” shared Dr. Mihaela Popa in the original evaluation of ZNano. “I liked it because it polishes easily to a high gloss surface,” she added, noting that patients were very happy with the fi nal result. Dr. Fauzia Khan appreciated ZNano’s incredible shine and luster after polishing. She stated, “The shade of the composite is extremely universal, whether placed in the anterior or posterior.” Both Dr. Popa and Dr. Khan are excited to try the newly enhanced ZNano offered by Zest.


Calling ZNano a good esthetic choice for posterior restorations, Dr. Mohr said, “It polishes well, blends into tooth structure, and simplifies shade selection.” Dr. Sondkar noted, “It’s easy to polish with a high luster polish. The color and translucency match well, especially in anteriors.”


Versatility and Durability

ZNano is suitable for a variety of clinical indications, including direct restorations, inlays and onlays, tooth reconstruction, diastema closure, and repairs of veneers and provisionals. Appreciating the composite’s versatility, Dr. Popa noted, “I could use the product with any bond system in my practice.”


With ideal physical properties and high stain resistance, ZNano Shade-Adaptive Universal Nanocomposite helps create durable restorations that will stand the test of time, according to Zest. Many of the evaluators said they appreciated these properties and were looking forward to exploring the long-term durability of ZNano.


Dr. Khan praised its “excellent durability and shine,” and Dr. Horn said he “looks forward to seeing my first recalls and how it holds up.” Dr. Mohr’s more recent use of the composite material signaled to him that he was getting a good value at a good price point when compared with other materials.


Allan Mohr, DDS, FICOI
"It polishes well, blends into tooth structure, and simplifies shade selection."
-Allan Mohr, DDS, FICOI
Massapequa Park, NY


Overall Satisfaction

Dr. Basem Airood may have summed it up best by calling the composite material “a perfect product” in the original evaluation. “ZNano did not stick to instruments and was very esthetic,” he added. Dr. Cohen said he was “very satisfied with the product” and deemed it “excellent in all phases of the restoration.” Dr. Horn said he would recommend ZNano to any of his colleagues and concluded, “Overall, my first impression is this is a quality product.”



•5 adaptive shades that blend to patients’ existing tooth color
•Reduces inventory and improves esthetics
•Lifelike fluorescence and high polishability
•Nonsticky handling makes sculpting and placing the material precise and easy
•Superior physical properties and high stain resistance

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Section A
  • 4.4
    Ease of handling

  • 4.1

  • 4.2
    Esthetics- shade selection & stability

  • 4.2
    Curing time and depth

  • 4.4
    Polish and luster

Section A AVERAGE : 4.3
Section B
  • 4.4
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 4.4

Final Score :
Average of
Section A and B


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